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Work experience


Inhome Daycare

Child Care

In 2017 my husband and I decided we wanted to have another child and that we would like for me to be able to stay home so our children did not have to go to daycare.  After a lot of talking and planning I started my own business as an inhome daycare.  In 2017 once I got pregnant I decided my job at the bank would not be what was best for our growing family at the time.  My daycare has been successful and now that my youngest is almost  a year old it is time to get back to work.  My daily tasks for daycare were searching for families in need of care, promoting my business, and what I had to offer to those families in need.   Hosting interviews and walk throughs of my home.  Also meal and snack planning, hour tracking and billing, planning field trips and activities, and of course taking care of children ages 1-5.


Consumer Loan Officer

Marine Credit Union

As a Consumer Loan Officer at Marine Credit Union my daily tasks include but are not limited to... Solicit calls, collection calls, point person for handling delinquency accounts, taking over the phone applications as well as walk in applications, producing and writing loans, training new employees.

Marine Credit Union

Fond du Lac, WI 54935


Nov 2012Apr 2014

 Senior Member Service Representative

Marine Credit Union

As a Senior MSR at Marine Credit Union it was my job to make the member’s feel welcome and take care of their needs. When I would help members it may have been just  a simple transaction or a  problem resolution but I always double check my work to ensure I was meeting the members needs as well as making sure everything from the transaction to the documents were filled out correctly. I felt I could be counted on by my management team as well as my co-workers.   My leadership skills have grown significantly and my co-workers felt comfortable coming to me with questions and concerns.   I assisted my supervisor with various projects and responsibilities.   I handled a lot of different things such as deposit and lending legal, 30 day negative account list along with mailing out RTC’s, balancing the ATM, opening and closing the branch, teller transactions, being a vault custodian, opening accounts, calling on solicit lists and inactive lists as well as DQ lists to help out the lenders. I also went through Specialty Accounts Training.  One of my main priorities was cross selling products to our members. I did a good job at looking at the member’s needs and recommending products best suited for them as well as products that will benefit the company. I was also to build a great relationship with the members that I helped on a day to day or week to week basis.

Jul 2010Oct 2012

Assistant Store Manager

Pls Loan Store

As an assistant store manager at a loan store my job was to be professional, kind, calm, and firm.  I had to deal with all sorts of people and hear about many of their problems.  It was very important to follow our loan policy considering the company deals with a lot of money and a lot of different people.  I had to verify customer's information such as social security number, date of birth, phone number, employment, bankruptcy, and residency.  Part of completing these tasks included copying identification cards, pay stubs, and bank statements.  I also had to work on the computer alot.  All of the information we had needed to be entered into the systems correctly.  I also had to learn how to use the main system the company uses to store information, and set up loans.  Part of my daily routine there was counting money, making courtesy calls to customers reminding them of their due dates, calling past due customers that were in bad standings with the company, issueing loans, putting files together, filling paperwork, dealing with upset, and hostile customers, keeping track of dailey numbers, simple math skills,  inspect vehicles, add and remove liens on vehicles, prepare and send right to cures and repo orders on vehicles, handle surrenderd vehicles, call banks verify funds on checks we held in collateral, cash past due customers checks, and also deposit nightly cash and checks.  This was a job where you definately needed to know how to handle customers in difficult moods, and still remain calm and firm.  I also had to do marketing for this job.  I have marketed with doorhangers which is where I would walk around the city going door to door hanging door hangers, pull tabs which is where I would go to certain businesses such as gas stations and laundry mats to hang up flyers on the bullitin boards, inactive calls which is where I would call past pls customers and thank them for their past business with us and offer them a percentage off their next loan fee if they would come and take out another loan, and they also have costumes which I would dress up in and stand by the road, wave, and hold signs to try to bring potential customers into the store.  This job was big about selling loans you have to know how to word things right to make the customer happy and willing to try out the new product (loan). The trick to gaining accounts is making every product sound like a great opportunity. Also a huge part of my job as the assistant manager was to assist my manager with her job duties.  Those included but were not limited to file audits, approving loans, resolving issues within the store,  reprimanding employees when needed, being in charge when my manager was gone, running errands for the store such as taking the deposits to the bank, and helping with charts that kept track of our budget and our profit or losses.  The job was a huge responsibility and I enjoyed it very much!

Pls Loan Store

566 North Rolling Meadows Drive

Fond du Lac, WI


Aug 2008Jul 2010

Customer Service


I was employed at Subway since August 26, 2008 to July 2010.  During my time there I had been trained in many aspects of the business, they include but are not limited to; opening and closing the store, customer service, and money handling.  I was one of the highest trained employees because my schedule is flexible allowing me to work many hours with multiple job responsibilities.  I am reliable in every aspect so a lot of the time I took care of the big party orders when I was there.  My attendance was excellent and I know that this is very important to the business.  I also was always on time and had never been late.  Additionally, I have never gotten a customer complaint.  I am kind to everyone and keep customers coming back.  All of the regulars called me by name as do I them.  I believe it's very important to make my customers happy while staying within the guidelines that are provided.  They always leave with their order along with a smile on their face.

Subway Information

377 North Rolling Meadows Drive Fond Du Lac, WI 54937-9726

Phone Number: (920) 921-2322

District Manager (Amy Schmitz): (920) 229-9929


Sep 2006Jun 2010

Laconia High School

I  graduated from Laconia High School on June 6, 2010.  I was a B average student.  I did very well in my classes.  In my last year of high school I had taken three college courses through Moraine Park Technical College.  They are Medical Terminology, Exploring Health Careers, and Guiding Children's Behavior.  All these classes I have taken at my high school through a distance learning lab.  I hope to further my schooling at Moraine Park Technical College in healthcare, possibly a medical assistant or pharmisist.  Although I haven't been in any sports throughout high school or any other extra curricular activities I have been in a publishing communications class where I had to design and put together the school newspaper, which takes a lot of time and dedication.  In this class I, also along with fellow classmates designed and put together the school yearbook.  I had been in that class since my junior year which is the year you are able to start the class.  I had also participated in the Volunteer Day that our school sets up throughout three communities, which are Brandon, Rosendale, and Eldorado.  My teachers and family are very proud of the fact that I have been living on my own for about 2 years, and still managed to get to school everyday, do well, work a part time job and move onto a full time job, and also plan for my future success.

 High School Information                                   301 West Division Street

(920) 872-2161

                                                                         Rosendale, WI 54974-9640



Efficiency is one of the number one skills required in any  job field.  My ability to learn, do the job, and be accountable would be an asset to any company I would work for in the future.


Danielle Hettenhaus


 Ashley Ortega


 Clarissa Mondl



My number one interest is helping people any way that I can.  I'm very interested in healthcare and customer service.