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Sep 2007Present

Bachelor of Science

University of California

Member of Asian Pacific- Islander Student Alliance

Provost's Honors of Spring 2008

Relevant Course Work: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Calculus for Science and Engineering, and Linear Algebra


Artistic Skills
I have artist technical abilities using watercolor, pen, pencil, oil pastel, and color pencil.
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Word and Excel



To succeed in the areas of brotherhood and professionalism and while improving my leadership, networking, and communication skills.


I am diligent, responsible, and motivate worker, who is able to adapt to different situations. I am able to work thoroughly with my organizing skills, determination, and dedication. I am also able to take charge of different situations such as coordinating a social event or operating a fundraising event. In addition, I am a creative and artistic person. I enjoy producing artworks and engaging in various crafts during my spare time. I am seeking for brotherhood and my niche at UCSD. Furthermore, I would like to discover my potential and learn about the business industry.


As Co-Chair of Youth United for Community Action c/o Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program, I Conducted 2 hour long general body meetings with over 100 members, once every two weeks, with the objective of providing an after-school program within a urban and disadvantaged environment.

As Social Co-Coordinator of Youth United for Community Action c/o Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program, I catered to 110 member's needs in each general body meeting with food and refreshments and administrated general body meeting's ice breakers to promote interaction among members.

I have appointed and directed various task to fellow Youth United for Community Action c/o Lincoln Heights Tutorial Program members during Councilman Ed Reyes' Annual Christmas Gift Wrap for underprivileged children.

I supervised and designed the production of 26 Asian Pacific- Islander Student Alliance 2008 Grad Banquet gifts, which purpose was to tribute graduating seniors.


Arts & crafts, random facts