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Project Based Learning; Blended Learning; Web 2.0 Tools; 1:1 Innovation; Collaboration; European and Russian Literature; Western European History/US History 1485-1812; Living History Reenactment; Graphic Arts; Media Design; Filmmaking; Animation; Digital Media

About Jaclyn

With Jaclyn you get a unique combination of media designer and educator. Jaclyn began her career in education after her successful work as a media consultant and award winning graphic designer in New York. Extending two years beyond her initial contract with the Nation's Teach For America Program , Jaclyn transitioned to Warren New Tech High School in Warrenton, North Carolina, where she taught Digital Media classes and helped start the school in its first two years of operation.

While there she assisted in the establishment of a school wide 1:1 Project Based Learning platform and has earned 21 Century Certified Educator status through the nation’s New Tech Foundation after sharing her experience and best practices with educators and state administrators in a number of workshops and lectures around the country. Though she is no longer in the classroom, Jaclyn continues to assist teachers to incorporate technology and blended learning models into their curriculum. Currently she is a consultant for North Carolina State University’s Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, and August 2012 will begin the launch of her most recent project, the national online community of practice a partnership with the U.S. department of education and Connected Educators to create a collaborative and innovative resource and network for educators embarking on Digital Transition.

Work experience


Digital Learning Collaborative Project Coordinator

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

Facilitate, create, and manage professional development workshops and materials for greater North Carolina schools focused on teaching Web 2.0 tools, digital transition learning models and Project Based Learning implementations; Media Designer and Research Assistant for, national online community of practice; Facilitator for online Professional Development courses, including English Language Arts Web 2.0 Tools, Getting Started in the 1:1 Classroom, and Innovate to Transform in the 1:1 Classroom with Web 2.0 Tools Instructor; Friday Institute Summer Leadership Institute coordinator/facilitator; Professional Learning Communities Instructor ("Critical Friends" Facilitator); Featured in NC 1:1 Learning Collaborative Documentary, created by The William and Ida Friday Institute, 2008.


Owner/Media Designer

JBell Media

Commercial and instructional print and media design; Technology and Media Use in the Classroom; Graphic Design, Display Design, Typography, Photography, Digital Imaging, Newspaper and Modular Design, Branding, Package Design, Interface/ Web Design, Digital Video/Film, Editing, Animation, Story-boarding, Scripting, etc.


Media Specialist/ Curriculum Consultant

Historic Interpretations, Inc.

In house media designer; social networking manager; curriculum consultant/specialist; board member (as of 4/2011).


Production Assistant

Icon Films

Director of Community Content, Director of the Young Minds Digital Times Competition and OneSeventeen Media

Curriculum and Media Designer; Research and Implementation for all projects based on teen and tween technology use for curriculum and social networking; Director of The Young Minds Digital Times Film & Game Competition - a competition for students grades 6-12; Creator of the Alien Lounge Teen Forum; Designer of Plum Brain Workshop Learning Management System


Media Designer

NCRF: NC Historical Enrichment Society

Certified 21st Century Educator

Warren County Schools

Teach For America Corp Alumni; New Tech Foundation 21st Century Certified Educator; Digital Media Instructor/ Project Based Learning Facilitator; English Language Arts Secondary Educator

Curriculum Design Development, Unit Planning, Student Tracking and Assessment, Progress Monitoring, Literature-based Instruction, Classroom Management, Program; Development, EOG Test-Prep, Project Based Learning

  • Developed and implemented school wide standards and culture for new technology based secondary institution with small collaborative group of educators.
  • Developed and implemented Digital Media curriculum when none existed, and implemented Assessments and Cross Curricular Project Based Lessons.
  • Implemented and developed English 7 English Language Arts and Digital Media curriculum, and created an Assessment Tracking Technique used across all grade levels.
  • Runs an inclusive and 1:1 classroom with firm limits & procedures encouraging independent and critical thinking skills.
  • Conducted independent research to develop a reliable method of evaluation of student performance levels in order to adopt effective teaching strategies that meet the needs and interests of all students.
  • Increased school's Positive Behavior Team with enrichment activities for students, ie. Drama Club and dance Enrichment activities
  • Used Graphic Design and Technology Skills to produce innovative lessons as well as materials for my own classroom and for staff.

Extra Curriculars

  • "It’s Not Easy Being Green" - grant recipient: 2009 - Green Screen Digital Art History Project
  • "Heroes in Action" - grant recipient: 2008 - Archetypes in Literature and Stopmotion Animation Project
  • "The Play's The Thing" - grant recipient: 2006 - Director of School Musical, Guys and Dolls, Jr.
  • Middle School Book Club - grant recipient: 2006-2007 - Enrichment Reading Program Leader: 7th Grade
  • Sate Health and Education Liaison: 2008-2009
  • PTSA Secretary: 2005-2008
  • Junior National Honor Society Mentor: 2006-2009
  • Dance Enrichment Club: 2006-2009
  • Reading Remediation/ EOG Prep: 2005-2009
  • After-School Tutorial: 2005-2010

Graphic Artist

Gannett Newspaper/Star Gazette



Master of Education (M.Ed)

North Carolina State University

Teach For America Institute Training

St. Thomas University

NC Teaching Certification

East Carolina University

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

State University of New York at Fredonia

Minor in Graphic Design/Studio ArtMagna Cum Laude

Featured in “The Spleen” online Magazine: 2002Empire Who's Who of Young Professionals Recognition: 2006CWC Marion Sonnenfeld Academic Scholarship: 2001-2002

Keep Up With Innovation

E-Ed 2.0 Blog

1:1 Teaching and Learning

HI Educational Film Series

My Design Work



Conference Presentation
Research, Develop, and Present on a range of educational topics at state conferences and workshops; Mentor staff in presentation skills
Graphics and Media Design
Experienced with PC and Macintosh Software: Adobe Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, Multi-Ad, Roundhouse, WYSIWYG programs,  Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, Word, Wikispaces, Moodle, Macromedia Flash, Mac iLife Software, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Lotus  Experienced with a Wide Variety of Media Skills: Graphic Design,Display Design, Typography, Photography, Digital Imaging, Newspaper and Modular Design, Branding, Package Design, Interface/ Web Design, Digital Video/Film, Editing, Animation, Story-boarding, Scripting, etc.



21st Century Certified Educator

New Tech Foundation

Digital Media/ ELA Teaching Certification

North Carolina Board of Education