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Yeshiva University Azrieli Graduate School


Harvard University Graduate School of Education

BA, cum laude

New York University


As Director of eLearning and Distance Education, Dr. Judith Cahn is responsible for the development and implementation of strategies to promote, enhance and enrich Yeshiva University programs through e-learning initiatives and to prepare undergraduate and graduate school faculty through present and emerging technologies. The position builds partnerships among academic units to work collaboratively toward achievement of institutional goals that can be addressed through distance education and online technologies. In addition, she manages the inter-institutional collaborative eLearning effort for Yeshiva University with the Jewish Theological Seminary and Hebrew Union College, a program generously funded by a grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation. The collaborative includes faculty development programming focusing on educational technology and online learning.Dr. Cahn has been among the first to teach online and blended courses in educational technology and educational psychology offered at Azrieli Graduate School. Her efforts helped Yeshiva University develop among the first online Master's in Jewish Education programs. Currently, she continues to support the university's vision and eLearning effort working with all academic departments, and in the past 2 years, she has helped to develop over 70 courses as either online or blended.Dr. Cahn has presented workshops in educational technology, the digital student, and student transitions from middle school to high school. She has been published in Jewish Educational Leadership, coauthoring an article that examines how schools can navigate the complex arena of digital communications and technology issues and in Klal Perspectives, examining the importance of connectedness.  She has taught as an adjunct faculty member teaching courses in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology.Her educational psychology research and dissertation examined the needs of adolescent children of newly Orthodox Jewish families.

Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Director, eLearning and Distance Education

Yeshiva University

Responsible for the development and implementation of strategies to promote, enhance and enrich Yeshiva University programs through e-learning initiatives and to prepare undergraduate and graduate school faculty through present and emerging technologies.

  • Developed over 70 online/blended courses since 2012. 
  • Ongoing development and support for faculty to produce and deliver academically rigorous, creative, high-quality online/hybrid/blended content, courses, and programs identified in vision for YU Global. 
  • Implement faculty professional development opportunities.  
  • Drive forward development efforts and support program development initiatives from concept phase to roll-out. 
  • Collaborate with all university departments to develop processes to support online students. 
  • Oversee the learning management system used for online courses to ensure that functionality and support meet academic needs. 
  • Manage the Jim Joseph Foundation grant for a Collaborative working with the Jewish Theological Seminary and Hebrew Union College. Ongoing collaboration with the Columbia Center for New Media in Teaching and Learning to design and implement a model for the eLearning Faculty Fellowship, a program at the three institutions that provides professional development for university faculty about educational technology and online learning. 
Feb 2011Sep 2012

Education Technology Specialist

Yeshiva University Azrieli Graduate School

Responsible for the development and implementation of strategies to promote, enhance and enrich the Azrieli Graduate School programs to prepare Jewish educators through present and emerging technologies.

  • Develop new Azrieli programs using emerging technologies.
  • Collaborated with faculty to develop online courses in course management system (Moodle) to create an online master's degree, the first at the university. 
  • Mentor faculty and staff; develop student workshops, and other professional development activities in areas of educational technology and the use of specific instructional technology tools.
  • Demonstrate virtual learning tools to graduate classes.
  • Coordinate with university technologies related to teaching and learning at Azrieli Graduate School,
  • Provide recommendations on the strategic and operational issues associated with the development of new instructional technology to support Distance Learning.
  • Organize and direct Technology Fairs.
  • Research and investigate the latest trends and developments in academic software and hardware used for higher education, including emerging technologies and technology-related pedagogy.
  • Develop strong, cooperative relationships with faculty and campus entities, such as Academic Computing and ITS, Institute for University-School Partnership, as well as professional educational technology organizations.

Adjunct Professor: Educational Psychology

Blended (face-to-face and online) course, using the Moodle platform, addressing basic concepts in educational psychology with particular attention to theory, research and practical applications for the educator. A wide range of topics related to the application of psychology to the classroom include a review of the psychology of motivation, instilling values, and the role of educators in promoting a healthy self-concept. A basic overview of the major theories of child development is provided in the context of recent research findings, Judaic perspectives, and implications for educators working in Jewish schools.

Instructor: Educational Technology Graduate Course

Online course, using the Moodle platform, addresses best practices on integrating technology into the curriculum and classroom. The course assists students in developing a working knowledge of educational technology standards and pedagogy, proficiency with fundamental technology tools and the ability to apply them to the classroom. Students have opportunity to evaluate and reflect on professional practice to make informed decisions regarding the use of technology in support of student learning, access resources to help address instructional challenges, and evaluate the validity of those resources to meet student learning needs.

Instructor, Integrating SMART Board in Jewish Curricula Workshops for The Legacy Heritage Fund/Yeshiva University Stern College Jewish Educators Project, Spring 2010 - present.


Maneli Foundation Doctoral Fellow

Yeshiva University Azrieli Graduate School
  • Webinar Presenter, YU Institute for University-School Partnership, Fall 2009, Spring 2010.
    • Teaching Internet Social Skills to Students (with Rona Novick, PhD)
    • Integrating Multimedia into SMART Board Lessons
    • SMART Board for Jewish Studies in Middle and High Schools
  • Website Content Manager, Redesigned and updated Azrieli Graduate School website
  • Presenter, SMART Board for Beginners, Advanced SMART Board, Azrieli Technology Fair, Spring 2010

Co-Chair, Community of Practice: Maximizing Technology, Spring 2010. YU Institute for University-School Partnership. Connecting school technology administrators through online meetings.


Academic Technologist

Bi-Cultural Day School
  • Designed and developed Technology Department in K-8 school, established computer curriculum for all grades.
  • Developed projects to integrate the technology into curricula. Taught computer skills and integrated technology in curricula for all grades.
  • Developed and conducted on-going teacher training programs and workshops in technology. Provided hardware and software support through the school.
  • Developed on-line learning program in association with Bar Ilan University to teach Jewish studies to Bi-Cultural alumni high school students who were not enrolled in Jewish high schools.

Expertise in Microsoft Office, SMART Board software, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, educational software, learning management systems,  contact management software, school management software, video capture, web tools and apps for education.

Educational Psychology

Cahn, J. & Banschick, M. (2013). When the Bully has a Jewish Face. Viewpoint, 55(3), 21-26.

Cahn, J. (2012) What Does the Research on Connectedness and Sense-of-Belonging Teach Us? Klal Perspectives, March 2012

Cahn, J. & Rapps, D.(2011). L'Chaim? An Educator's Resource Guide for the L'Chaim Video. Video produced by the Yehuda Mond Foundation about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Cahn, J.A. & Novick, R.M. (2010). Policy and pedagogy: Complementary school approaches to 21st century technology issues. Jewish Educational Leadership, 9(1), 10-17.

Cahn, J.A. (2012) Adolescent Children of Newly-Orthodox Jewish Parents: Family Structure, Parenting and Community Integration as Correlates of Adjustment. Unpublished dissertation, Yeshiva University Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration.

Presented Adolescent Children of Newly-Orthodox Jewish Parents study at the Association for Jewish Outreach Professionals, Conference January 16-17, 2012.

Research Assistant, to David Pelcovitz, PhD, studying Adolescent Children of Baal Teshuva Parents. Developed research methodology, survey development, needs assessment, conducted study, analyzed results. 2010 - 2011

Research Assistant, to Rona Novick, PhD, studying BRAVE bully reduction program, 2009-2010

Altschuler, J. (1980), The Psychology Problem Solver (1980), Contributing Editor. The Psychology Problem Solver (1980) Research & Education Association, NY

Management and Corporate Training

Management Consulting, Refuah Health Center Dental Division, New Square, NY (2004-5)

Evaluated operations of the Dental Division, submitted recommendations to improve operations and increase revenues and how to best implement recommendations. 

Corporate Trainer, Philip Morris USA, Richmond, VA.  Developed, designed and implemented a Train-the-Trainer program for plant supervisors. (1984)

Operations & Marketing Manager, Electronic Information Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT (1989-1992) Program Management. Responsible for all facets of equipment and software installation and support, from RFP through installation, and deployment of and support for system engineers.

Writing, Publishing, Media

Cahn, J. R. (2003) Relative Stranger. 1st Books Library, Bloomington, IN. Fiction.

Using Computers in a Day School Setting, (1998), Lookstein Center

Healthcare Management Software, Technical Writer, Software Instructor. 1991-1996

CBS, Inc., 1983-1988

Product Manager, CBS Software & CBS Interactive Learning (a division of Holt, Reinhart & Winston) Published educational software packages including titles such as Preparing for the SAT, Fraggle Rock Adventure, Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Time, Inc. 1980-1983. 

Writer, Training & Development Manuals, HBO

Producer, Interactive Video, Time Life Video. Research & development for management training/educational videos for executives, Time Life Video.