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Aug 2011May 2015

High School Diploma

Castlewood High School
  •  3 years of mathematics 
  • 4 years of literature and composistion
  • 3 years of science
  • 4 years of history
  • 1 credit in arts
  • 2 years of spanish 
  • 1 credit of engineering and architecture 
  • Half a credit of woodworking
  • my cumulative GPA is 2.32

Work experience

May 2014Present

Garbage Collector

Bass Sanitaition, Castlewood, SD
  • Pick garbage up and put it in the garbage truck.
May 2014Present

Farm Assistant 

Craig Bass, Castlewood, SD
  • Help wash vehicles with a pressure washer
  • Pick rock out of a pasture with a Bobcat 
  •  Replace fence


I know how to opperate a snow blower.
I used a snow blower at my moms house before it broke down.
I know how to opperate a lawn mower.
I started mowing when I was about nine years old.
Make a game on a computer program.
I made the  game Pac-Man and Tanks. You have to do things like create walls and make sure that your objects can't go through the walls.
Draw house plans on a computer program
I took a  drafting/arcatecture class when I was a jonior and we would make 3D models of houses. 
I am able to fix things.
I would always help my dad fix our tractors, 4-wheelers, and cars.
Making things out of wood
I took a woodworking class in high school and I made a few things  out of wood. Im familiar with all the general tools to use, such as a drill.


Boys State attendant 

Learn about how government works

Extracuricular Activities

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Golf 
  • Baseball
  • Youth Group


Brent Bass

He is my instructer in a way. He also drove the garbage truck while I rode on the back by myself to pick up the garbage. I think he would say that I am a hard worker.                    605-880-1436