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·ROBOCON 2009 – lead the team to Tokyo, Japan

·ROBOCON 2008 – member of the team to Robocon India

·Proficient with AUTOCAD 2008

·Proficient with HOMER Software – design renewable energy systems

·Proficient with F.E.A (Finite Element Analysis) – models created, stressed and analysed for specific results.

·Basic Knowledge in Photoshop and Dreamweaver

·Proficient with Microsoft Office

·Xavier College Principals Honor Award for Highest scorer in Technical Drawing(FSFE) 2006

·Xavier College Principals Honor Award for Highest scorer in Technical Drawing(FSLC) 2005

·Three years of successive Cadet Training

·Represented XavierCollege at Coca Cola National Athletics championship in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Work experience

Trainee Mechanical Engineer

I attained my industrial work at Flour Mills Of Fiji during December 2008 to February 2009 as a requirement for a successful degree program for a duration of ten weeks.


The Robotics and Automation Group (RAG), which is a research and development group within school of engineering and physics (USP) is engaged in collaborative educational project, Robocon which participates in ABU ROBOCON contest, of which I lead the team to Tokyo, Japan in 2009 and an active member in the year of 2008.

Student Research Assistant  

I was employed part time at University of The South Pacific in 2010as research assistant for a relief period.My job involved honesty, intergrity and maintaining confidentiality at all times, updating, maintaining and retrieving information.

Autonomous Vehicle 2

Engineering Project, comprising of thesis, presentation and hardware realization. Differential Drive with PID line tracing Robot was designed by a group of students as a requirement for faculty for an undergraduate.


Mr. Ravi Singh .

Mr. Shivneel Prasad .

Mr Imraan Janiff .



project 2009


University Of The South Pacific


·Engineering graphics and designs – engineering design process and Computer-Aided Design Drafting (AUTOCAD)

·Engineering Materials and Mechanics – material properties and uses

·Solid Mechanics and Dynamics – Finite Element Analysis, Stress Concentration and Structural Analysis

·Manufacturing Processes – machining, deforming, casting and joining processes, salient features of computer numerical control (CNC)

·Applied Thermo-fluids – wind engineering, wind tunnel testing, aerodynamics, fluid flow system, refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems and analysis of heat exchangers


·Quantum and Electrical Physics –Principles of electricity and magnetism, optics and modern physics.

·Classical Physics – mechanics, mechanical and Thermal properties of matter and Wave motion.

·Environmental Physics – Transfer of Energy and Water

·Electrostatics, magnetostatics and electromagnetic

·Basic knowledge of electronics

·Renewable energy – such as solar, wind, hydropower, biogas, wave and ocean thermal energy, basic knowledge of heat engines and electrical machines.