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Work experience


Technical Operations Supervisor

Time Warner Cable


Master of Organizational Leadership

Gonzaga University

Bachelor of Business Administration

Mount Vernon Nazarene University


Personal Credo

Mission Statement:

I am committed to a chosen path of servitude with a distinguished degree of ethics, trust, and credibility, in respect to family, labor, and community.


Throughout my life I have maintained an aspiration for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. In doing so, I have encountered opportunities to progress personally, academically, and professionally. Instinctively, I am calculative and technically minded contributing to some of my career achievements. My academic career has prepared me to further my professional life through the examination of business operations, and the sociological facet of the organizational environment.

I consider my characteristics to encompass empathy, humility, and diplomacy in the perception I maintain a strong sense of justice. I embrace an inherent ability to look impartially at matters which call for a judgment to be made upon them. I feel these innate senses to understand cause and effect permit me to be an effective strategist.

In the course of my studies, I have become acquainted with an authoring of Charles C. Manz titled The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus: Practical Lessons for Today. At first, I was skeptical how the author would incorporate the religious beliefs into the business world, but was taken aback by his interpretations. Manz is forthright the novel has no religious intentions, but purports to highlight a form of leadership of a humanitarian nature. This book was my introduction to servant-leadership; a philosophy I could easily relate to. Upon discovery of the servant-leader concept, my academic career changed course from the pursuit of a M.B.A. when I came across the Master of Organizational Leadership program offered from Gonzaga University- thus begun my unexpected odyssey into leadership.

Servant-leadership is represented by the Möbius strip. It symbolizes the servant-leader notion, and is the chosen logo for the Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership. Servanthood merges into leadership and back into servanthood again, in a fluid and continuous pattern. It signifies the desire to both serve and lead others. Perhaps my Zodiac sign, Libra, was my attraction to the harmonious balance of the servant and the leader.

I intend to continually quest for a balanced and well-versed quality of life. I will do so synchronously with my mission statement. My expectations are those around me may experience solace from any service my natural or acquired talents can offer.




OSHA 10-hour


Servant-leadership Certificate

Gonzaga University

Six Sigma Lean/DFSS Green Belt

aveta Business Institute