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Computer Skils

Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint; Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Dart, Strata, and Google Analytics.

Language Skills

Fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish. Strong spoken and written German skills.

Digital Media Supervisor

Client-centered advertising professional who balances innovation with practicality and maintains bottom-line sensibility. Experience working with major, industry-leading agencies. Skillfully direct all aspects of campaigns, from initial strategy development through final presentation. Ensure initiatives are completed on time and within budget. Expertise in new media and digital advertising. Maintain strong relationship with major media companies and negotiate aggressive rates. Collaborate effectively with cross-functional internal teams to develop strategic plans. Fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish; possess strong international campaign experience. Hold bachelor’s degree in PR and advertising. 

Work experience


Digital Media Supervisor

Malone Advertising - a JWT company
  • Developed strategic digital media recommendations for campaigns catered to unique target audiences and objectives.
  • Performed digital media planning and buying in French Canadian market.
  • Used ComScore to gather media usage information and Strata to complete media buying.
  • Built winning keywords list, optimized campaigns and evaluated reporting and results using Adwords, Yahoo! and Bing.

Digital Media Supervisor

Ogilvy Interactive
  • Spearheaded IBM and Cisco digital projects for international, national, and local campaigns.
  • Developed online communication projects designed to drive brand awareness, generate demand, acquire customers, and support online sales.
  • Provided Internet consultation for integrated long-term projects focused on brand entertainment and digital engagement in emerging channels.
  • Effectively managed media budget; negotiated aggressive rates with media partners. Optimized advertisements, measured traffic, and reported data for campaign evaluations.
  • Used knowledge of media tools, including Nielsen Media Research, Dart, and Google Analytics.

Media Account Manager

The Ad Store

  • Developed 360° on and off-line brand projects.
  • Provided market research and competitor analysis; gathered media usage information.
  • Planned print, TV, radio, outdoor, and online advertising campaigns.
  • Performed buying for local, national and international campaigns, focusing on Europe and U.S. markets.

Media Planner

The Ad Store
  • Assisted in launch of digital media unit. Developed digital teaser projects to support traditional off-line media planning, focused on several EU countries.
  • Planned international and domestic digital campaigns for travel and fashion brands.
  • Worked with publishers to support negotiation and buying.
  • Managed keyword advertising with Adwords, Google, and Yahoo!; reported and evaluated and results.
  • Worked closely with production team and publishers to support media trafficking

Junior Digital Planner


  • Performed digital national planning for clients in various industries.
  • Negotiated competitive rates and built relationships with major publishing groups.
  • Worked closely with production staff and publishers to traffic media.
  • Evaluated and reported results to management.
  • Optimized keyword advertising.
  • Developed product launches, online co-branding activities, channel customizations and advergames.


Sep 2001Mar 2006

Bachelor of Science

IULM University

High School

Liceo Scientifico Linguistico G. Marconi

  • Fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish.
  • Strong spoken and written German skills.