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Marketing International Real Estate to Russians


Freelance Consultant in All Things Russian Available for Internet Marketing and Translation assignments in English and Russian

Marketing in Russian Internet * Marketing International Real Estate in Russia * Research in Russian Internet 

Bilingual English / Russian and bi-cultural North America / Russia experienced Consultant

Help for real estate professionals, small businesses, property owners and developers with problem solving in reaching Russian markets: language, Internet, cultural and business practices barriers

All work done remotely and delivered over the Internet worldwide

Experience in INTERNET MARKETING (in English and Russian):

  • Marketed real estate, translation and self-publishing services, books and e-books on the Internet
  • Used search engine optimization and promotion, paid advertising with Google AdWords, online press releases, reviews, blogs and also promotion on other people's websites
  • Researched companies, created and executed B-to-B email campaigns
  • Used Ebay and Amazon as promotion and selling tools


  • Started new companies in the USA and Canada
  • Launched new programs for established companies
  • Developed, maintained and promoted small business websites in English and Russian
  • Done everything from identifying a niche market opportunity to market research; from putting together a marketing plan to its implementation; from developing services and/or e-products to sales 

With R&D background in Science, performed research and completed reports on a broad variety of topics in Business and Industries, both in English and Russian. Some of the recent INTERNET RESEARCH topics are as follows: 

  • Selling international real estate in Russia
  • Russian business contacts and advertising in Russian media and Internet
  • Publishing and self-publishing; book marketing and promotion

English / Russian TRANSLATIONS are also the specialty:

  • Real estate
  • Technical
  • Legal
  • Business
  • General

Work experience


Consultant in All Things Russian

Online Freelancing Worldwide

Internet Marketing in Russian and English

Internet Research in Russian and English

English - Russian Translations


Management Consultant

O.K.International Connections

E-books and books self-publishing, Internet promotion and sales

Internet Marketing and Internet Research

English - Russian Translations


International Adoption Coordinator

Access Adoption Services

New Adoption from Ukraine Program development and promotion

Internet Marketing and Internet Research

English - Russian Translations

Real Estate Marketing E-Books by Olga Kellen

E-book *How to Sell Real Estate to Russians* by Olga Kellen

E-book *How to Sell Real Estate to Chinese* by Olga Kellen

Olga Kellen's Translation and Marketing Website

Real Estate Website (translated by Olga Kellen)

Real Estate Website (created by Olga Kellen)

YouTube Real Estate Video (created by Olga Kellen)


Diploma in Russian-English Translation

Odessa State School of Foreign Languages


Odessa State Polytechnic University

The best thing this school taught is analytical skills to successfully use in business consulting too


Website development and promotion
Developed websites (using templates) and wrote content in English and Russian for professional services and real estate for sale. Some samples are included here. Internet promotion in English and Russian too
English and Russian Writing
Published author of e-books, articles, newsletters, marketing and research reports, blogs, websites content, press releases and reviews, both in Russian and English
English - Russian Translation
Freelancing in English - Russian translation for 20+ years along with any other jobs ever held
Russian native speaker, University educated in Russian and knowing Russian culture from inside