Top-notch educator seeking to turn 10 years of experience in the field of education into a career which combines my knowledge of Child Development, experience teaching young children and ability to connect with and inspire current and future educators.

Professional Profile:

  • Adaptable and flexible in all aspects of my work. I have planned and presented material for educational professionals, switched to a different classroom midyear at my supervisor's request in order to assist in classroom management, and transitioned to a solo lead teaching position midyear due to budgetary constraints.
  • Attention to detail enables me to be the "go-to" person in current and previous employment for proofreading documents, checking wording and grammar and suggesting style, format and content changes in written documents.
  • Praised by supervisors for calm demeanor and ability to handle stressful situations with a level head and a smile.
  • Built a trusting and beneficial relationship with a wide variety of people due to daily interactions with coworkers, classroom parents, teachers at all levels, and various presenters and collaborators. Praised for my ability to work harmoniously with people of vastly different personalities and teaching styles.
  • Advanced computer skills, including but not limited to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher. Also skilled with Adobe Photoshop Elements, online research, and writing for the web.


1996 - 2000

Bachelor's Degree

Colby Sawyer College
1992 - 1996


Lawrence High School

Work experience

Work experience


§          Ghostwriter of two full-length fiction novel manuscripts. Outlined and wrote drafts based on materials from client sent through email as the client was based in Hong Kong. Client's enthusiasm led to the immediate hire for a second project.

§          Contributed blog posts on writing, scrapbooking and photography.

§          Freelance Contributer at Wrote frequent articles and blog posts for the website's Primary School section. Topics included classroom issues, nutrition and health.

§          Created brochures and flyers for local business and nonprofit organizations.

TEACHER- WACD, Inc (2006-present) and China primary school, 2001 - 2002

§          Developed and organized weekly lessons, wrote classroom and center newsletters, wrote summary reports on each child, designed and formatted various student screening and behavior plans.

  • While employed at China Primary School, helped update and revise school curriculum to align with Maine Learning Results standards.


  • Designed, edited and contributed to the Maine-ly Teachers Newsletter and all teacher recruitment and teacher education materials at the Maine Nutrition Network, a non-profit organization.
  • Planned and implemented presentations and coordinating materials to elementary and middle school teachers (preK-8) at Maine-ly Nutrition teacher trainings.

§          Created the MNN brochure and led a field test at the MNN annual meeting. Edited, created and formatted newsletters, recruitment letters and informational publications. Formatted, edited and provided creative input to the completion of ten "Internet Kits."