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Counselor of the Year, Hawaii Job Corps


The State of Massachusetts Reemployment Services Program (RES)

The Massachusetts State Plan modification reflects the Commonwealth’s intent to follow the guidance of the US Department of Labor.  The content for the Plan was largely developed through the Governor’s Workforce Taskforce lead by the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development to drive ARRA planning efforts.  In addition, the key strategies outlined in the Plan were identified and reviewed through the Massachusetts Workforce Investment Board and several statewide meetings with major workforce development stakeholders, including the 16 workforce investment areas, labor organizations, sister agencies and others.

Work experience


Employment Specialist / Manager of the Reemployment Services program

Franklin Hampshire Career Center

Management of the Re-employment Services Program for the state of Massachusetts Franklin Hampshire Career Center. 

  • Forged the development and implementation of the Re-employment Services Program, based on Department of Workforce Deveopment statistics showing increased average customer salary and faster reemployment.This  federally stimulus funded program (ARRA), put in place to increase customer knowledge, use of Career Center services.
  • On-going follow-up and delegation of all Reemployment Service customers for research and on-going Federal based funding.
  • Professional resume writing and career coaching services to individual and groups seeking employment or change of career path.
  • Seasoned Workshop Facilitator with Counseling background.
  • Documentation and upkeep of state database system and regulations.

Transitions Counselor

The Literacy Project

Workforce development, Job Readiness and Placement services for all age groups at 4 site in the Pioneer Valley. Workshop facilitation and one on one counseling. Case Management and documentation for Department of Education. Grant reporting.

Educational Assessment Counselor

Adult Education Assessment for the two sites of the Franklin- Hampshire Career Centers. Conducted intake interviews, Adult Basic Education exams as well as others diagnostic screenings. Examination  based referrals and recommendations made to appropriate agencies and/or schools. On-going documentation for the Department of Workforce Development.


Newborn Hearing Screening Technician/Counselor

IMUA Rehabilitation

Start-up of one of 5 nation wide counseling based newborn hearing screening pilot program.                              This pilot program was successful and led to what is now mandatory nation wide screening by trained  Nursing staff at all hospitals in the United States.

  • Trained to administer and interpret Otoacoustic Emissions and Auditory Brainstem                    Response tests using auditory evoked potential (AEP)  technology equipment.
  • Hospital based screening of all 1- 3 day old newborns delivered at Maui Memorial Hospital.
  • Precise record keeping and scheduling.
  • Family Counseling for families of infants with diagnosed hearing deficit.

Counseling Supervisor

Hawaii Job Corps

Managed Counseling Department at federally funded educational and vocational center. Facilitated individual and group counseling sessions. Conducted assessments and supervised other counseling staff member.  Responsible for the on-going documentation of all students for the Department of Labor and the Department of Education for inspection.




Bachelors of Science

Bennington College

Masters Degree

Instituto Allende


IT Skills
Access Excel Photoshop Dreamweaver Frontpage Publisher Outlook Microsoft Office Suite Powerpoint PDF Distiller