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Work experience


Behavior Supervisor

Behavior Frontiers
  • Oversee ABA treatment programs for clients with autism and other special needs
  • Train Behavior Instructors and parents to implement ABA treatment programs
  • Work with professionals to develop behavior intervention plans
  • Conduct team meetings
  • Overlap with Behavior Instructors in all settings to ensure consistency and ensure client progress
  • Assess client’s treatment needs and write detailed goals and objectives to track and measure progress
  • Write progress reports to justify the needs of services
  • Attend IEP meetings with the family to present the client’s present level of performance
  • Conduct annual performance evaluations of Behavior Instructors
  • Recruit, interview, and train Behavior Instructors

Recovery Companion

Recovery Companion Services
  • Transition client from facility to home environment
  • Perform sweep of home environment to dispose of drugs and alcohol left in the home
  • Watch over "high-profile" clients for 24-hour periods that may be intoxicated, on suicide watch, or in the beginning stages of treatment with eating disorders, etc.
  • Assist clients to meetings and/or appointments
  • Maintain high level of confidentiality
  • Build rapport establish working relationship with client through trust and confidence
  • Model appropriate behavior through sober living and spiritual living through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Model appropriate fellowship behavior, if necessary and appropriate
  • Report daily events to supervisor through detailed note taking.
Sep 2009Feb 2012

Behavior Intervention Specialist

Monrovia Unified School District

·Consultation with teachers and district support professionals

·Provide support to paraprofessionals and instructional assistants

·Participate in IEP meetings

·Conduct specialized workshops and trainings

·Create individualized programs and modifications for individuals

·Conduct FAAs

·Communicate with and work cohesively with psychologists, inclusion specialists, and other DIS professionals

·Provide support and create strategies for teachers with students who exhibit extreme challenging behaviors

Jun 2008Jan 2010

Program Supervisor

Foothill Child Development Services
  • Oversaw client programs
  • Responsible for staff development, specifically creating professional developmental goals, completing competencies, and writing evaluation forms
  • Implemented and develop program materials for client programs, trainings, and workshops
  • Developed parent education program design including fidelity and parent ed binder
  • Communicated with staff and Program Director(s)
  • Wrote quarterly/bi-yearly progress reports
  • Attended and develop agendas for monthly and weekly staff development meetings
  • Managed all staff issues and concerns directly related to assigned cases and communicating to coordinator(s) and director(s)
  • Conducted FBAs and BIPs

Behavior Interventionist

Autism Spectrum Therapies

· Developed data sheets utilized for programming · Collected, maintain, and evaluated data on each child's progress on a daily basis · Performed various Functional Assessments, Behavior Intervention Plans, and implemented IEP goals · Developed programming goals individually implemented for each individual · Implemented data in excel and developed corresponding graphs · Wrote monthly summaries and quarterly progress reports submitted to regional centers · Performed a range of behavioral and educational methods (e.g., pivotal response training, DTT, PBS)


Program Supervisor

California PsychCare

· Assessed newly diagnosed autistic children · Developed and implemented personalized lesson plans and quarterly goals and generated  individualized progress reports · Provided support for therapists on discrete trail format, current lessons, and generalization of skills. · Developed and maintained programs for up to 18 children, while training and overseeing up to 25  therapists per week. · Generated all paperwork and reports and maintained files for each case. · Designed and implemented therapist training and performance evaluations


Program Supervisor

CBC Education

· Developed and implemented individualized game boards, social stories, behavior contracts and token  economy systems · Developed instructional materials, written activities, and supplementary visual aids including but not  limited to, behavior charts, behavior contracts, token reinforcement systems, picture activity schedules  picture choice boards, written Discrete Trial Programs, individualized journals, etc. · Utilized professional knowledge in Applied Behavioral Analysis, Discrete Trail Training, Early  Intervention, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. · Planned and conducted staff training, staff meetings, employee orientations, and general presentations  at various sites. · Provided consultation and training to consultants, families, educators, and allied specialists working  with developmentally disabled children, adolescents, and/or adult-dependents in the home, school, and  community setting.


Senior Behavior Therapist

Working With Autism

· Specialized in Discrete Trial Training · Implemented and obtained IEP goals for each case · Started and implemented new cases with beginning clients · Wrote monthly summary reports · Liaison between parent, team members, and supervisors · Attended IEPs and seminars/workshops · Implemented new strategies into each child's program; based on an individualized case · In-Home 1:1 intensive therapy and school shadowing including accompaniment to mainstream classes  as well as community and clinic settings


Behavioral Specialist

Early Strides

Worked with children with Autism and other pervasive developmental disorders using various methods including, but not limited to:

· Discrete Trial Teaching · PECS · Social Stories · School Shadowing · In-home 1:1 therapy


Apr 2012Jun 2013

Clinical Psychology

Antioch University



Non Violent Crisis Prevention Intervention


Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Board Certified Certification Board

Non Violent Crisis Prevention Intervention Trainer

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Prevention

School Emergency Response Trained

Monrovia Fire Department

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