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I am working towards an internship and career in mechanical and automotive engineering and labor during my full-time study at Evergreen Valley College.


Electronics, 3D printing, growth of knowledge.

Work experience

Aug 2013Aug 2013


J & R Machining
I was a consultant at a machine shop, J & R Machining, for 8 days helping them set up their 3D printer, getting the different programs that run the printer, to modifying the printer with new parts to help it run smoother and more accurate. in a matter of 8 days I was able to not only fully upgrade the printer, but I was able to train 2 employees on how to use the printer.
Jul 2010Aug 2010



I worked at SGICM for 4 weeks as an intern, tasked with many jobs including filing, restocking, movement of confidential documents, site walks, and management meetings. The time was split between offices at Independence High School and the East Side Union District Office.


Aug 2007Jul 2011


Mount Pleasant High School

I attended the Maunfacturing and Technology Magnet Course for four years, where I learned how to use a variety of tools, including a lathe, laguna mill, vertical band saw, oxy-acetylene welder, tig welder, calipers, and micrometers.


3D Printing
For 3D printing I know most everything there is to know, and what I do not know on hand I have direct contacts online or over the cell to quickly find out. I know all the kinds of different filaments that are used, even the experimental ones that my father and I have gotten to work perfectly, such as PLA, Nylon, and even Wood (yes there is a wood plastic mixture that can be printed). I know of the 3D printer company's, even one of the local distributors such as Octive.
Microsoft Office 2010
I am currently learing how to use Microsoft Excel, but I am also proficent with Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Outlook.
Able to use a skill saw, vertical and horizontal band saw, scroll saw, table saw, milling machine, lathe, and arc and oxy-acetylene welders. I am skilled in most machines that one might use on a construction job site, and I am willing to learn to use machines I have yet to experience.