• Accomplished leader and innovator with more than twenty years of experience helping companies to seize market opportunities, improve operational and management performance, and generate new and innovative purchasing methods. 
  • Utilizing the full innovation to commercialization cycle.
  • Demonstrated a track record of growing successful businesses, both inside existing organizations and as stand-alone companies.
  • Developing new markets while using his years of experience in International sales & Marking are feasible tasks, and have been met with success.
  • Resourceful Purchasing Manager with success in designing and executing solutions in China with emphasis on Textiles and other Daily Used Products. 
  • Sourced integrated products, assembled and shipped on time with the required certifications of quality.  Proud of a track record of annual purchasing growth of 20% and a gross profit of 21% for the same period.


  • Proven ability to quickly learn and apply new skills in a new culture.
  • Passion and commitment to diverse work environments: including Factory management, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Product Design and Supply Chain.
  • Demonstrated success on all levels of the Supply Chain such as purchasing, planning, analysis, design, development, delivery, implementation and evaluation utilizing both traditional and Lean methodologies.
  • Supervised and executed sourcing and manufacturing of different daily used products, suppliers' evaluation, forms management, and data processing.
  • Created a purchasing and order follow up procedure resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Created an offshore office for monitoring orders, resulting in high customer satisfaction.
  • Hired, trained and led a team, both at home office and abroad, earning kudos.
  • Proficient (trainer/expert level) with numerous computer applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, MS Project, CorelDraw, ERP, and many others.
  • Highly motivated, quick to adapt and learn, excellent human relationship skills.

Work experience

Work experience
2009 - Present

Purchasing Manager

Studio Ooga

Successfully shifted the production to factories in China. Created and the foundation of marketing in China. Monitored the production and the QA and QC.

  • Sourcing for qualified suppliers in China to meet the high standard quality.
  • Supplier evaluation to establish long term business cooperation.
  • Supervised the logistics and shipments of the goods from China to the different international warehouse locations of the company.
  • Trained and supervised the QC and QA team, to achieve good deliveries’ reports.
  •  Set the marketing channels to sell the company's products to the upper level market in China
2008 - 2009

Factory Manager


Created and supervise the building of management methods to lead the company to the new and innovative ways of the 3ed Millennium.

  • Formulated and applied new ways to operate all the activities of the company's operation via ERP system.
  • Established and improved the sourcing and purchasing methods.
  • Successfully improved the quality of shipments from average of 22% to less than 2% of rejected items.
  • Created professional purchasing policy manuals.
  • Supervised the shipping and logistics.
  • Trained and supervised the QC and QA team, achieving good deliveries’ reports.
  • Consistently exceeded goals set by the mother company
2007 - 2008

Buyer/Manufacturer Behavior Consaultant


  • Involved in the foundation of hi-tech company, focused on interactive services for international fairs.
  • Conducted intensive customer survey projects at international fairs in China.
  • Consulting for the implementation of sophisticated web base software, for interactive communication, between Buyers and Suppliers on fair ground.
2005 - 2007

Purchasing Manager

Neil Nathan

  • Involved in the foundation of the company, product design, and marketing.
  • Led the Business Development issues in China.
  • Project coordinator for producing multi industrial combined products.
  • In charge of the total supply chain China - USA and involved in achieving certificates such as FDA and GMP.
  • Setting up and managing a branch office in China.
1996 - 2005

Purchasing Manager

David Beck Ltd.

Supervise staff of purchasing teams and QC/QA teams

  • Business Development in China
  • Founded an Agency Office, representing successfully various customers in Israel and the USA
  • Hired and trained people for innovative ways of following up the orders.
  • Successfully handled negotiations with Chinese suppliers and Government officials.
  • Set up an innovative purchasing system resulting in cost-saving.
  • Created professional purchasing policy manuals.
  • Handled contracts with Buyers and Suppliers.
  • Supervised the Letter of Credits received from customers and transferred to suppliers.
  • Trained and supervised the QC and QA people achieving good deliveries’ reports.
  • Consistently exceeded goals set by customer
1983 - 1996

General Manager

Dvoranit Ltd.

  • Produced and exported baby garments.
  • Supervised the production of 95 people and subcontractors
1982 - 1982

Special research team leader

Shenkar Collage

  • Following my research, and a patent I have developed while studying, I was sent to supervise the implementation of the patent in local factories in Nigeria


1978 - 1982


Shenkar Textile University

  • Have created and registered a patent for saving 30% of Honey Dow damaged cotton.  This patent isnowbeing used World Wide.
  • Awarded "Outstanding Achievements Award" 1980-1981.
  • Dean's List all four year
  • Student Association, Chief Auditor