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Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Consumer Collection Representative

JP Morgan Chase

Consumer Collection Representative

JP Morgan Chase

Successfully and dynamically interact with customers to ensure positive outcome for collections agreements; evaluate client finances, negotiate agreements, and follow through to ensure all requirements are met.

Apr 2005Sep 2005


J.J. Basics

Lent fresh creative perspective and expression to the overall design team and learned every facet of the design process—from concept to mass production and strategic retail placement and promotion. Under direction of the merchandiser, created fashion drawings using Adobe Illustrator. Trained in the practice of creating cutting patterns, draping garments, sewing and assembling clothing articles, creating accessories, mending and finishing garments. Commented new showroom samples for designers’ use, updated sales data in support of sales and marketing use, and prepared presentation boards and created color cards.

Jan 2005Apr 2005


Eva Blue

Trained with the Design team and obtained exposure to both creative and administrative functions. Obtained hands-on experience in all aspects of the design process, evaluated incoming imported and domestic apparel samples for quality, learned to prepare and update spec packages for each garment, and organized/helped maintain sample closets, boards, and development books. Strove to learn as much as possible in the time allotted—took the initiative in learning advanced level user skills in Illustrator/Photoshop and gained other industry generalities and specifics by volunteering for any kind of work on an as needed basis for both employees and the fashion executives.


Administrative Assistant

J.P. Morgan Chase

Directly assisted the Collection Representative III; provided accurate and prompt documents and reports, managed schedules and calendars, maintained records, and assisted on special projects. Consistently followed the Chase ‘Five Vision’ statements and earned a sterling reputation for achieving excellence.


May 2007Present

Bachelor of Science

Westwood College

The program combines an introduction to the global fashion industry, as well as

the basics of the design and creation of fashion items. In addition,

the program provides a solid foundation in critical business skills

necessary for a successful career in merchandising including

marketing, consumer behavior, retail management, and

contemporary business technology. The combination of business

courses, merchandising courses, and fashion courses, plus skills in

critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving, help

students become well prepared for contemporary workplace

challenges. The Fashion Merchandising Program helps prepare

students for entry-level positions in fashion merchandising such

as Assistant Fashion Buyer, Fashion Coordinator, Assistant Retail

Manager, Product Promoter, or Visual Merchandiser./

Courses taken so far highlighted in red

*A*APM300-OL Introduction to Business 3.0B+

PM312-OL Performance Management 3.0B-

*APM341-OL Marketing Principles 3.0A

*AP*APM311-OL Management Functions 3.0B-

M342-OL Marketing Functions 3.0A

*APM343-OL Advertising 3.0A

*APM381-OL Project Management 3.0A

*APM383-OL Change Management 3.0A-

*APM384-OL Managerial Decision-Making 3.0B+

*CA101-OL Computer Applications 3.0A-

*CA201-OL Advanced Business Software Applications 3.0A

*EBM100-OL Trends in E-Business 3.0

*FA100-OL Introduction to the Fashion Industry 3.0A

*FA110-OL Textiles 3.0A

*FA130-OL Trend Forecasting 3.0A

*FA200-OL Apparel Analysis 3.0A

*FA210-OL Wardrobe Consultation 3.0A-

*FA320-OL Fashion Product Development 3.0B

*FA380-OL Trends and Issues in the Fashion Industry 3.0A

*MCH120-OL Retail Management 3.0B

*MCH140-OL Visual Merchandising 3.0AAA

*MCH150-OL Retail Buying 3.0AAA

*MCH160-OL Fashion Advertising and Promotion 3.0B+

*MCH200-OL Fashion Event Planning 3.0B+

*MCH280-OL Portfolio Review 3.0

*MCH320-OL Fashion Merchandising Planning and Control I 3.0C

*MCH330-OL Fashion Merchandising Planning and Control II 3.0

*MCH350-OL Multicultural Retailing 3.0

*MCH400-OL Advanced Portfolio Review 7.0

MCH410-OL Fashion Merchandising Internship 3.0

*MCH490-OL Capstone Project in Fashion Merchandising 7.0

*MKT101-OL Marketing Management 3.0C+

*MKT201-OL Consumer Behavior 3.0B+

*MKT203-OL Internet Sales and Marketing 3.0B

*MKT204-OL International Sales and Marketing 3.0B-

*MKT205-OL Customer Service 3.0A

*MKT301-OL Marketing Research 3.0

*MKT305 –OL Professional Selling 3.0

*MTH150-OL Business Math 3.0

May 2007May 2011


Westwood College
Jan 2005Sep 2005


Xincon Technology

Topics covered vary based on students' experience and speed of learning but generally include Photoshop basics, Photoshop color, layer basics, selecting, compositing, history, adjustments, painting, layer effects, shapes, type, masks and filters. Time permitting, integration with web design will be demonstrated

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Basic

Creating Line Art with Photoshop Paths

Drawing with the Photoshop Pen Tool

Photoshop Paintbrush/Airbrush Brush Tool Tutorial

Basic Painting Techniques in Photoshop

Photoshop Color Management

Airbrushing, different effects and techniques pertaining to fashion designing and illustration

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Advanced

Photoshop Tutorial - Cutaway "Ghosting" Technique

Photoshop Tutorial - Ghosting with Layer Masks

Photoshop Tutorial - Ship Cutaway 2 - Color Work

All Photoshop Tutorials - Basic to Advanced

Sep 2002Sep 2004

Credited Certificate

Fashion Institute of Technology

The Competency-Based Certificate Program in Haute Couture caters to the segment of the fashion industry known as the women’s couture market. It provides an education that focuses on design and technology used in the manufacture of “made-to-measure” women’s clothing.

The program offers students the opportunity to enhance their skills in the following areas: couture sewing techniques and embellishments, couture garment construction, and couture design.

Students focus on:

  • Couture tools, supplies, and their applications
  • Couture Fabrics, interlinings, support materials, and trimmings
  • Couture decorative techniques and embellishments: beading, embroidery, trapunto, etc.
  • Couture construction technology: seams, hems, inner construction, and finishing techniques
  • Historical study of haute couture and current trends
  • Methods of measurement-taking and custom fitting
  • The study of muscular and skeletal functions of the human body
  • Figure analysis: differentiating various body types and proportions
  • Haute couture design and portfolio development
Sep 1994Jun 2002

AAS Fashion Design - Art

Fashion Institute of Technology

Enhanced fashion designing skills to learn patternmaking, draping silhouettes on form, fashion sketching and rendersing using dififerent media, computer patternmaking design, fundamentals of professional draping, patternmaking, and sewing techniques. You’ll master computer-aided design (CAD), and learn how to take a design from concept to finished garment. This singular program guides you to become not only a designer with your own creative vision, but a professional prepared to take your place in this challenging industry. fundamentals of professional draping, patternmaking, and sewing techniques. You’ll master computer-aided design (CAD), and learn how to take a design from concept to finished garment. This singular program guides you to become not only a designer with your own creative vision, but a professional prepared to take your place in this challenging industry. fashion education nurtures your creativity while providing a rigorous grounding in the practical and technical skills needed for career success, exposing you to the real demands and practices of the fashion world

Sep 1991Sep 1993

Credited Certificate

Katharine Gibbs

strong liberal arts curriculum where students can choose a specialization in accounting or marketing. The curriculum is a unique blend of traditional practices and modern concepts that can help prepare students to enter today's competitive business world. Plus, we teach advanced Business Administration techniques that cultivate critical thinking skills and incorporate those skills with the essential business and communication aptitudes any successful professional needs in the field.

The curriculum includes:

  • Business Ethics
  • Accounting/Finance Computer skills, typing. professional development, business law, economics, busness english, creative writing. longhand and teranscription


Dress Designing, Patternmaking, Draping. Figure Sketching and Rendering, Ballet, Modern Dance, Interior Designing, Color, Color, Color, Fabrics, Taking Long Walks on the Boardwalk at the Beach, Walking in the Water, Unusual Jewelry, Make-Up, Long Talks with a Trusted Friend and Relaxing, Antique Vintage Furniture, Vintage Clothes,  Peace, Alone, Reading Non-Fiction Books, Couture Sewing and Embellishments, Reading about Fashion Designers, StudyingTrends Water Color, Pastels, Painting on Fabrics and Sewing


Kevin Ade

Manager of Consumer Collection Department - handles complaints from customers, initiates meetings to update losses from accruing on banks portfolio


ØAn innovative, resourceful, self motivated, ambitious detail/deadline oriented professional with  excellent communication abilities. Highly skilled in design, technology and visual communication  skills with a strong sense and keen eye for business, fabric and color

ØExcel in performance through individual and group efforts. Open to new ideas with industry trends, forecasting, adaptability, flexibility and mobility

ØSuccessful experience co-creating innovative clothing lines that draw inspiration from various sources and use a range of fabrics; able to assemble and provide deep creative input on designs including fashion forward trends

I have progressive experience in dress designing with a strong passion for fashion, a keen eye for business, style, fabric and color, along with an understanding of style and business trends, retail management, textile marketing and product development. My strengths lie in communication, team building, negotiating and listening skills.

My background is supplemented by an AAS in Fashion Design, a credited certificate in Haute Couture, and Photoshop/Illustrator. I am currently pursuing my BS in Bsns Admin - Fashion Buying Merchandising with a strong desire to excel on the creative side of the retail or  fashion business



Flat Patternmaking Design
Used for patternmaking designing pertaining to fashion designing - knowledge of garment construction and layout, and grading, dart manipulations
Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop
Used for fashion design portfolios, air brushing, digital media, illustration and grahpic design, interior design effects
Windows 7 - PowerPoint
Used for art presentations, slideshows, pictures and other creative information
Windows 7 - Excel
Used for spreadsheets, mathematical percentaages,other mathematical data
Windows 7
Used for typing letters, memos, reports and projects and other useful media


Jan 2005Sep 2005

Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

Illustrator/:Photoshp for fashion Design and dIllustration
Sep 2002Sep 2004

haute couture

Progress in sewing expensive clothing, couture embellishments such as beading, sequins, seam and hem finishings, couture portfolio and designing from patternmaking to draping to sewing a completed garment
Sep 1991Sep 1993

Exec Secy/Admin Asst

Exec Assist and Admin Assist proficiency