Judy Wolfson

Judy Wolfson

Work experience

Work experience

Jun 2003 - Jun 2009

Center Manager

FedEx Office and Print Center
  • Responsible for all recruitment and hiring decisions
  • Interviewed assessed and hired fifty employees
  • Initiated all background. drug screening and reference checks
  • Oversaw the "on boarding" process, including all new hire paperwork and other documentation related to employment
  • Administered, reviewed and maintained extensive human resource database
  • Complied with Federal, State , Affirmative Action and Employee Laws
  • Oriented employees with documentation including health benefits, LOA, sick and vacation policies, retirement plans and other information contained in the employee handbook
  • Led the process of filing a variety of paperwork, including but not limited to FMLA and non FMLA leaves, disability, workers compensation, disciplinary forms, exit interviews and separation documentation
  • Administered quarterly performance evaluations and created on-going development plans
  • Facilitated conflict resolution as needed
  • Excelled in annual Human Resource internal company audits
Jan 1990 - Sep 2002

Owner and Operator

Judy's Clean Sweep

  • Assessed individuals’ views of providing exceptional customer service
  • Created a “hands on,” five day orientation and training  program which included implementation of  standard operating procedures
  • Executed the delivery of highly professional, detail oriented and exceptional service, tailored to the individual needs of the customer
  • Reviewed the performance of employees via daily job visits
  • Communicated with the customer regularly to ensure their ongoing satisfaction
  • Addressed performance issues as needed
  • Maintained meticulous personnel record keeping 
  • Reviewed the performance of employees via job visits and regular customer feedback
  • Addressed performance issues as needed
  • Designed  "smart" employee development plans






  • Facilitated conflict resolution between employees
  • Maintained meticulous personnel record keepiing
  • Developed a comprehensive employee handbook






I communicate in a clear and fair fashion. I make sure employees are heard, while at the same time laws and policies are followed, and that privacy and respect is maintained.

Employee trust

  I advocate for the employee, while at the same time enforce management policies.


Confidentiality is of utmost importance. Observing proper ethics is critical as a Human Resource professional!


Superb organizational skills, time management and personal efficiency.


Ongoing development in Human resources systems and ever changing laws

Staying fit emotional, spiritually and physically


Jun 2003 - Jun 2009

Advanced Management and Human Resource Training

FedEx Office and Print Center