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Jack Cabasso, Aventura Technologies, Hauppauge New York, Managing Director


As security requirements grow more and more complex and costly, no individual could ask for better providers of video and security systems than Jack Cabasso and Aventura Technologies, Inc. For more than a decade, Mr. Cabasso and Aventura have cemented their reputations as the preeminent providers of recording and security solutions. Aventura and Jack Cabasso offer products that cater to both government organizations and civilians, featuring a catalog that ranges from DVR boxes intended for home use to walls of video monitors and massive video equipment such as servers and virtual matrix systems. Above all else, Jack Cabasso and Aventura Technologies prioritize total systems awareness. Through solutions such as video walls and strategic planning, the experts at Aventura can work with clients to conceptualize and execute emergency response initiatives. Aventura's representatives also excel at operational planning, the process of analyzing any organization's specific security needs and recommend combinations of guard service personnel trained in performing investigative work as well as in-house and outdoor functions. Aventura Technologies succeeds in part due to Jack Cabasso's insistence on open standards which, when incorporated into products, allow functionality across a wide array of third-party manufacturers. In contrast, many older -- and, indeed, modern -- security companies insist on closed, proprietary methods. Mr. Cabasso's use of more transparent solutions has caused customers to come to Aventura in droves, attracted to the company's more accessible pricing, as opposed to competitors who charge exorbitant costs for self-made solutions. Jack Cabasso and Aventura's customer base includes clients from many industries. In addition to working closely with the government, Aventura supplies security measures to representatives in the transportation and education fields, as well as homeland defense and the military.

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Mar 2000Present

Managing Director

Aventura Technologies


Aug 1974May 1979


Brooklyn College