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Digital products, working with new ventures and project management best describe what I do.

I have spent a large part of my professional career at MBJ LONDON, a digital agency founded in London. As the first member to join the founding team, I helped MBJ grow from 3 to 40 members in the team with a consistent rise in revenue. As part of my role, I managed the operational IT team including developers and designers , completed 60+ IT projects for our clients, opened 2 offices (Prague and Berlin), hired and trained 10 + new team member and worked closely on developing the companies operational strategy.

Since January 2017 I am studying a Master's Degree in Design Management at Design School IED in Barcelona. The Master's Degree is all about design thinking, user research, trend analysis and forecasting, user centred design, prototyping and implementation of newly designed systems.

Work Experience (related to everything digital)

Aug 2016Dec 2016

Director of Operations - Berlin Office


With a successful round of funding, the next focus on an operation side, was the scalability of design and development of our clients digital products and our service offerings. As Director of Operations, my activities moved further away from day to day project management to strategically outlining future operations at MBJ. Those activities included:
1. Implementation of a Service Support Desk
2. Implementation of a new project management software
3. Conducting job interviews for new operational roles such as designers and developers
3. Conducting regular performance reviews with team members
4. Setting up a reporting system for operational KPIs
5. Initiating a new source code management system

Jan 2016July 2016

Senior Operations Manager  - Prague Office


Having gained valuable insight into MBJ's operations throughout the whole project cycle, my responsibilities have become increasingly managerial. IT Projects have become bigger and I am more involved in shaping processes and operations as a whole. Clients primarily include ventures and SMEs who we build their digital products for; those include Apps, Websites and Internal IT systems.

Project Management Responsibilities:
1. Plan the Project - defining scopes, creating project plans & determining resources
2. Staff the Project - delegate work and outsource appropriate activities
3. Implement the project - execute the project, document project activity, communicate with clients
4. Control the Project - compile regular reports, approve budgets,
5. Evaluate the Project - evaluate the project outcome, achieve approval by client and executive team

For the role I had to manage a wide variety of roles, including developers, designers and analysts.

Other functions:
1. Conceptualization - help clients to agree on key features and business models
2. Prototyping and iteration - support clients in gaining quick turnaround on product feedback
3. Support to sales team - technical advice, solving technical problems and follow up
4. Improve operational procedures - agile work attitude and selection of supportive tools
5. Launch of the new office in Prague, Czech Republic & Berlin, Germany
6. Further deepening of a more agile culture

June 2015Jan 2016

Project Manager - London Office


As a project manager, I was in full control of small to medium sized projects such as Wordpress implementations as well as mobile apps. Some examples of my regular activities:

1. Managing the scope of projects
2. Project assets sourcing
3. Coordinating development and design team
4. Client communication
5. Support to the Head of Operations

Smaller activities included server setup and management, small front-end web development tasks, Wordpress implementation, setting up email accounts and research.

June 2014Apr 2015

Project Assistant - London Office


As a Assistant Project Manager, I supported the Project Management office. I was involved in the whole project cycle, from conceptualisation to final delivery. Key responsibilities included quality control, project documentation, communication with developers and other supportive activities.



Master's Degree in Design Management


Since January 2017 I am studying a Master in Design Management at the Design School IED in Barcelona. This degree is all about design thinking, user research, trend analysis and forecasting, user centred design, prototyping and implementation of newly designed systems.

Jul 2012Jun 2013

Exchange Year as part of Bachelor Program 

Universidad del CEMA 

Final Grade: Pass

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Jan 2010Jul 2010

Diploma of Business 

Phoenix Academy

Final Grade: 79%

Location:  Perth, Australia

Sep 2007Jul 2009

International Baccalaureate (IB) 

King Williams College 

Final Grade: 36 points

Location: Isle of Man, United Kingdom 

What others say 

"Till is a true joy to work with. He will always go the extra mile to ensure the best outcome for the project, while pushing back in all the right ways. He's a fast-learner and a master of breaking down complexity. I'd be delighted to work with Till again."  - Lida L. | Former Client 

"Till is a proactive and tireless contributor who would make a great addition to any team. He has been with the MBJ Team since May 2014 and saw the company grow from 4 to nearly 40 employees. Within the operations team he was certainly one key factor of our growth and success over the past years.Till has been responsible for some of our biggest accounts and he always did a fantastic job in managing those from all angles. He never failed to add a creative and personal touch, when appropriate. Now in Prague, he is doing a fantastic job growing our team over there and helping shape and execute the vision of MBJ" - Julian M. | Former Superior 

"Till has worked as a project manager for our Looks Good On Me app and I can't even imagine what we would have done without him! Always prepared, super helpful and a pleasure to work with. While working on the project, Till has given us great advice and some very useful suggestions which we ended up incorporating into the final product. We felt very well looked after - I would say Till went far beyond his duty as a project manager and made sure that we were absolutely satisfied with our product and MBJ's services." - Tatjana A. | Former client