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Sep 2007

A.A.S. Fashion Design and Merchandising

Katharine Gibbs School

LaGuardia Community College

Work experience



FHC Food and Beverage Co.
  • Sole bartender catering to upscale clientele.
  • Working corporate parties, wedding receptions and other various social events.
  • Knowledge of opening and closing bar procedures
Apr 2008Mar 2009

Assistant/CAD Artist

Dimri/Mix Nouveau
  • Worked within the Sales and Design Departments
  • Created CADs for the Sales Department and buyers
  • Tracked samples coming from factory and going to buyer
  • Made decisions on strike-offs with the senior colorist
  • Worked within technical department on fittings
  • Met with sales reps
  • Organized the showroom
  • Product management
  • Tracked POs and communicated with the warehouse
Jul 2007

Technical Design Intern

  • Worked within the Technical Design Department on woven shirts, denim, knits, sweaters, and non-denim
  • Speced garments from protos to top of production
  • Assisted in live fittings
  • Evaluated fit problems on live models
  • Reviewed general garment construction & workmanship
  • Assisted in the technical design from concept to shipping
  • Organized measurements and season shipping

Writer/Reporter Intern

New Youth Connection
  • Created ideas for cover for upcoming issues
  • Conducted interviews on inspirational teens
  • Addressed activities for teens and teen issues
  • Pop-culture reviews


Proficient in all drink varieties and daily operation training behind a bar. Adept at pouring accuracy and ability to upsell to boost profits and prevent loss. Trained in how to perform transactions of cash, credit cards, and properly opening and closing tabs. Extensive knowledge of brands inventory and price points. Excellent multi tasking ability. Great and addictive upbeat attitude and customer service ability suggests repeat clientele. Follows tactful intervention procedures for intoxication prevention.
Microsoft Word
CAD Artist
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator