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A responsible, success-oriented professional desiring a position that requires good organizational skills and opportunities to work with others in a challenging Computer Programming position. I have over 10 years of experience in the direct marketing field with a strong focus on developing applications to streamline processes and process/manipulate client data.

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Mailing Manager

WebbMason Commercial

Responsibilities include managing 3 production employees, verify all mailing campaigns conform to USPS specifications, develop VDP campaigns using FusionPro, process and perform data hygiene on client mailing lists using MM2010 and scheduling the workflow for the mailing department.Other various responsibilities include custom application development using VB6 to streamline daily jobs and performing list maintenance on large databases that drive online order applications for large staffing firms, insurance agencies and nutrition stores.

Nov 2008Oct 2009

Mailing Manager

Caskey Printing

Responsibilities include writing custom scripts in VBScript to manipulate client data and monitor FTP uploads.I also provide help desk support to all departments and troubleshoot PC issues, manage 3 production employees, approve/process all mailing campaigns and see them through to completion, develop VDP campaigns in FusionPro, process and perform data hygiene on client mailing lists using MM2010 and schedule the workflow for the mailing department.I was also instrumental in tripling the mailing departments revenue in a matter of several months and have developed a standard house database format for processing all incoming client data to streamline internal data processing steps to complete time sensitive mailing projects.

Dec 2007Nov 2008

Data Programmer

ABIS, Inc.

Responsibilities include application development in VB6 to generate mailing projects, data analysis reports, data extraction and data cleansing.Off the shelf products utilized are Mail Manager 2010, Peoplesmith software and GMC Printnet software.Some VB6 applications I have developed are a Data Quality report generator that analyzes client data for inconsistencies and/or validity, a XML parser to modify XML files that are spooled to high-speed laser printers and a dollar build calculator for mailing campaigns for non-profit customers.The XML parsing program was sent to the software provider that created the software that generates the XML files due to interest in the application.All applications that I have developed are to fill data processing situations that are not handled by ABIS’s off the shelf software.



All Skills
VB 6.0/VBScript ** ADO/DAO ** FoxPro 6.0 ** Microsoft Office ** GMC PrintNet/WebProof ** Anchor Mirus Utilities ** Mail Manager 2010 ** Systems Analysis/Design ** Xerox Document Sciences ** BIM Edit **EXTRA! Bundle for TCP ** Group 1 (Mainframe) ** Peoplesmith Software (Stylelist, Double Take, Personator) ** Data Junction 6.0 **NexPress 2100 Certified Operator Training ** FusionPro ** USPS Regulations