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International Marketing Executive with 16+ year experience

International Marketing Executive with 15+ years of experience in FMCG categories covering Central and East European markets; Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Extensive experience in running a regional business with a high level of diversity and complexity. Solid strategic and conceptual thinking coupled with sound financial, statistical, and analytical skills.

Led complex EUR330 MM East European business through recession, resulting in 120% profit growth

Slimed down portfolio, improved product quality to preferred competitive level, developed competitive communication strategy synergizing global and local brands

Transformed a niche $80 MM CEEMA Salted Snack business into $230 MM in 4 years

Improved product quality to superior level, developed competitive communication strategy, initiated unique flavor innovation road map, launched innovative propositions

Challenged growing Private Label business with 26% branded revenue and 3pp value share gains in one year

Initiated product, packaging and packing improvement project, developed integrated marketing communication, established competitive portfolio architecture

Core Competencies

  • Leadership, supervision and coordination in developing business, product and brand visions, strategies, new products and programming for a multitude of company brands
  • Formulating and implementing short to medium term plan and strategies
  • Growth platform initiatives
  • New product development, product management
  • Brand and portfolio management
  • Cross-market license promotions
  • Consumer insight and analysis
  • Developing and leading marketing team to manage all aspects of the product lifecycle

Work experience

Marketing Director

Intersnack Slovensko, s.r.o., Slovak Republic

Profit and volume responsibility, total portfolio: Slovakia, Wolf, Chio and POM-BAR Savory Snacks

Marketing research, Communication strategy, advertising & promotion and personnel management [Budget c. USD$ 1 mm]

Report to regional General Manager

Staff: 3 member marketing team

Sep 2010Present

Director Group Innovations and Global Brand Staropramen


Responsible for driving the innovation processes and pipeline at global level, as well as supporting the international development of the flagship brand Staropramen

Sep 2008Jul 2010

Marketing Director Eastern Europe

Tchibo GmbH

Profit, volume, revenue and share responsibility, total portfolio: Tchibo (all markets), Eduscho (Hungary and Slovakia), Jihlavanka (Czech Republic)

Vision and strategic development of Food and Non-food categories in Eastern Europe, markets: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, the Baltic countries, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey, total size EUR 330 mm

Member of Tchibo Top Management

Coordination of global projects, Leadership of strategic regional projects, Supervision of tactical cross market projects, “enabler” of resources for strategic local projects

Cooperation with regional Scholz & Friends HQ in Hamburg

Communication and Portfolio Strategy, Regional Marketing Strategy, Regional New Product Development, Regional and Local Market research, Regional and Local Master Media Strategy, Product Quality Improvement, Global Marketing Academy lead, advertising & promotion [Budget c. EUR$ 30 mm]

Report to Tchibo Board Member

Key Achievements

Led the Tchibo Coffee Quality Improvement project

  • Turned an inferior Tchibo Coffee quality to parity in all Instant Coffee lines, while directional preference in all Roasted Coffee lines vs. global brands Jacobs and Nescafe

Led and successfully finalized EE Tchibo Communication Strategy synergizing Tchibo Coffee and Retail messaging, differentiating Tchibo from competitive Coffee and Retail brands. The new communication strategy addressed unique, yet differentiated and stronger consumer needs vs. Jacobs and Nescafe.

  • The new communication resulted in a 20+% increase of Tchibo Brand Credit, Brand Image, Brand Differentiation and 30+% Brand Awareness growth as well as 1+ pp YOY share growth, driven by Tchibo off take growth

Proposed and got the Tchibo Board approval for the EE Tchibo Recession Marketing Plan 2009.

  • Resulted in all time high EE Tchibo Coffee EVA with 54% growth vs. 2008 and 120% EE Tchibo total Coffee & Retail EVA growth vs. 2008 with all EE markets contributing, while Hungary turning into profitable business after a long period of time and Russia EVA growing 323% vs. 2008, in spite of EE forex weakness
Mar 2004Jun 2008

Category Director Salted Snacks Marketing EEMA & Baltic states

Kraft Foods International, EEMA Head Office

Vision and strategic development of Savory Snack category in EEMA (East Europe, Middle East and Africa), markets: Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, total portfolio: Estrella, Cipso, Lyuks, Patos and Cerezos

Leadership of strategic regional projects, supervision of tactical cross market projects, “enabler” of resources for strategic local projects, leadership of regional cross market license promotions

Member of EEMA Savory Snack MOR team

Cooperation with regional Draft FCB EEMA HQ in London and Istanbul

Profit, volume, revenue and share responsibility, total portfolio: Estrella / Cipso / Lyuks, Patos and Cerezos

Marketing research, Portfolio optimization, Communication strategy, advertising & promotion [Budget c. USD$ 30 mm]

Report to Kraft VP Marketing Snack EEMA

Key Achievements

In 2004 – 2005 initiated and led Estrella / Cipso / Lyuks regional repositioning project

  • Moved the local Potato Chip brands from a generic and uncompetitive platform to a superior irresistibility strategy against global Potato Chip leaders – Lay’s and Ruffles – as proven by a series of quantitative and qualitative researches as well as individual performance of brands on the local markets over the period of 2006-2007

In 2005-2008 established a highly competitive regional Patos teen bundle vs. the global competitive brand Doritos, with highly innovative Patos NPD funnel, pack design and communication strategy and tools

  • Patos revenue in Turkey grew by  30+% (vs. segment growth of 10-15%) 3 years in a row bringing 6,4pp value share growth over the period 2006-2008

Transformed Savory Snacks from a niche business to the key top and bottom line growth engine in the EEMA & Baltic state regions

  • Tripled EEMA & Baltic market Savory Snack business from $80MM in 2003 to $230MM as per Mid Year Update 2008. In mid 2008, Savory Snacks represented 90% of total EEMA profit growth vs. the same period of 2007
Oct 1999Nov 2003

Marketing Director

Intersnack, a.s., Czech Republic

Profit and volume responsibility, total portfolio: Bohemia, Wolf, Chio and POM-BAR Savory Snacks

Marketing research, Communication strategy, advertising & promotion and personnel management [Budget c. USD$ 3 mm]

Member of Intersnack Supervisory Board

Report to Intersnack HQ VP Marketing and regional General Manager

Staff: 4 member marketing team

Key Achievements

Initiated a strategic anti PL marketing activity aiming at protecting dominant Bohemia position in Chips segment in 2003

  • Bohemia reached 26+% revenue and 3+pp share gain YOY in Chips in 2003, all at the expense of Private Labels

Contributed to stabilization of declining Intersnack, a.s. business (1998 – 1999)

  • Brought significant growth to Bohemia and consolidated business performance of Wolf, Chio and POM-BAR.
  • Achieved overall turnover growth of +13,5% and overall gross profit growth of + 26,6% YOY
Sep 1994Sep 1998

Group Brand Manager Confectionery: Figaro Chocolate and Sugar Confectionery

Jacobs Suchard Figaro, a.s., Slovak Republic

Profit and volume responsibility, total portfolio: Figaro Tablets, Countlines, Pralines, Wafers, Sugar, Confectionery, Malabar chewing gum

Marketing research, Communication strategy, advertising & promotion and personnel management [Budget c. USD$ 2 mm]

Report to regional Marketing Director

Staff: 3 member marketing team