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Unsolicited Kudos for my Work

What an incredible speaker you found! He was wonderful, insightful, humerous and provided us w/ his great wisdom! Thank you for helping to make the Convocation a really special day for everyone. We are very fortunate to have you in this new position.

~Diane Marabella - Vice President of Student Services, Reading Area Community College (8/24/2004)

Thanks for a great training. I feel very comfortable going into fall term. I can't wait to begin using all the technology! ...Again, thanks so much for all your effort in preparation of materials, handouts, and your really at-ease laid-back teaching style.

~Sharon Allen - Instructor, Biological Sciences, Reading Area Community College (8/26/2004)

I just wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreaciate all the work you did to put together an excellent week of activities for all of us...The activities and workshops are relevant and apply to all of us.

~Lucia Torchia-Thompson - Instructor, Social Sciences, Reading Area Community College (9/16/2004)

I did want to tell you that I found your training and all your correspondence refreshing! It's great to see someone following an instructional design approach to teaching and learning.

~Kristine Marino - Instructor, Educational Technology, Reading Area Community College (9/29/2004)

You are TOO AWESOME and I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all you do.

~Jo Ann Rawley - Instructor, Business, Reading Area Community College (3/17/2005)

Please let me reiterate what a complete pleasure and delight it was to collaborate with Inez Whipple on the TaskStream Training CD. We finished up the project today... Inez was professional, helpful and highly responsive to the nuances that are so critical in producing a high quality product for students. Every student in the Post Degree Teaching Certification Program will benefit from her efforts and expertise.

~Mary C. Bero - Assistant Program Manager, Teacher Education, Pima Community College (12/8/2006)

You make it a pleasure to get things accomplished.

~Andrea Henderson - Department Chairperson, Early Childhood Education, Pima Community College (12/13/2007)

Thanks for a great start to my WebCT training.

~Laura Pouge - WebCT 151 participant, Pima Community College (3/4/2007)

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to grow professionally through this experience! You have been a good mentor.

~Kathy Steele - Instructor, Early Childhood Education, Pima Community College (8/1/2008)

Below is just one of a number of emails and/or phone calls I’ve received recently from adjunct instructors citing the assistance you’ve provided as we’ve moved into Blackboard. I believe the “She rocks!” exclamation in this one is worth sharing. Thanks for all the help, Inez.

~Michael E. Schuetze M.Ed. - Program Coordinator, Teacher Education, Pima Community College (2/6/ 2009)

EDU 287 is going great and I absolutely LOVE Blackboard. I had a few little issues but Inez Whipple helped me straighten them out. She rocks!

~Frances Acosta, Instructor, Teacher Education, Pima Community College (2/6/2009)

I have Inez on speed-dial! I'm going to have to send that woman roses or something! She's been a godsend!

~Dianne Turausky, Instructor, Teacher Education, Pima Community College (2/11/2009)

You truly are my Blackboard Goddess. Thank you so much!!!

~Rebecca Cohen, Instructor, Teacher Education, Pima Community College (11/5/2009)

Doing this training was truly a college effort. I would like to thank everyone associated with this training, all the VPIs who got the word out to faculty for us, Kirk Kelly’s staff who worked with us to develop the training and many thanks to Inez Whipple from CC CLT who was invaluable to training development and who volunteered to be one of our trainers. I especially thank the Title V Team who worked long and hard to put this together and a special thanks to Kim Diezel of Title V who really did the lion’s share of the development work and drove the training process.

~Kimlisa Duchicela, Title V Director - DTC, Pima Community College (1/14/2010)

You are as kind as you are professional. Neither HRS 101 nor HRS 102 would be what they are today were it not for your considerable efforts and expertise. Thanks ever so much!

~Ernie Chacon, Adjunct Faculty - Pima Community College (1/19/2010)

I have to agree with you on how much fun and how academically rewarding working together on this course has been. First, you are a complete joy and delight to work with; you are so focused and responsive and insightful as well as a delightful person.  Second, I was a little scared about doing this course since I really hadn't enjoyed it the first time I taught it (last fall), but having this semester to organize my thoughts about it, do additional research, and work with you and Dan on putting it into a really meaningful form has been a totally positive experience for me and has shown me that this IS material I find interesting. Third, I feel like we are creating a package that will be really interesting and exciting for students, who tend to find this material boring, so I feel like we have created something that will really benefit our students' educational experience, and I know it will be great fun to teach it. If we could ever have the opportunity to work together again, I'd love it!

~Lynn Saul, Adjunct Faculty - Pima Community College (5/11/ 2010)

Our heartfelt thanks for (sic) CLT and Inez for making this happen. You have helped us achieve one of our grant objectives!! Thanks!

~Ted A. Rousch, Vice President of Instruction - Desert Vista Campus - Pima Community College (7/20/ 2010)

I have very much enjoyed this course and appreciate the time and effort you have put into it. Out of all of my online classes, this one has by far been the best designed, and most user-friendly and interactive.

~Anonymous Pre-calculus Student email, Pima Community College (11/17/ 2010)

I so much appreciate your time and expertise today in working with all the partner institution representatives! Jana had said that you all would drive this process, and now I see why! You were so patient and helpful in guiding Working Group members along, and I don’t think we would have progressed as far as we did without you there!

~Dona Kerlin, M.Ed., Program Manager, FRC-TEC Grant, Florida State College at Jacksonville (5/17/ 2012)

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed working on the MAN2125 development and I appreciate Inez's input as a resource. You definitely made the process smooth, without any bumps in the road. You were a complete joy to work with and I appreciate all of your patience and feedback throughout the process.

~Shirley Learn, Adjunct Faculty, Florida State College at Jacksonville (7/21/ 2013)

A Half Dozen Course Examples

Below are just a few examples of courses I worked on that show my improving ability to design rigorous, interactive, and engaging course materials. These courses were all developed as part of the design team. A subject matter expert (SME), usually a faculty member, delivered the content and assisted me with developing the organization of the course. A graphic designer created the graphics and selected the color scheme of the course. I acted as project manager for each course and oversaw all aspects the design process from idea to launch, including but not limited to, managing the time line, collection of deliverables, assuring adherence to our quality standards (including copyright and accessibility standards), and being responsible for timely completion. Examples of courses I've developed:

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Experienced instructional designer with extensive knowledge of instructional design systems, course management systems, online educational programs, and other types of instructional software for course and program design. Provides quality professional development for educational staff and faculty. Experienced in design, development, implementation and teaching traditional, hybrid and online courses.

  • Committed to student and faculty satisfaction
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Clear communication and excellent customer service skills
  • The ability to solve problems and work in a team environment
  • A willingness to meet and exceed expectations
  • Can lead or follow with ease

A Dozen Work Samples