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Conference Participation

1) Northeast Annual Giving Conference - Marist College

March 16th, 2011

Poughkeepsie, New York

2) Mary Lou Fulton Research Conference - BYU

April 2009, 2010

Provo, Utah


Higher Ed Fundraising (4 years)

Outbound Calling (4 years)

Statistical Analysis (4 years)

Microsoft Office (4 years)

Volunteer Management (2 years)

Workshop Presenter (2 years) Knowledge of Advance (1 year)

Knowledge of Dialvision (3 years)

Favorite Philanthropy Blogs

1) Jim Langley - Personal blog about  all aspects of higher ed fundraising

2) Jason Fisher - Personal blog on call center management for higher ed fundraising

3) Only Up - Blog focusing on young adult development in the non-profit world

4) 101 Fundraising - Crowdblog about fundraising topics

5) Mark Marshall - personal blog on non-profit fundraising


My career in advancement began in a very unassuming way: I was a sophomore in college who had to pay her way through college and the BYU Telefund paid more than being a janitor. I pursued the job interview for two weeks, but I was hired within 24 hours after the first phone interview. I enjoyed what I did so much that I stayed with the job until graduation. Throughout those three years I kicked around the idea of pursuing advancement as a career, but the deciding factor came a when my funding for a primate research internship at UC Davis got cut in half a week before I was scheduled to leave. It was then I realized that not only do we need good researchers, but also we need good fundraisers so that what happened to me doesn't happen to other talented students. While I had talents in both areas, I felt my skills would be put to better use as a fundraiser.

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Assistant Advancement Officer

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Currently I run several programs with the Rensselaer Annual Fund.

1) Rensselaer Annual Fund Alumni Volunteer Leadership Program

          I manage of team of 10 volunteers who are asked to solicit donations from their classmates in a variety of ways. Volunteers fulfill duties by either taking on names and calling on their own time or by participating in the classic Phonathon model. Currently I am helping to develop the "virtual Phonathon" model, a model where alumni participate from home by attending a conference call and then logging in to a web chat room throughout the night.  I also will be in charge of follow up solicitations for those alumni who are not reached by volunteers.   

2) Reunion Giving Committees for 20th, 25th, and 30th Reunion

          I recruit 2-4 alumni within these particular reunion years to help me promote Reunion giving for the October Reunion and Homecoming event. My primary focus is building up the 25th Reunion, an important milestone recognized by the university, by planning creative motivations for giving. This year we are working on a "Power Play Challenge". The Power Play Challenge is a project where one classmate will support a Patroon Scholarship, a $40,000 gift over 5 years, if the class can reach a participation goal of 32% (a four percent increase from the previous reunion and eight percent increase from previous class years during their 25th Reunion). Involvement ranges from creating print material, managing social media, and sending out solicitations, among other things.

3) Parents and Grandparents Fund

          I am maintaining the Parents and Grandparents Fund while a replacement is being found for our previous manager. I am working with two parent volunteers to help them learn how to solicit donations and make calls. I also will be in charge of follow up solicitations for those alumni who are not reached by volunteers. In addition, I have a small portfolio of six high level parent prospects to solicit for donations.

4) Personal Portfolio

          I am charged with developing relationships with 60 different alumni all over the country. Not only do I solicit annual donations, I work to engage the alumni in meaningful ways.

To date, I have raised $89,225 dollars from 30 different donors as a result of personal solicitations, ranging from $250-$40,000.

Feb 2009May 2010

Student Supervisor

LDS Philanthropies - BYU Telefund

My primary duties involved the development of our student callers. I would do more in depth training with 3-4 callers each semester, all the while reaching out on a weekly basis to the rest of the callers on my team (averaging 30 callers total) to provide one on one feedback.

Each semester, I would take on 3-4 student callers in order to facilitate career development. Each week I would listen in to these callers without their acknowledgement and rate each of their calls. Following the call, I would pull them aside and have a 15-25 minute conversation about great things they did in their calls and also would bring up areas of improvement. I would also help identify weekly and semester goals, whether it be in the form of statistics or personal improvement. During my time, I worked with 12 different callers, four of whom moved up in overall caller rankings from the bottom half regularly to the top  third on a consistent basis by the end of the semester.

Throughout the semester I would do a joint calling session with each caller on my assigned team. In these sessions I would first listen to the call, provide feedback, and then switch with the caller so that they could hear one of my one solicitations and provide me with feedback. Each week I would do this session with 4-5 different callers.

As a supervisor, I was also charged with many other duties. I would attend weekly strategy sessions and on a daily basis I would attend pre-session meetings. Once a semester I would lead a Telefund theme week to help motivate callers through games and pre-shift activities. My other daily duties included watching the calling floor to provide immediate assistance, overseeing pledge form responsibilities (each caller woud personally sign and stuff envelopes to be sent out to donors), as well as many other odds and ends. I also worked with Ryan Seamons to help develop initial content for the Telefund website and assisted with another student supervisor to help create content for the site. Lastly, I did assist in the interview process by conducting a few initial phone interviews and then critiquing an applicants trial call as the third and final step towards becoming an addition to our call center.

Sep 2007Feb 2009

Student Caller

LDS Philanthropies - BYU Telefund

As a student caller, my main responsibilities were to build rapport with alumni, update records, and to encourage philanthropic contributions. Though my focus was primarily on Brigham Young University - Provo alumni, I would also call on behalf of LDS Business College and Brigham Young University - Hawaii.

During my full time at the Telefund (September 2007 - May 2010), I raised $52,000 from 825 different alumni, ranging from $5-$5,000. During my last six months, 1 in 2 donors I talked to would make a donation and 30 percent would then give via credit card.


Oct 2011Present

Masters of Science

Bay Path College

I have been accepted into Bay Path's MS in Non-profit management program and begin classes in October of this year.

Sep 2006Aug 2010

Bachelors of Science

Brigham Young University

During my academic career, I not only participated on an independent research team, but would have my work presented at the Mary Lou Fulton Research Conference in Provo, Utah as well as the annual American Society of Primatology's conference in San Diego, California. The abstract from that poster presentation was published in the American Journal of Primatology (volume 71, page 43).

Also during my time, I participated in several music ensembles, most notably the Cougar Marching Band. For three of my four years, I led the tenor saxophone squad in music pass-offs and teaching marching fundamentals. I would also participate in three years of University Band and one year of Pep Band.

Lastly, I spent three years volunteering with BYU's Choose to Give program, a student run philanthropic organization. Each year I would present in my own classes the importance of student giving as well as helped out in booths throughout the week. During my junior year I was on the volunteer training committee.


David Smith

David is with the annual giving programs for Brigham Young University - Provo, Brigham Young University - Hawaii, and the LDS Business College.

David hired me in September 2007 during his time as Assistant Director of Annual Giving/BYU Telefund Manager. I was the last person he promoted to student supervisor before he took his current position. David continues to be a mentor and a valuable peer in the field of higher education development.

Justin Ferrell

Justin was a student supervisor when I first arrived at the Telefund and a great friendship was formed. When I was promoted to supervisor, Justin took me under his wing and really showed me the ropes on how to be a great supervisor. Later he would continue to mentor me as I contemplated entering the field of annual giving.

We both found a love for annual giving at the Telefund and continue to keep in touch despite the distance.