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Zikang (Jack) Chen

Media Artist

Video & Photography


Founder, Photographer

UKP Portraits

Portrait & Fashion Photography Studio


Videographer, Editor

TEDxEmily Carr U

Editing of promotional materials and operating camera for the live coverage of the event during TEDxECUAD 2018, 2019, and 2020


Video Producer

Kenji Roi Marketing Agency

Produce advertising videos for the company


Director, Cinematographer

Humbgo Garment Ltd.

Directed and shot commercials for the company's advertising campaign. The ad was used to generate over $30,000 for the product's online fundraising campaign.


Producer, Editor

Vulcan Watch

Producer and Editor for the product's fundraising commercial which raised over $70,000 for the client on Kickstarter.


Cinematographer, Editor

RedFox Education Ltd.

Cinematographer and Editor for the company's advertising campaign for its launch in Shenzhen, China


Videographer, Editor

Emily Carr University Production Services

Videographer and Editor for various informational and promotional materials used by the university's various deparments.


Short Films

"Remember Me" (Dramatic Short, 2020)

"Employee 515" (Dramatic Short, 2020)

  • 2020 Be Still Media Competition Finalist
  • 2020 Berlin Sci-Fi Film Festival 

"Beyond Existence" (Dramatic Short, 2019)

  • 2020 Oxford International Short Film Festival
  • 2019 China International Conference of Science and Education
  • "The Show" at Emily Carr University 2019 - Best Production Design

Multi-Media Projects

"Happiness Tester" (web based interactive art project, 2020) 

"Aluid Light" (smart lamp design & fundraising campaign, 2020)

"Ubeing" (web based interactive art project, 2020)

FILM Industry experience


Camera Assistant

"The Last Stay" Short Film Directed by So-Lin Kim

“Switch” Short Film Directed by Kenn Ali

"Threshold" Interactive Short Film directed by Nicole Yang

“Because we must” Short film Directed by Amiressy Nejad

“Anxiety” Short Film Directed by Blaine Thurier

"Magik Spells - Tip it" Music Video Directed by Jimmy Wu

"Seesaw" Short Film Directed by Elliot Chen

“Us Three” Independent Feature Directed by Andrey Summers

“Story of N” Short film Directed by Coala Ge

"The Noodle Man" Short Film Directed by Jun Chen

"Arcadia" Short Film Directed by Nicole Hernandez

"Swansongs for Butterflies" Short Film Directed by Kenny Welsh



"Small Fish" Short Film Directed by Maxime Beauchamp

"Braised Pork Belly" Short Film Directed by Helen Liu

"The Reunion" Short Film Directed by Mark Elwin

"The Intern" Short Film Directed by Joshua Aries

"Halcyon" Short Film Directed by Bianca Gueco

"Hamilton" Short Film Directed by Max Brey


Production Assistant

"Two Tigers" Feature Film Directed by Fei Li

"Close Up" TV Series Directed by Alex Kalymnios

"The Last Chapter" Docudrama Directed by Louvens Remy

"Project X" KIA Car Commercial Produced by Lemonade Films Inc.




Elgin Art Studio

Instructor for art history & contemporary art critique class for students at Elgin Art Studio


Teaching Assistant

Digital Media Academy

Teaching Assistant for the “Intro to Filmmaking” course for students at the DMA University of British Columbia camp in summer 2018


Teaching Assistant/Instructor

Excellent Kungfu Academy

Teaching Assistant for Sanda and Wushu Kungfu classes at the Academy.


Cadet & Instructor

#307 Royal Canadian Sea Cadets & HMCS Quadra