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Work experience

Jun 2005Present

Project Lead


Joined as fresher to a startup company with small team, grown along with the company and became an integral part of it. As a key player in the organization, I was responsible for Technical and Business operations and strongly influence the decisions made in the company. I have under taken various technically challenging, small to large scale projects which spread across many domains and technology. As a team player and motivator I have lead many teams consist of fresher and experienced people. I have taken many corporate trainings on High-end products.

As part of Marketing/Business executive team, I was involved in business/marketing activities such as, meeting new customers, pre-sales actives, demos, preparing proposals and project estimates, attending business conferences etc.

The experience as made me to be, technology agnostic, strong process oriented, customer focused, solution driven approach to the problem, work under extreme pressure.


Misc. Tools
VS2010/2008/2005, Eclipse, NUnit, Nant, Log4Net, ClearCase, PVCS, CVS, Subversion, VSX, Rational Rose
Operating Systems
Win2008/2003/2000/XP/NT, Ubuntu, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux 9.0, DOS
GUI Programming
WPF, Win Forms, ASP.Net, VB, HTML, CSS
Application Servers
Weblogic, WebSphere, Jboss, IIS 6.0, Apache2
SQL*Server 2005/2000, ORACLE, PostgreSQL 8.x, MySQL 5.x, Access
Languages, Programming
C#, JAVA, T-SQL, XML, XSLT, JavaScript
IBM portfolio
  WebSphere MQ,  WebSphere Process Server,  Webphere Message Broker,  WebSphere Business Integration, Rational Tools  




Visvesvaraya Technological University


Accomplished, motivated and versatile IT professional; administrator, software developer, support analyst and corporate trainer with 5+ years of experience in the IT industry, known for a personable approach to clients and co-workers as well as for delivering and implementing advanced software solutions to small and medium-size businesses, seeks the next big career challenge and an opportunity to apply his knowledge and expertise on a larger scale.

I am keen to be a professional technologist and provide technology consulting in designing /implementing technical solutions at enterprise level.


  • Solution driven professional with extensive experience as Project lead and in designing /implementing technical solutions.
  • Strong in Multi-tiered architecture design with strong emphasis on Object Oriented design and implementation
  • Highly motivated, dependable troubleshooter and problem-solver.
  • Customer-focused performer who is committed to quality in every task – high level of service provided to company/customer.
  • Valued contributor who performs confidently and effectively under pressure and thrives on challenge.
  • Hands on experience in writing technical documents for System Requirement Specifications (SRS), High Level Design (HLD), Low Level Design (LLD) and Test Cases (TC)
  • Ability to work in a team as well as independently
  • Excellent communicator and good listener.

Project History

Products/Tools Development:

For a global electronics giant - (Nov 2008 – till Date):

Role:Senior Software Engineer/Consultant

The Designer Studio is a development environment based on Visual Studio that helps the developer to develop and deploy all components required to build end to end commands meant for field servicing. It is a tool meant to ease development and to abstract the complexities of the declarative model from the developer. This includes providing custom controls, project templates, Add-ins, Custom project build tasks


  • Working on large code base, which is more than 4 GB
  • Visual Studio extensibility and WPF extensibility
  • Making tool to be version agnostic to the framework
  • Very minimal no. of bugs compare to the no of lines of code written
  • Got spot award for showing an excellent demo to the customers

Technologies used: VSX, WPF, XAML, 3.5, XML

Cane Management System - ERP application (2006-2007)

Role : Project lead

This is an ERP for the Sugar Industry in India. CMS has module for the entire manufacturing process - starting with planting of saplings to delivery of the cane to mills. System provide interface for the formers, transporters, harvesters, cane officers and sugar mills


  • Self learning curve to make - web based, multi-tiered architecture design
  • Close interaction with customers in all phase of the project till the closure
  • Responsible for business module
  • Deploying application in the one of leading sugar cane factory in Karnataka.
  • Tools like Nant, Nunit are extensively used for automation and writing the unit test cases

Technologies used: ASP.Net 1.1, VB.Net 1.1, MS SQL Server 2000

System Integration Consulting:

For a leading infrastructure providing Company in India: 2009

Role : Websphere Deployment Consultant

Scope of the project is to setup development, test and production environment of Websphere Process Server Cluster, which includes Message Broker and Websphere MQ on HP-Unix Servers It also includes deployment of their applications and fine tune the performance of the servers and provide consultation for development issues related to Websphere products


  • Joined the team at critical phase of the project, where issue was escalated to High level management
  • Resolving development critical issues on MQ security, JMS Pub/Sub, message broker etc.
  • Identified issues with existing solution architecture and proposing new solutions to co-existence of Message Broker and Process Server to serve their actual needs.
  • Interaction with high level management

Environment: WebSphere MQ 6.1 & 7, WebSphere Process Server 6.0.1 & Message Broker 6.1.5

RTGS Setup in leading bank in India, Hydrabad: 2009

Role : Websphere Consultant

As WebSphere Consultant, guided my colleague to complete the RTGS setup in one of the major bank in Hyderabad, India.

Technologies: WebSphere MQ 6, Windows Server 2003

For a US government agency - Justis Hub Integration: 2008 - 2009

Role : System Integration Consultant

Scope of project is design the framework for real time integration of case tracking system with other systems using the JUSTIS Hub. The communication between the systems is through XML messages. All the communication data is stored in SQL server.


  • Indentified the communication mechanism and mapping elements across the hub
  • Proposed the xml schema structure of each communication use cases
  • Designed the mapping engine for integration and also admin UI to monitor the real time data transfer
  • Drive the project for successful completion of the project even though there was constant change in the other teams Interaction with high level management

Technologies used: ASP.Net 2.0, C#.Net 2.0, MS SQL Server 2005, XML


For an emerging Company in US – TripVerde: 2009

Role : Developer/Consultant

AirportShareACab is a unique real-time cab-sharing service matching multiple cab riders that are traveling between airports and shared destinations, such as hotels convention centers, and events


  • Project execution in agile model/principles
  • Project design and documentation
  • Integration with google Map
  • Integration with payment gateway.
  • Coming up with mechanism to test the matching engine.

Technologies used: Java/J2ee, AJAX, PostgresSql, JBoss, 2009

Role : Developer/Consultant

ClikServ is an online payment platform that helps stream income to creators and publishers of digital content. ClikServ enables applause for online content and support for worthy causes. ClikServ provides a way to enable payments and donations dedicated to the support of honest, ethical and accurate information.


  • Project execution in agile model/principles
  • Application’s 70% code is in java script
  • Worked on reader’s tool bar for browsers
  • Ease the integration with publisher website
  • Integration with payment gateway.

Technologies used: Java/J2ee, AJAX, PostgresSql, JBoss,

Migration Projects

For a US government agency:

Mass Data Migration: 2007 - 2008

Role : Technical Consultant

Scope of work is to Migrate more of 5 million records from mainframe system to Server server 2005. Customer will provide the data in intermediate format, which is flat database. I have been responsible for data migration from intermediate tables to application databases. I wrote generic configurable scripts to move the master data from spreadsheet to database tables, also suggested the mechanism to validate the successful migration of the data


  • Writing generic configurable SSIS script to move master data from spreadsheet and also move business data from flat data base to application data base.
  • Suggested the mechanism to validate the successful migration of the data.
  • Interaction with the clients for identifying the migration data.

Technologies used: MS SQL Server 2005, Data Transfer Service, SSIS

For a leading Biodiesel Plant-engineering company:

Purchase Order Processing – Data migration : 2008-2009:

Role : Developer/Consultant

This project completed in two phase. 1st phase of the project is to redesign of the application to achieve robustness, maintainability, testability, Audit logging and usability of the application. Coding is improved to meet the standards. 2nd phase of the project is to migrate last 3 years transactions open Purchase orders to Microsoft Acepta. Security component and Code is improved to prevent the user from improperly using the software to improve the robustness.


  • Code is modularized to improve the reusability and maintenance.
  • Security component and Code is improved to prevent the user from improperly using the software to improve the robustness.
  • UI is updated to Windows application standards.
  • Indentified the phase of open purchase orders migration
  • Suggested the mechanism to validate the successful migration of the data.

Technologies used: VB6, MS SQL Server 2000

Open Source:

For a leading German banking company:

AVS Mailer: June 2005

AVS Mailer was implemented for secured data transfer between the two hosts with the help of proxies within the banking network. Mailer system uses ssh and encryption for secured data transfer and also checks for data integrity. Application features include multi-hop routing, extensive error logging, configurability and modularity. Application built using Perl & Oracle 9i on Linux Redhat 9.0.



IBM Certified Websphere 6.0 MQ System Administration