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Jacob Alford is a mathematician, full-stack developer, machine learning enthusiast, professional photographer, and social media manager.  He is a mathematics student of five years  driven by a passion for rigorous discipline.  Most recently, he's devoted his time to React.js coming from a decade-long background in Javascript, HTML, and CSS.  He adheres to strict design principles as an end in itself.  He loves creating beautiful things.  


Front End Development

10-years experience with Javascript (ES6), HTML5, and CSS with experience in React.js and associated APIs; Node.js scripts; and p5.js for creative design.

Photography and Media

Enormous interest in creative endeavors.  Skilled photographer, with a background in social media, content creation, and a creative drive. Recent author of The Duncan Strauss Mysteries - an online episodic novel.


Five-year mathematics student.  Experience in multivariate analysis, stochastic processes, advanced calculus, numerical methods.

Information Technology

Designed Network Servers using Microsoft Group Policy, Remote Surveillance Servers, Apache Web Servers with PHP, VPN Tunneling Servers, React Apps.

Back End Development

Experience coding back-end server applications like user management and profile storage.  Also familiar with GraphQL and Apollo for React.


Work experience

Summer 2019

React Developer Internship

Indica Labs

Developed Halo Link - like Adobe Lightroom for Pathologists


Social Media Administrator

Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano

Mathematics Tutor

New Mexico State University

Information Technician Intern

New Mexico State University



2014 2016

Associate of Science

New Mexico State University