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Ben Oshyer

Major Shutdowns Planning Leader


A dedicated and results oriented maintenance professional with proven abilities in strategic maintenance and production planning, project management, process improvement and change management across a number of industries including mining, manufacturing and power generation.

Areas of expertise

             Maintenance Management                                                        Systems Development

             Project Management                                                                  Data Analysis

             Strategic Planning, Scheduling & Analysis                                Change Management

             Cost control / Reduction                                                             Incident & Failure Investigation

             Process Auditing, Improvement & Risk Mitigation                   Resource & Contractor Management

Key Skills Assessment

Maintenance Management - Experienced in design, implementation, monitoring and auditing of maintenance and reliability systems and strategies to increase operational efficiencies, reduce overall costs and align the business for future success.  

Strategic Planning, Scheduling & Analysis - Expertise in managing the maintenance and production requirements and  interactions of the business unit, to ensure operational objectives are successfully achieved within the required time frames.

Process Improvement, Auditing & Risk Mitigation - Devised and implemented processes, procedures, systems and internal controls to strengthen operations, increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction, using proven Six Sigma and Kepner Tregoe methodologies.

Incident & Failure Investigation - Skilled in facilitating and leading incident investigations (ICAM, RCA, FMEA, PA, HAZOP) to determine root cause of issue and develop and implement adequate controls.

Data Analysis - Skilled at interpretation and interrogation of data utilising MS Excel and Minitab, with expertise in development of easily distibutable reporting systems in MS Excel formats utilising Visual Basic for Applications.

Work History

Sep 2017Present

Major Shutdowns Planning Leader

SIMEC Mining

As described below (Change of business ownership)

Dec 2017Aug 2018

Project Execution Leader - Secondment

SIMEC Mining

Providing leadership, support and governance to site resources to ensure planning and scheduling of Daily Maintenance and Major Shutdowns occur in accordance with plant needs and business objectives at the Minerals Processing Pelletising Plant. This involves:

  • Management and execution of Plant and Process Improvement Projects from concept to commissioning, including:
    • Technical Review and Support to Third Party projects being executed on site.
  • Management of Planning activities for Daily Maintenance Execution, including:
    • Leadership and support to Onsite Planning & Stores Resources.
    • Governance of plant asset strategy planning for execution.
    • SAP Master data support.
    • Development and Support of contracts for regular maintenance tasks.
  • Management of Planning activities for Major Shutdown Execution, including:
    • Leadership and Planning support to Shutdown Planning Resources.
    • Development and governance of Major Shutdown asset and execution strategies.
    • Review and approval of proposed Major Shutdown activities to ensure alignment with safety, environment and business requirements.
    • Development, management and reporting of Major Shutdown Budget spend.
Apr 2015Aug 2017

Major Shutdowns Planning Leader

Arrium Mining

Providing systems, governance and support to site resources to ensure planning and scheduling of Major Shutdowns occurs in accordance with plant needs and business objectives across the Minerals Processing sites. This involves:

  • Development of Planning Systems for Major Shutdown Execution, including:
    • Safety and Environmental Systems
    • Cost Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Quality Systems
    • Major Shutdown Body of Knowledge (Central Online Library)
  • Development and review of Execution Strategies (Duration & Frequency).
  • Development of Resourcing Strategies.
  • Development of Reporting Systems.
  • Development of Scopes of Work for execution.
  • Review and Development of Asset Strategies.
  • Mentoring and On the Job training of resources to deliver strategic outcomes.
  • Systems Governance & Auditing.
  • Master Scheduling including RDRU & CHOTO.
  • Procurement of Services and Tendering Scopes of Work.
  • Procurement and Cataloguing of Spares and Components.

The role has responsibility across the following sites:

April 2015 - Current:

  • Magnetite Pelletising Plant (Whyalla) - Current

April 2015 - December 2015:

  • Fixed Plant Crusher (Southern Middleback Ranges)
  • Magnetite Concentrator (Southern Middleback Ranges) 
  • Ore Beneficiation Plant (Southern Middleback Ranges)
Feb 2014Mar 2015

Readiness To Operate (RTO) Manager - Iron Queen

Arrium Mining

Developing systems and capabilities that supported the core values of Safety and Customer for the Iron Queen Operations. This included encompassing operations, process & maintenance with regard to Mining and Crushing & Screening throughout design and implementation of the project. This involved:

  • Safety, Environment & Operational Security Planning, Management and Auditing.
  • Integration of Iron Queen Operations into the Iron Baron Process.
  • Assisting Iron Baron Manager with operational budget forecasts.
  • Operational Mining and Crushing & Screening Contracts Review.
  • Development, Risk Mitigation and Communication of RTO Systems Requirements.
  • Interdepartmental Resource & Contractor Management to deliver requirements of the RTO function.
  • Review and Auditing Contractor Operational and Maintenance Strategies (MTEC).
  • Mentoring of Internal Resources & Contractors with regard to Company Operational and Safety Standards.
Jun 2013Feb 2014

Planning Leader - Iron Baron

Arrium Mining

Overall scheduling and execution of maintenance and production by the Planning Team in accordance with plant needs and business objectives. This involved:

  • Safety, Environment & Operational Security Planning, Management and Auditing.
  • OBP Production Management and integration of Maintenance functions to deliver the business objective.
  • Development of Maintenance Budgets and Forecasts.
  • Maintenance Management & Optimisation.
  • Project Management of short term Continuous Improvement projects.
  • Execution of Continuous Improvement Processes and Projects.
  • Review of Condition Monitoring information & reports. 
  • Conduct RCA, FMEA and ICAM investigations on Operational and Maintenance failures, incidents and processes.
  • Site SAP Key User.
  • Internal Resource & Contractor Management
  • Mentoring of Internal Resources & Contractors
  • Hazardous Substances Management
  • Radiation Systems Management
  • Procurement of Services and Tendering Scopes of Work.
  • Procurement and Cataloguing of Spares and Components.
Mar 2012Jun 2013

Planning Coordinator - Iron Baron

Arrium Mining

Scheduling of maintenance activities in accordance with plant needs and business objectives. This involved:

  • Safety & Environment Security Planning and Management.
  • Development of Maintenance Budgets and Forecasts.
  • Maintenance Management & Optimisation.
  • Project Management of short term Continuous Improvement projects.
  • Execution of Continuous Improvement Processes and Projects.
  • Review of Condition Monitoring information & reports. 
  • Site SAP Key User.
  • Resource & Contractor Management.
  • Mentoring of Internal Resources & Contractors with regard to Company Operational and Safety Standards.
  • Radiation Systems Management.
  • Procurement of Services and Tendering Scopes of Work.
  • Procurement and Cataloguing of Spares and Components.
Nov 2011Mar 2015

Radiation Safety Officer - Iron Baron

Arrium Mining

Safety and security of radioactive sources and equipment on the Iron Baron site. This involved:

  • Radiation Safety, Security & Administration.
  • Development and Administration of Radiation Management Plans and System.
  • Isolation & Maintenance of Fixed Nucleonic Gauge Installations.
  • Transport & Handling of Radioactive Substances.
  • Operation of Handheld XRF Apparatus.
Jul 2011Feb 2012

Planning Coordinator - Iron Baron RTO (MTEC)

Arrium Mining

Development and Delivery of Opearational and Maintenance Asset Strategies and Readiness to Operate(RTO) Activities for the Major Greenfield Project. This involved:

  • Planning and Execution of MTEC Activities (Manuals, Training, Equipment & Commissioning) for the Iron Baron Site.
  • Development and Review of Mechanical, Electrical, High Voltage & Condition Monitoring Asset Strategies.
  • Spares Holding Setup and Management.
  • Development and Deployment of Operational and Maintenance Safety Systems.
  • Site & Equipment Setup for Maintenance and Operations Execution.
  • Onboarding of Maintenance Personnel in Safety, Operations and Maintenance Expectations.
  • Development of Maintenance Budgets and Forecasts.

Overhaul Planning Coordinator

CS Energy


Control Systems Technician

CS Energy

Shift Electrician

Newmont Mining Corporation

Chef de Partie

Galway Taverns

Apprentice Electrical & Instrumentation Fitter

CSR Sugar


Mar 2018Mar 2018

CareFactor - Safety Leadership Program

Gyst Consulting

The Psychology of Effective Safety Leadership - Two Day Leaders Program

Oct 2017Oct 2017

Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card)

  • CPCCOHS1001A - Work Safely in the Construction Industry
Nov 2016Nov 2016

Workplace Health & Safety Representative - Year 1

Business SA

Five day course covering:

  • Understand and apply Work Health and Safety (WHS) Legislation.
  • Represent the workgroup and raise issues with management.
  • Define workplace safety responsibilities.
  • Role of Health and Safety Representatives (HSR).
  • Apply Risk Management to workplace hazards.
  • Identify sources of safety information.
  • Undertaking powers afforded to a HSR.
Jan 2014Oct 2014

Six Sigma - Green Belt


The Green Belt Program provides participants with an overview of Six Sigma as well as key concepts associated with effective project teams. The program focuses on the DMAIC model for process improvement and the relevant intermediate-level statistical and graphical tools within that model.

Learning outcomes include:

  • A structured problem-solving methodology for addressing business improvement projects,
  • Intermediate-level quality tools within that methodology, and
  • How to generate bottom-line financial results.
Feb 2014Feb 2014

On-site Drug and Alcohol Testing


This course complies with the requirements as defined by Australian Standards AS 3547:1997 (breath testing devices), AS 4760:2006 (oral fluid) and AS/NZS 4308:2008 (urine).

  • HLTPAT304D:Collect Pathology Specimens other than Blood
  • HLTPAT410D:Collect Pathology Specimens other than Blood for Specialised Testing

Learning outcomes include:

  • Introduction to on-site drug testing
  • Communicating effectively
  • Working ethically
  • Pre-collection
  • On-site testing
  • Post-collection
  • Chain of custody

Leading a High Performance Climate


This workshop is aimed at management level resources to develop skills in the following areas:

  • Managing poor performance and inappropriate behaviour.
  • Identifying personal development opportunities.
  • Workplace negotiations.
  • Mentoring of direct reports to improve personal development and performance.
  • Developing workplace culture.
Jun 2013Jun 2013

ICAM - Lead Investigator

Safety wise

Designed for safety, operations and maintenance supervisory personnel who will lead or facilitate low level event investigations and will be called upon to participate in high level events and then lead when experienced.

BSBWHS505A – Investigate WHS incidents (for Business Mgt.)

Learning outcomes include:

  • Identify the need for a safety investigation
  • Describe the 10 elements of an investigation
  • Employ data gathering techniques appropriate to safety investigation
  • Employ witness interviewing techniques appropriate to safety investigation
  • Discuss human error types
  • Explain the Reason Model and the principles of ICAM
  • Apply the principles of ICAM to determine root causes of incidents
  • Make recommendations to eliminate latent conditions, prevent recurrence and reduce risk

Certificate IV in Frontline Management (BSB40807)

Guru Training Pty Ltd

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who take the first line of management in a wide range of organisational and industry contexts. They may have existing qualifications and technical skills in any given vocation or profession, yet require skills or recognition in supervisory functions. 

At this level frontline managers provide leadership and guidance to others and take responsibility for the effective functioning and performance of the team and its work outcomes.

Jul 2012Jul 2012

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Partial completion of the Certificate IV course as required for operational duties.

Learning outcomes include:

  • TAEASS401A–Plan Assessment Activities and Processes
  • TAEASS402A–Assess Competence
  • TAEASS403A–Participate in Assessment Validation
Jan 2009Jan 2012

CV65: Graduate Certificate in Maintenance Management

Central Queensland University

ENMM20010 - Introduction to Maintenance Engineering: 

Outcome: High Distinction

This course is specifically designed to enable students to apply the skills and knowledge learnt to the workplace. This includes maintenance - strategies; philosophies and procedures.

ENMM20011 - Establishing the Maintenance Strategy: 

Outcome: Distinction

The identification and analysis of the elements of an effective maintenance strategy - establishment of maintenance objectives; developing life plans including life cycle costs; design and implementation of preventive maintenance schedules; completing workload analysis.

ENMM20012 - Maintenance Organisation:  

Outcome: Distinction

This course provides an introduction to maintenance organisation; maintenance resource structure; contractors in maintenance; maintenance administration structure; trends in maintenance organisation; total productive maintenance; and motivating the maintenance tradesperson.

ENMM20013 - Maintenance Systems and Documentation:  

Outcome: Distinction

This course is specifically designed so that students can apply maintenance planning, systems and documentation, procedures and techniques to their own work positions; and complete assignments, projects and other tasks by focussing on actual circumstances that exist within their individual workplaces.


Problem Solving & Descision Making

Kepner Tregoe

Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making is a proven, step-by-step process for successfully solving problems, making good decisions, prioritizing issues and analyzing potential risks and opportunities. 

The Problem Solving and Decision Making workshop enables you to:

  • Conduct root cause analysis on tough problems
  • Make tough decisions aligned with operational priorities
  • Identify and plan for the resolution of high-priority issues
  • Understand and manage risks proactively 

Radiation Safety - Handheld XRF (X-ray)

SA Radiation Pty Ltd

Approved licence level training course for Portable X-Ray Fluoroscope (XRF) analysers.


Radiation Safety - Fixed Gauges (Sources and X-ray)

SA Radiation Pty Ltd

Approved licence level training course for Fixed Nucleonic Analysis Gauges.


Lubrication School - Level 1

Noria Reliability School

Level 1 provides foundational training in industrial lubricants, machinery lubrication and oil sampling. It lays a strong foundation for establishing a best practice lubrication program.

Jan 2009Jan 2009

P106: Primavera P6 Advanced Training

Project Management Solutions Australia

Provides in-depth project management training in P6 client-server-based solution, building off skills learned in the basic course (P102). Topics include EVA, updating baselines, importing and exporting project data, and top-down budgeting

Jan 2008Jan 2008

P102: Primavera P6 Basic Training

Project Management Solutions Australia

Provides hands-on training for Primavera’s client/server-based solution, leading participants through the entire project life cycle, from planning to execution. Topics include adding activities, assigning resources and creating a baseline.

Jan 2007Jan 2007

Certificate III in Information Technology


This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a wide range of general information and communications technology (ICT) technical functions and to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency as an advanced ICT user.

Jan 1998Jan 2001

Certificate III in Engineering (Electrical-Instrumentation/Control)


Provides the skills and knowledge required to install and maintain electrical components, wiring, equipment and systems and work in specialised areas of the electrical industry. Competencies include electrical drawing interpretation, circuit development, transformers, lighting, three-phase induction motors, single-phase motors, circuit protection, and installation requirements.

In addition; this qualification provides competencies to select, install, set up, test, fault find, repair and maintain systems and devices for measurement and recording of physical/chemical phenomenon and related process control.


Richard Ledington Pellet Plant Maintenance Planner  (SIMEC Mining)

Phone: +61 439 869 394


Lee Hunter - Port and Logistics Manager  (SIMEC Mining)

Phone: +61 427 303 177

eMail: [email protected]

Jennifer Ormsby - Health and Safety Systems Improvement Manager  (SIMEC Mining)

Phone: +61 408 179 254

eMail: [email protected]

Lawrence McLean - Contract Manager, Shutdowns (Liberty OneSteel)

Phone: +61 419 818 762

eMail:  [email protected]

Kelly McPhee - Project Engineer - Tailings, Asset Projects 

Phone: +61 439 809 018

eMail: [email protected]

Alistair McPhee -Lead - Integration, Minerals Australia Projects 

Phone: +61 417 740 554

eMail: [email protected]

Shayne Daniell - Chief Operating Officer (Lucas TCS)

Phone: +61 427 357 964

eMail: [email protected]