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My interests include

-Piano and Musicals

-Reading mystery books

-Karate and Self Defense

-Youth Group and Church Service

- Video Editing



My name is Alexis McLeod. I'm half Filipino and half black. I am a child of three and live in a small neighborhood. I have been moving from house to house since I was 3 years old. Counting my university I have been to 11 schools.

I didnt get into the arts till I was in jr. high when i was into filming the plays I've done. Sadly I didnt get to keep the footage. When high school came around i strictly stuck to acting and becoming a broadway star. My senior year came around and I didn't know which college I wanted to go since my grandparents didnt want me leaving California. Then the Academy of Art University sent me a load of papers and I thought it was too far. They kept sending and finally I caved in. 

I Am a current Student at the Academy of Art University. I am in my Third Year. I am studying to be a video editor and TV producer. I do minor videos and work at my University with the Newsroom and Edit Class. I live in San Francisco during School and Southern California during breaks.

I sing in choir since high school, play and teach piano, and teach karate in my spare time and try to brush up my editing skills as much as I can.


Aug 2008Present

BA Fine Arts

Academy of Art


Brandon Kemmer

I have been working for him for about 4 years and learning from him for 5-6 years. He has taught me patience and discipline. He is a great teacher and friend and Employer.

John Rassmusen

I have worked for Mr. Rass. for all of high school. It was to set up church service and to work the laptop for the main youth group pastor. I would help with audio and video and powerpoint for the sermon.

Recent Work

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Class Projects

Academy Art University

Most of my work from class includes news stories where i shoot, edit, and voice over myself. Also documentaries and short films that i also film and edit myself

Jun 2011Aug 2011

Video Editor

Editing video, Photoshop pictures and helps on shoots for interviews and events

Jun 2010Aug 2010


M3 Creative Tv

Logging the timeframes for video projects Receptionist duties Delivering Tapes, DVD, and Hard drives to various companies Organizing Tapes and DVD's in their vaults Received editing instructions from superiors in order to enhance my skills.

Sep 2007Aug 2008

Video editor

Faith Baptist CHurch

I would help with video for the sermon and work with power point. 

Also work with the sound board during  video and when the pastor or speaker was speaking.

My Work


Typing: 40-50 wpm
PC compatible systems, Apple Macintosh systems: Software: Microsoft Windows, Excel, Microsoft Word, Final Cut Pro, Internet and PowerPoint
Writing for Film and news
I love to write wether its film or short story or news. They are all different types of writing but i enjoy every part of it. I feel as if news is very hard to write for but I love the challenge
I can shoot just about anything. I can make short films, Music videos, Documentaries, and News Stories. I usually don't like to be in front of the Camera but i love to be behind the camera or even just the camera person helping someone to make their vision come to life.
Final Cut Pro Editing
I have been using Final Cut Pro for the past tow years. I stick to the basics with my edits. Very clean and right to the point. I can use effects but i prefer not to.