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Cover, objective, and summary

Welcome to my online résumé!

My goal is to help people, companies and organizations excel. I've been able to accomplish this through public relations and political campaign consulting for 10 years and by training professionals and teaching students more than 13 years. I would like a full-time position in public or community relations or similar.

In the process of helping others, I've become an excellent writer, communicator, and public speaker. I have experience as an editor, videographer, supervisor and administrator. For two years I worked in Belize and Mexico, increasing my global awareness, expanding my sphere of influence and becoming comfortable in multi-cultural and diverse settings.

Friends, students and clients describe me as creative, hardworking, enthusiastic, self-directed, flexible and dependable.

If my background would be useful to your needs, please let me know. I'm usually open to new adventures.



Certificate with High Distinction

International Teacher Training Organization

The certificate was issued by the Secretary of Education in the Mexican state of Jalisco. This was a 140-contact-hours course with 10 hours of observed and evaluated teaching practice of groups with different ability levels and one-to-one teaching. Eleven specialty certificates were earned in 55 additional hours.

May 2009Jul 2011

Bachelor of Science

Oklahoma State University

Graduated summa cum laude with a minor in Leadership and an Honors College Degree with Departmental Honors.

Work experience


Joey Senat

Mass Communications Law and Reporting professor

Beverly Bailey

My professor and mentor from Tulsa Community College

Samantha Knowlton

I interned at KJRH. Samantha Knowlton was my immediate supervisor.


The MICAH Foundation, Inc.

Tulsa State Fair assignment




Video photography and FinalCut Pro
Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop
Microsoft Office products
Mac and PC ability