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Sep 2003May 2008

Master's Degree

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

In 2008 I've got Master's Degree in the English translation (all A-levels). Now I'm completing my post-graduate education and working on my PhD thesis where I investigate the phenomenon of translation editing.

In the university time I was the Vice-President of Students' Parliament where I actively stood for the rights of students. Also I was the Editor-in-Chief of the University magazine titled Living Non-Stop.  

That time I realized my impulse to help people to fulfill their dreams. As a part of youth movement I turned to University Trade Union Organisation where I was a part of the team of student activists who started to work for the sake of other students (rights, leisure, job search etc.).    

Work experience

May 2013Present

PR & Creative Services Director

Miratech Group

— Manage all projects relating to the copy and art tasks— Responsible for all company public releases and brand positioning— Case studies production (product marketing)— Supervise copy and art staff— Quality control of content produced by contractors (editing, proofreading and correction)— Work as a playing trainer and perform editorial work— Mass media relations management— Provide brand policy control

Jan 2012May 2013

Internal Communications Specialist


— Responsible for internal and external PR of the company (2000+ specialists in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Mykolayiv).— Editor-in-Chief of the corporate GL Magazine.— Manage and issue corporate Monthly Digest (the official company newsletter). — Fulfil internal PR activities, provide corporate communication.— Responsible for PR briefings and media relations.— Responsible for souvenir production. — Responsible for company rebranding in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Mykolayiv.— Develop corporate culture and broadcast internal policies.— Organize corporate events and contests.— Organize trainings for the company consultants.— Perform on external coneferences and PR events (European PR Congress, PR Maysternya, PR Without boarders, etc.)

—Control of PR department budget.

Nov 2010Dec 2011

Internal Communications Manager

KM Core Investment Company


—Internal PR & communications.— Internal journalism and interviews with the top managers.— Intranet support.— Corporate and social/ charity events organization.— Motivational activities.— Polls and analytical reporting.— Corporate training.

Mar 2006Apr 2008

Staff Journalist

What's On Magazine

—Interviews, features, analytical reviews.

—The weekly column "Nastya's Love Lines" that desribed the life of four Kiev friends, their lifestyle and psychology. (The column was known as the Ukrainian "Sex and the City")— Business-trips to the outstanding events in Russia, Ukraine, China, etc.— Specialization in psychology of relations, philosophy, culture. 

—Interviews with VIPs, features for the "On the Sofa with..." section.


Writing skills
I've started writing since my chilhood so that consider this skills to be my strongest one. I write poems, stories, essays, novels, scientific articles, features etc. I have already draft of my firts book Woman's Worth, hope to publish it soon. 
English language

Professional Life Pictured



Whatever I do I try to be competitive and best-performing in it. In 2009, after 5+ years in journalism, I started as external PR consultant for one of the major PR agency in Kyiv working on official releases, SMM and internet activities for a series of brands: Tetra Pak, Honda, Amway, Poker Stars, Procter & Gamble, Staropramen, etc.For 3+ years I've worked as an internal communications specialist with extended functions. That was an exciting experience that made my PR skills broader and more versatile. My long-term writing experience as a journalist brought me an advantage when working as a PR person. With a 30 percent yearly growth IT indutry is sure to be my favorite. I'm looking forward to become an outstanding PR professional in IT! Most of all I love to learn, and never stop developing my skills. People say, that you learn the best way when you perform. That's why performing is one of my key interests. Last year I performed at large professional event, European PR Congress 2012, taking place at Radisson SAS Kyiv, PR Without Borders and PR Maysternya. Among my hobbies there are psychology and interior design.

Investigating Stereotypes

Statement on a Positive Social Impression

To make a presentation of myself, I tried to think of my CV as a third party asking "Who is she?", "What is her sense of self worth?", "What are her roles as working person, family member, group member, etc.?" To provide a clear image, I wrote a Summary at the very beginning of this CV for everyone to be able to have its first impression during the first 5 seconds of acquaintance.

I tried to show in this CV my independent view of self, which is expressed in my goals, achievements and liberties. In my life, I always make the decisions toward the result, and if I have to make any choice that I consider to be helpful, I do so.  

In the right sidebar I put a scan copy of my diploma showing my high academic performance at the university. I absolutely agree that most people with high self-esteem value both individual achievements and relationships with others (Campbell and others, 2002). 

I thinks that my academic success is a result of strong feeling of self-efficacy, which was imposed on me by parents in early childhood. Considering the fact that all my success points resulted from my hard work, I believe that I have internal locus of control and absolutely responsible for every step I take.

Hope you see in my Resume that I love my job, believe in success at work and never stop developing my skills.


Jan 2009Jun 2009

Certificate in the Applied Psychology