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To obtain a position within your organization that can utilize my event planning, photography, and writing skills.


Eric Collins is on the hunt, and he's hungry!  This economy is not going to fix itself so it is for the best I get out there and help make my mark.  Over the years I have developed many valuable job skills and even interject my personal hobbies and interest into my work.  I've been an active creative writer since high school and both a proffessional photographer and a starving artist.  Buisness skills alone will only get you so far, having strong creative skills intergrated with them makes for a powerful employee. 

Never one to watch TV but a huge fan of cinema and reading where I strive to read a new book every week.  I also keep my writing skills sharp with extensive creative writing and essay writing.  As a musician I know the importance of rhythm and tempo and how to keep the work flowing with precision and timing.  I know that a good photograph appeals to more than just our sense of sight and that any job or task is really a work of art, combining the necessity of good buisness with the personal touch of a true artist.

My fields of interest include: reading, creative writing, technical writing, photography, event planning, website design, logo design, marketing, promotions, green science, astronomy, cooking and bike riding.

Work experience

Jun 2002Present

Event Supervisor/Audio Engineer

World Guitar Congress

The First World Guitar Congress took place in 2004 at Towson University following the success of the World Violin Congress.  We set out to showcase the leading guitar players from all genres of music to do lessons, lectures, concerts and open jam sessions.  We brought in the best from around the world.

My duties during this two week festival were to set up the audio and video for the various 'classrooms' we set up for the artist.  I also was there to assist the event staff when needed.  With an army of engineers working with me we set up the festival, ran the sound and video, and helped tear it all down at the end.  This meant having to cater to the precise ears of true proffesional audiophiles and make sure everything went off without a hitch, which of course, it did.

May 2004Present

Grip/Second Audio

Horse Racing Television

The Preakness is not only a Maryland tradition but a National tradition, holding the second spot in the coveted Triple Crown.  I was contracted as a grip and an audio engineer for the second camera man.  HRTV filmed every race that day except, due to contract, the running of the Preakness itself.  This week long set up meant running miles of cables around the Pimlico Race Track and setting up audio for live broadcast, where mistakes are not an option.  Working under pressure and constantly traveling the grounds with camera men and setting up live broadcast microphones all while avoiding stepping in what the horses left behind is quite the challenge.  My team met it head on and helped continue the fine tradition of Maryland horse racing.

May 2008Present

Sales Associate


Music-Go-Round is a music instrument retailer for new and used music gear.  We buy, sell and trade every kind of instrument you can imagine, and i better be able to play a little of every one to show them off to customers.  I work here one day a week, Sundays, mainly for fun.  Playing music is a special hobby of mine and my best friends from college work there full time.  I would hang out there every Sunday with my friends until I just became absorbed into the staff.  A great way to stay in touch with the Baltimore music scene and have some fun doing what I love. 

We operate multiple eBay auctions and keep our website up to date with all the new products that come through the door.  This is a responsiblity that we share amoungst our staff.  We are friends and a family of sort.  I help put the right instrument in the right hands for both proffessionals and kids ready to pick up their first guitar.  We also replair instruments in house and various accessories such as amplifiers and P.A. systems.  Having the knowledge of working with electronics this is a fun extension of being able to keep my technical skills sharp.  Both a rewarding and challeging job I look forward to going to every single week.

Jul 2005Feb 2010


Gramophone, Ltd.

Gramophone is a high end, luxery audio video company specializing in hi-fi audio systems, home theaters, audio distribution, and home automation with lighting control.  We provided customers with the tools and guidance to help take the stress off designing, planning and using your new home systems.  We were consistantly rated in the top ten retailers in our field for years on a national level. 

I was a technician.  It was my job with wear many hats in the company working with interior designers, architects, contractors and of course the customer's and their familes.  From being active on construction sites running wires and cables, retrofitting new technology into existing homes, programming the software for ease of use of our systems and explaining all aspects of complicated electronics in plain, technical free language. 

I further developed extensive multi-tasking skills and had the great opprotunity to work in the field as well as in the office.  From start to finish of new home contruction to simple living room surround sound systems I was part of the entire process.  Working with only the best electronic audio and video gear available wasn't too bad either.

Sep 2003Dec 2005

Production Manager

The Funkbox/The 8x10 (current name)

The 8x10 has a long and proud tradition in the Balitmore live music scene, hosting some of the biggest bands in music history.  In 2003 the old club was in bad need of a new, revamped image.  A new owner ushered in the new era, remolding the entire club, updating the whole space and changing the name to The Funkbox.  For the first two years under the new image The Funkbox was rated the best music club in Baltimore by the Citypaper and AOL.

I was the production manager.  Simply put it was my job to make sure there was a concert and a party every night of the week.  Sounds simple right?  There is more that goes into putting on a concert than one might think.  The music industry is a complex and deeply guarded industry with more contracts than I ever thought could exist.  However, nothing compared to the fast paced, never ending behind the scenes of a rock show.

It was my job to follow behind the promoter who would seek out and book bands and artists.  After that I took over.  Contacting agents and road managers verifing contracts and riders.  Setting up advance ticket sale and fully operating TicketMaster services.  I had to set up hotel reservations (try doing that when the Yankees or the Steelers are in town) dinner reservations, account for bands riders and hospitality and handling all aspects of service for the band including the part they liked best, when they got paid. 

Down on the show floor I had to make sure the bars were inventoried and stocked for the shows, making sure cusotmer services were ready to go, instructing the staff, training new employess and making the shows run as smooth as possible.

I also kept the website up to date, handled the mailing lists, our street team of advertisers and ticket sales for every show TicketMaster held in the mid-Atlantic area.  When I did my job correctly no one in the audience would ever know the preperation and planning that went into every single show, every single day, a seemless transition from doors open to doors closed for the night.  And when my day could start at 9AM and go until 4AM the next day, I was always glad there was a couch upstairs.

Apr 1999May 2004


Allen Polanski Photography

Allen Polanski was one to Balitmore's top proffesional commercial photographers for years.  It was a great priviledge to work with him.  At the time I was fully involved with being a proffesional photographer.  Allen took me under his wing as an assitant and I worked with him until I was able to do shoots alone.

We photographed all sorts of subject matter, from local newscaster, sport teams, commerical presentations and products for catalogs.  This was just before digital photography took over and the last of film's glorry days.  With calm hands and a keen eye for 'the shot' I helped Allen continue his high quality of proffessional photography in the Baltimore and DC area.  This covered every aspect of photography from setting up lights to working with models. 

Jan 2000Aug 2000

Sales Associate

Service Photo

Service Photo still continues to be Baltimore's number one proffesional camera retailer.  I was a sales associate having to work with artist, proffessionals, students and just avid fans of photography.  I was just getting into photography and I thought working with the gear was a great way to jump right into it.  This made me familiar with all types of film formats, digital, and video gear.  We also provided the know how and advice that made Service Photo the place to not only buy your gear but also get the information you needed to get the shot you wanted.

May 2003Aug 2000


Schneider's Paint and Hardware

To say I was a manager is an inside joke, there were only three employees, my grandfather, my uncle and myself.  My younger cousin came to work in the family buisness and I helped train him, which is how I earned my title of manager, thanks Uncle Jeff, looks great on a resume.

Schneider's Hardware is a hardware store in Rolland Park and has been in our family since the doors opened in 1896!  I was the fifth generation to work in the store, which started as a butcher, then a grovery store and after WWII my great grandfather, a carpenter by trade, turned it into a hardware store where it still operates to this day. 

No bigger than a 7-11 and housed in the basement of an old Roland Park home we served the neighborhoods hardware need one problem at a time.  This was the start of my buisness training and I was trained by the best.  Not only did I have to be familiar with every product we sold but I also had to know how to use them to best explain to our customers how to solve their home improvement needs.  This also allowed me to develop problem solving skills, hard to do when most customer's don't really know how to explain their problems to begin with.  If you have noticed that I have consistantly worked for buisnesses rated number one in Baltimore, it all started her, where tradition and customer service and loyalty is more important than anything else.


Sep 1997May 2003

Bachelor of Science

Towson University



Avid Video Editing
Project Managment
Microsoft Office
Adobe Dreamweaver CS2
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Linux Ubuntu
Windows XP
Mac OS


CEDIA Level 1