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Work experience

Feb 2010Present



I am currently working at this Job. So far, all the experience that I have gained from in the past has helped me be successful at McDonald's. Everything is centered around team work and accuracy. From taking orders (and getting them right) To getting the food out to the person in a timely manor. Working at McDonald'smeans thinking fast and remember everything. 

May 2008Dec 2009

Bus Boy

Artist Colony Inn

Artist Colony Inn was the job that gave me the best customer service, and the hard work ethics I have today. This job was completely centered around working as a team. You had separate Job titles, yet you would do anything to help the other employee out to get the job done. For example; my job title was to clean tables, yet I would take orders, fix food, and constantly take care of the customer(s). This was very fast paced, and multitasking is major skill needed to keep up with the pace of the restaurant. I was sucessful at this Job, and I gained alot of skills that will help me in the future. 

Jun 2007Jun 2008

Bus Boy

Brown County Inn

This was my first restaurant working environment. I immediately enjoyed the fast paced nature, and working together with the customer. I was always this person that would go above and beyond to help the customer enjoy their meal. Team work was not as much necessary, yet you had to be able to work with different kind of people. I later left this Job because of school. I needed to spend more time concentrating in school. 

Jul 2005Aug 2005


Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl.

This was my first Job. In this Job, you had to meet at about 5 in the morning. You would then travel to a corn field, and spend your day taking tassels off corn. This was a fast paced job, and working together as a team is a must. When everyone is working together, everything works well. This is one of many team working Jobs that I have worked. I was always on time to this job, despite being so early in the morning, and I worked as hard as I could to get the job done. 


Jan 2006Jun 2010

High School Graduate

Lighthouse Christian Academy

I have been going to this school for about 4 years, and everything that I need is taught here. Academically, you have to be on top of everything from 9th grade until graduation. From reading books over the summer and being tested on them, to the large amount of studying and homework, you will be prepared for college and your future. This school has been in the paper for the top SAT scores. Organization, time management, and understanding is a must to get through 1 year of school here. I have successfully graduated at Lighthouse Christian Academy this year, and I am now prepared for my future. I am now able to organized, and I am on top of jobs and college because I went to this school. 


Organization, Business
Ever Since I went to Lighthouse Christian Academy, I had to learn organization skills. I am really good with organization and business skills. 
Computer Technology and support
In the past, I was always the person people would go to when their computer needs help. I am really good at finding a problem and finding a solution. I have been studying and testing computers since I was 14. 
Customer Service
This is one of my personal major skills. I have worked on this school since I was 14. I am extremely good with helping people. I always treat everyone with a smile! I had multiple complements from customers in the past jobs. 


Ron Scott

Teacher at Lighthouse Christian Academy.