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Best Work


Canon SLR
Understanding in video and photo capabilities of Canon cameras, specially T2i, T3i, T3, 7D, 60D and 70D 
Uploading, editing, and sharing movies for various classes and organizations.

Extra Curricular Activities

Freshman Year

•Freshman Class Secretary

•Ventura High School baseball

•Youth and Government delegate and committee chair

•Communications Academy

Sophomore Year

•Sophomore Class President

•Ventura Unified Leadership Council

•Youth and Government delegate

•Relay for Life participant

•Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership ambassador

•Every Fifteen Minutes film crew

•Communications Academy

Junior Year

•Junior Class President

•Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership staff member

•Youth and Government delegate and political action committee chair

•Ventura Leadership Council

•Foothill Dragon Press multimedia editor (national awards, and 3 personal awards)

•Foothill intervention reinforcement and enrichment leader

•Camp Ramah counselor

•Ronald Reagan Library Student Media Team

•Speech and Debate event participant 

•Political Action and Awareness Club delegate

•Every Fifteen Minutes student planning chair

•Outside Service Attendant at Saticoy Country Club

•Dragon Honor Court

•Relay for Life Team Captain

•Senior Focus Council

•Communications Academy

Senior Year

•Senior Class Officer

•Senior Focus Council

•Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership staff member

•Youth and Government delegate and executive cabinet

•Governor's Lobbyist for Governor Perry of Youth and Government

•Political Action and Awareness Club delegate

•Foothill Dragon Press Multimedia Editor (national awards)

•Outside Service Attendant at Saticoy Country Club

•  Real Estate Sales Assistant for Willams Homes

•Working towards being a Camp Ramah counselor

•Every Fifteen Minutes student planning chair

•Relay for Life participant

•Communications Academy Award

Personal Initiative

Though I wrote about Initiative above, it's such an important topic and trait that I get to write about it again. Over my tenure of the staff, I have displayed initiative in many ways. This year with the hillside fire which I talked about above, but also with the drug sniffing dogs on campus, and with Every Fifteen Minutes. Though my cell phone pictures were not used, Aysen and I were being very creative in our devious ways of snapping pictures on the dogs on campus, and also talking our way out of trouble with the admin. With Every Fifteen Minutes I was not reporting for the staff, but I did all I could to help facilitate the Dragon Press into the coverage of the Event. There have been so many little project that Aysen and I have done over the years in order to get a photo, we defiantly showed a tremendous amount of initiative. 


•  Gold Presidential Service Award in community service

•250 hours plus the

•Relay for Life (team captain)

•Alex's Lemonade Stand Ventura coordinator

•LA Loves Alex's Lemonade Stand volunteer

•Project Linus volunteer

•Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership staff (2 years and counting)

•Story Fest sign language interpreter

•Summer Fest volunteer

•The Best Day Foundation volunteer

•Foothill Little League Umpire volunteer

•FIRE leader

•Middle School Opportunity journalism mentor

•Cheers for Children volunteer

•Julia Brownly Campaign volunteer

•League of Women Voters volunteer political speaker

•YMCA volunteer

•Ventura Junior Golf Academy volunteer

•The First Tee volunteer

Work experience

Real Estate Sales Assistant

Williams Homes

Acting as an assistant to agents in the Oak Haven and Ridgeview communities. Duties include showing properties, handling the social media campaigns, and day to day office hours.

Feb 2012Present

Outside Service Attendant

Saticoy Country Club

Service for the golf needs of the members.


Aug 2013Present

The Catholic University of America

In an Honors program for an achievement of a Bachelors in Political Science in three years, and a Juris Doctorate in six years.

Jun 2009Aug 2013

Ventura College

Taking pre-Calc, and American Sign Language 1 and 2


Real Estate Licsence

Near completion