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WEST GROUP LLC, Grand Rapids, Michigan - Charlotte, North Carolina


West Group offers a wide range of consulting, marketing and technology creation and deployment services for small to medium size businesses.  A sampling of project types as follows:

The Value Source Group - Acting CEO.

This position and client projects allowed me to use my skills and knowledge incoaching, team dynamics, market resonance, conflict resolution, creating high performance teams, leadership and sales team analysis. I co-created weighted profiles and benchmarks.  I led, envisioned and managed the development of the on-line profile system.  I also gave the scientific value meaning through the creation of applicable reports for benchmarking, team optimization for business and professional athletes and sports teams as well as solid market feedback.  I developed the current presentation of the training program for distributors and coaches to be able to comprehend the necessary knowledge to use the profile thereby maximizing their return on their current largest investment;  their people.  I also deemed necessary an on-line training format with today's economic decline and therefore created that.  I worked as front line of support to distributors. 

TVSG is an online assessment company that delivers training, and profile services based on The Science of Axiology or value theory

Straub and King Retirement Planning - Business consultant/ contract CIO. 

Business consulting included business plan creation, the marketing approach and moderating their semi-annual Client Advisory Board.  I partnered the correct technology  including implementation and maintenance of CRM, email, intranet, desktop support and system upgrades to help achieve their business goals.  I consulted in a variety of capacities such as marketing, video production and direct sourcing of promotional goods from China as well.

The partners at Straub and King had a new business idea they wanted to test market.  In under thirty days I created this new company's identity and all marketing materials including the content for the 2010 Financial Planners Association EXPO in California.

Straub and King is a top 100 producing financial planning firm for Securities America. - Business technology consultant. 

I worked with the company executives to redesign and add additional functionality to their website.  I  evaluated, selected and implemented an open source option to reduce cost.  I managed the integration with other aggregators and the off-shore development team. is a national recruiting company specializing in the hospitality industry.  Website includes employer job postings, resume postings, applying for jobs and third party job feeds. -Contracted.

virtual-e-fit is an on-line portal for personal trainers to market themselves and train and manage their clients.  I was responsible for delivering their website that included the necessary functionality such as individual trainer's online stores and customizable home pages, real time streaming video, interactive training log and trainer's resource area to make this possible.  I was responsible for all aspects of the project, including sourcing/managing the off-shore development team, graphics, developing specifications and launch of the site.  I saved the company $20,000 against other proposed vendors.

Rich Campe International -

  • Created an on-line value-based profiling system which included calculating scores, compiling results and automatically producing reports for download. 
  • Created an online community for training and collaboration for life coaches. 
  • Developed and conducted training programs for use and interpretation of the profiles.
  • Sourced talent and managed the conversion of a legacy Axiology based Clipper application to an online web based application used by over 10,000 people to date.
  • Produced on-line training videos using Camtasia Studio.

Capture the Champion Within - Developed marketing materials that included CD jackets, flyers, website, business cards, video samples of seminars, audio editing, logo development and video and audio streaming.

Rodeo Brazilian Restaurant -  Contracted. 

Managed the facilities for technology and communication needs during the build out phase of the restaurant.  Did the software selection for the POS and implemented it. Shot and produced the opening commercial. Created the opening PR campaign that brought 20 former NFL players to the grand opening.

Snyder and Associates - Contracted IT work.  Small accounting firm. Coordinated office relocation and managed the facilities for all the cabling, phones and technology to be installed. Installed and deployed Microsoft Small Business Server, Windows XP and Office 2000.


Director of Technology


Director of Technology (interim position during transition of company sale) Responsible for knowledge transfer of processes and operations to new organization. 



A $3.4 million information technology consulting company providing custom infrastructure and development solutions to West Michigan organizations. (Sold to ITS in 2001)

Operations Manager and Project Manager

Major Accomplishments

  • Developed, Learned and implemented proven project management methodologies for all corporate infrastructure and development projects procedures and deliverables for all team members to follow.
  • Developed and implemented proven project management methodologies and communication plan for off-shore company. This include development projects procedures and deliverables for all team members to follow. Implemented IP and streaming technology for communication to Russia and Croatia.
  • Lead internal teams and client project teams to successful outcomes.  Mentored and managed project management team.
  • Developed best practices surrounding the delivery of information technology projects for clients as well as business operations.
  • Developed corporate growth and strategy plans including budgets, staffing, marketing, sales and competitive analyses.

Project Samples

  • Bissell Inc. - Breakwater Project Manager - Responsible for development resources, timeline and project deliverables for E-commerce website redesign using Microsoft technology including IIS, SQL 2000 and Commerce Server 2002.
  • Softlux / CSC - Project Manager, - Responsible for project transition to best practices for remote development. Coordination of on and offshore resources.  This project location is out of state and is a web based back office system for the energy business.  The project team size is eight people with a total man hour budget of four thousand hours.
  • Pharmacia - Record tracking system for FDA requirements - Created team and lead team for project developed training plan for team on technologies and FDA regulation.  This application is used to track and maintain all documents used in tracking the cleaning process of equipment before a new batch of drugs is made. This project budgeted for one year and completed in eight months.
  • Herman Miller Inc.: Project Manager - Implemented help desk services for 2500 users in 12 locations.  This was a new department for Herman Miller that needed to be developed.
  • Herman Miller Inc.: Planning & Migration Executive Team Leader - Organized, sourced and  interviewed staff for implementation of all new hardware, Windows 95 and Office 95 for 2500 users across United States and Canada.  Included peripheral involvement in enterprise Netware to NT 4.0 server migration.
  • Steelcase Inc. Consulted in application architecture for dealer, vendor and supplier integration - Developed concept and details architecture for a method of better coordination and communication between the vendor, supplier and dealers. This project then was implemented by internal staff.
  • Breakwater Consulting - Lead team development and operations of architecture and application development teams that directed teams of large and small companies ranging in sizes from two people to 80.  Created professional career development plans for staff, defined organizational structure and implemented best practices program.


Server based software / OS
DotNetNuke framework for company portals - Advanced Microsoft SharePoint server - Intermediate Microsoft project server - Intermediate Microsoft IIS - Intermediate Microsoft server - Intermediate Microsoft SQL - Begainner  
Software Applications
The following software I have advanced experice in.   MS Project 97, 98, 2010 & Project Central Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7 Micorsoft Word Microsoft Excel Micosoft Power Point Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Visio Adobe Acrobat Adobe Photoshop Adobe Ultra Sony Vegas Pro Remote support tools - IP KVM      
Customer relationships
Reading the customer and understanding how to best “fit in” with the client to achieve the greatest benefit.   Having a great product or service does not secure your position with the client it is only part of the equation.  It is a question of adding value across multiple dimensions driving to intrinsic value mind space with your client.  This creates a unique position with the client that is not easily over turned.  If you want to know more about what is intrinsic value in a customer centric terms contact me.
Business analysis
Adding technology for the sake of some cool bells and whistles or moving the same process faster is not is often how company's choose a piece of technology for their business.  Good business analysis comes from the use of experienced business acumen and a solid understanding of technology and processes.  
Managing and staff development
People are your greatest asset!  Understanding how to manage, motivate and develop this asset is an art.  I add science and art to this process by combining the knowledge and skill I have learned though managing teams from different nationalities all over the world and assessing their thinking patterns, where they naturally spend their time thinking and where there highest engagement is.  Taking this information and tying it in to the vision and mission of the team to give them clarity, direction and team resonance like they have not seen before.
Positioning and market plans
Understating your position in the market and more importantly what your perceived position in the market is by your customers is very important. More often than not this is not always a match.  I use the science of Axiology to help understand better where your positioning in the market should be and does it resonate with our target market.
Business planning and development
On a regular basis I consult on business strategies, vision, mission and implantation to achieving long term goals.  


Over 22 years of senior level experience in business analysis, technology planning, solution architecting, managing and developing teams, business strategy, implementation and execution.

Prior to the sale of Breakwater to ITS Technologies in February 2001, I was the founder and CEO of Breakwater Consulting Group Inc., which has provided technology-based solutions for Fortune 2000 companies in the Michigan area since 1991.  The company had started as a one person firm and quickly expanded to one of the top five Microsoft solution providers in the state. This was achieved by creating solution frameworks leading to greater project definitions and better project control; creating a more efficient team. This also allowed the results of the project to be more measurable and enforced accountability.  The company provided higher end business services and solutions that were in the past left up to the big national firms.

Over my career I have had the opportunity to work with many companies ranging in size from fortune 500 to a twenty million dollar small company.  Over the course of twenty two years, I have developed teams that deployed award winning network and database design solutions recognized nationally and globally in 1998, 1999 and 2000.  My business and technology skills blended together have helped me create system solutions with a high return.  For this progress I was nominated for the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council which is a global council that advises Microsoft on product enhancements, marketing, placement and pricing of their products. Below is a list of some of the awards given to me by Microsoft:

» 1997 Best Small Business Solution

» 1999-1st place in US for best Windows NT Design                  

» 1999-2nd Place in US for best SQL 7.0 Design

» 2000-Finalist for Microsoft Solution of the Year

  North America

» 2000, 2001, 2002 PAC  

Executive Highlights
  • Produced exceptional company growth (60%), increased gross margin 15%, enhanced productivity and set new quality standards through proactive programs by implementing frameworks and methodologies as well as imaginative market positioning
  • Developed partnerships that provided synergy and value for both companies. This resulted in increased revenue and market share by 25% in 1997 in the area of Business Intelligence's and 55% in 1998. Messaging and EAI increased by 45% in 1998 and 1999 and commerce, 56% in 1999 and 2000 respectively
  • Designed and directed company's technology strategy with a multi-segment approach to the market
  • Developed off-shore relationships with top level companies and talent to improve expertise and service with a command center model saving customers an average of 35%-45% and increasing the company's profit margin an extra 10%. Current relationships are in Italy, Russia, India and Croatia
  • Reduced cost to companies by using proven business process optimization discovery
  • Delivery of facilitated sessions to break mental models and help teams create innovative solutions through the technology of Mind mapping, prospective changing drills, headline writing and story boarding techniques to name a few

Education and Development

My industry knowledge began with Apple Computers in the area of Media integration and prepress. I continued with major business systems with Hewlett Packard, 3-Com, IBM and Microsoft. I have also completed formal education classes with Michigan State University's Executive Development Program in the areas of Simplified Strategic Planning and Process Reengineering.

Featured in Publications


  • VAR Business Magazine September 1996
  • Selling Windows NT Solutions November 1998
  • IDC Analyze the Future - 2000


Grand Rapids Business Journal – July 1999, December 1999, July 2000, February 2000

Business Update – July 2000, May 2000

Grand Rapids Press – February 2000


Greg is currently living in the Greater Charlotte area and before that in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Woods believes in giving back to the community and he regularly participates in community based organizations. He has served or is serving in the following positions: Board Member - South East YMCA, Grand Rapids, MI; Board Member -ieConsulting, Inc., Atlanta, GA; Partner Advisory Council Member - Microsoft, Redmond, WA; Chairperson - Awanim USA Message Level Security Headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA and YMCA Charlotte.


Kelly Straub

Straub & King Retirement Planning is one of the top 100 performing firms offering services through Securities America Advisors Inc.  Straub & King Retirement Planning areas of focus are:  Retirement Income Planning, Wealth Management, Pension and 401 (k) rollover specialists.

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