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Professional Experience


XR Unity Game Designer and Developer | Owner

Founded rayBLAST in 2007, as an independent game studio that focused on Nintendo DS and Wii platforms. Pivoted to adopt mobile and  XR technologies within the context of game design and development.

  • Acting Immersive Designer, Creative Director, and Lead Technologist for all products and consulting work
  • Employment of modern immersive design and learning principles coupled with game dynamics/mechanics/systems to deliver engaging educational experiences for maximum knowledge retention
  • Continuously researching the latest trends in VR, AR, and MR
  • Provide business consultations for clients with XR product needs or clients building an XR development pipeline and/or teams
  • Experienced in development on multiple popular XR platforms: SteamVR (OpenVR), Oculus, Lumin SDK, Vuforia, RealWear
  • Specialization in development  and DCC tools such as Unity, Substance, Photoshop, Maya, 3DCoat, Marmoset Toolbag 3, Akeytsu, and Reason
  • Manage relationships with strategic vendor/partners such as Steam, Oculus, Magic Leap, Nintendo, Google, AWS, Microsoft, and Apple
  • Research and develop tools for XR experience integration such as xAPI plugins that support multiple LRSs, custom systems used to support and simulate specialized tools, streamlined tutorial managers with custom technical requirements
  • Constantly taking great lengths to cultivate imaginative/creative thinking for problem-solving
Aliya Financial Technologies


Responsible for leadership in developing the technology stack, and overseeing all technical aspects at Aliya. Worked with executive management to plan and execute technical direction. Responsible for defining the vision and strategy relative to technical implementation, managing internal technology roles and responsibilities, execution and delivering results to meet the company plan and goals set forth by the board. 

  • Established Aliya's technical direction and development
  • Developed and owned the company technology budget
  • Partnered with other company heads to advise on technology items and build cross-functional teams to achieve deliverables
  • Provided technical leadership in 3rd party vendor relationships including datacenter and cloud resources
  • Exercised leadership and management in setting up technology development and delivery infrastructure
  • Oversight of procedures and controls to enforce compliant SDLC
  • Worked with CISO and DevOps to ensure successful completion of SOC1 type I and SOC1 type II audits
  • Mentorship and coaching of staff as well as provide growth opportunities for my direct reports
  • Participated in strategic partnership meetings to explore and build new business opportunities with top Fintech companies
  • Led tech team to complete delivery and deployment of production-level UIL model for nation's 8th largest bank
  • Researched and prototyped blockchain smart contract solution for data assets
  • Architected and diagramed multiple iterations of data pipelines for connecting financial institutions and solutions
Aliya Financial Technologies

Senior Software Engineer

Worked with engineering leadership to design, develop and maintain software required to meet Aliya's business objectives. Performed many of the back office support tasks needed to facilitate the engineering team moving forward on tasks. All efforts always in alignment with the goals that were set forth by leadership.

  • Mobile application development (iOS, watchOS) using Swift and Objective C
  • Web application development using Angular (HTML5, JS, CSS3)
  • Breakdown and preparation of each feature as stories/tasks (real assignable chunks of work)
  • Organization of tasks and assignment to the proper development resource
  • Participate/facilitate Sprint Planning, Stand-ups, and administration of JIRA projects
  • Gather daily or semi-daily status on progress of the developers
  • Field questions from Product on status and features and provide technical knowledge when inquiries occur
  • Provide documentation, wireframes, instructions, one-on-one tutorials for those that need assistance with any technologies in line with developing or managing the production of software
  • Provision/purchase/setup developer software and/or development devices such as Macs, mobiles, etc.
  • Administration/organization of GitHub repositories
  • Administration of Apple iTunes Connect, TestFlight, and Apple Developer Portal for multiple iOS projects
  • Administration of Google Play store and Developer portal for Android projects
  • Orientation and onboarding of new developers and facilitate appropriate developer tool needs
  • Participate in meetings that directly affect timelines and development tasks
  • Code review and suggestions
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Software Engineer Firmware III

As a software engineer in HP's R&D group, I worked closely with my colleagues on multiple features that supported Hewlett Packard's flagship server edge solution products. This included Virtual Connect and HP OneView (Fusion) as well as internal research projects. 

  • Design and develop UI/UX  for industry leading server edge solution products
  • Define new product features and requirements
  • Participate in development planning, scheduling and software architecture
  • Participate in the inspection process for investigations, designs and implementations of key Virtual Connect features
  • Work closely with the other Virtual Connect engineers on new features and bug fixes for the UI of the Virtual Connect product
  • Using SCRUM, work with fellow feature team members in sprint planning, scheduling and software requirements, demos
  • Coordinate software development with the UX team Balsamiq mockups and requirements
  • Work closely with the other HP OneView engineers on new features and bug fixes for the UI of HP OneView features: UI code implementation, unit tests, code coverage, REST/JSON requirements
  • Architect and implement frontend UI/UX for prototype switch products
Buzz Points

Mobile Developer / Senior Engineer / Product Manager

Came on as the first official hire for Buzz Points when it was originally called fisoc, Inc. Quickly became a valued member of the core team of founders as the company pivoted away from its original inception and moved into a merchant offers solution for financial institutions. 

  • Designed and implemented native mobile client architecture in Objective-C
  • Implementation of Augmented Reality in original iOS app
  • Started as first official hire. Helped grow the fisoc product line from conception to completion through several rounds of funding
  • Worked directly with the CTO and Senior VP of Sales to make sure product requirements were vetted against stakeholder priorities
  • Responsible for product design and user experience across all product lines. Leveraged expertise in the gaming industry to create engaging user experiences for web and mobile.
  • Worked closely with the CTO while designing the frontend API layer utilizing technologies such as Spring.
  • Designed web app client architecture with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • Responsible for all JSON information architecture
  • Managed Apple submission process and app updates in iTunes Connect
  • Took concept and produced AR prototype in three days which led to closing a major series funding deal for fisoc
  • Directly contributed to the redesigns that improved user engagement 250%
  • Software patent: Speed and topology relevant dynamic geo search; US20140094197 A1
Game Industry Consultant

Game Developer / Web Developer

Worked as a consultant for multiple game industry clients utilizing my skills as a game developer, software engineer, graphic designer, and web developer.  This allowed me to apply game mechanics and game elements to educational products as well. 

Edioma, Inc.

  • Delivered high-end gamification concept/solution for Edioma’s edigo web B2B language training product line. This included such brand names as 7-Eleven and Movil sin Barreras.
  • Developed CBT version of the edigo web product based on 7-Eleven’s corporate requirements and specifications
  • Installed, managed, and extended numerous Drupal installations on development and production servers.

Hudson Entertainment

  • Worked directly with the Director of Marketing, Marketing Specialist, and Game Producers in fulfilling the requirements for game promotional websites
  • Developed website solutions for titles such as Bomberman Ultra, Deca Sports, Marble Saga Kororinpa, and Fishing Master World Tour
  • Responsible for delivering high-quality, engaging web banner ads using ActionScript developed according to multiple outlet specifications for titles such as Deca Sports, Alien Crush Returns, and Bomberman Ultra
  • Provided commercial quality graphical assets as needed
  • Notable Accomplishment: Worked closely with Director of Marketing and Graphic Designer to create the Deca Sports website for Deca Sports Wii which performed 15X over forecast, largest and most successful product launch in Hudson Entertainment’s company history

O3 Entertainment, Inc.

  • Worked directly with the CEO and Product Marketing Manager in establishing the requirements for game websites
  • Developed website solutions for titles such as Konductra, Chaos Wars, Tank Beat, Radio Allergy (Radirgy JPN), and Dark Light
  • Provided consultation on the best solutions for providing game content online
  • Designed all game print collateral, packaging and label design according to Nintendo and Sony Playstation specifications

Grind Games

  • Created concepts and finalized art assets for titles such as Heads Up Texas Hold’em, Heads Up Texas Hold’em 2, Grind Street Domino Network, and Cingular Shuffleboard
  • Detailed UX concepts for title, profile and play screens on multiple Java handset models such as Danger Incorporated’s Sidekick II and Sidekick III
  • Worked closely with the CEO to establish the requirements for character concepts and backgrounds


  • Created concepts and finalized art assets for Konductra (Nintendo DS) and working titles
  • Worked directly with Lead Game Designer to conceptualize and storyboard experimental gameplay for Wii


Conn-Selmer, Inc.

Art & Media Director / Senior Graphic Designer

Started as an on-staff Senior Graphic Designer for United Musical Instruments. Upon Steinway Musical Instruments acquisition of UMI, Bach Brass, a subsidiary of SMI, and UMI merged. Upon completion of the merger, I was promoted to the youngest Art Director in the company's history. 

  • Responsible for marketing and sales collateral such as product ads, brochures, multimedia presentations, and booth graphics.
  • Set the requirements for web development, and updates according to multiple product managers feedback
  • Managed and facilitated direction where applicable for in-house creative team
  • Managed contract photographer relationships with marketing department and directed product photography
  • Managed printer and production relationships for printed collateral
  • Managed equipment/software updates and submitted yearly requests for marketing department budget consideration
  • Worked with the VP of Marketing to develop a new instrument case for band instruments, listed as a co-inventor on patent US20060060060


Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Bachelors of Science in Game Art and Design

Core focus on game design theory and concepts. Practical application of theory while developing skills such as: 2d/3d asset creation, animation, character and environment concepts, etc. 

Van Buren Technology Center

Associates in Commercial and Advertising Art

Creation of commercially viable designs for use in advertising and promotion. Focus on core design concepts and graphical preparation for production.