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Ivorie Jones

Public Mass Visual Communicator Contractor

Work experience



CONSULTANT| I was responsible for auditing, tracking, shipping & handling, IBSN certification, stock & shelving display, customer relations and feedback within the complaints department; and employee superlatives as a support system in managerial customer focus relayed in a customer service environment while creating a blueprint for success through generating a my“ master code” that consists of an building block community emphasis in a university environment.



CONSULTANT| I was responsible for being an interactive employee with an influential grasp on decision making and tailoring needs for the consumer. Due to non-reliability of trending at the time, I focused on providing a bridge of hot topics to engage the user in branding their market for the new age of marketing and allowing the research of customer needs and interactions to be a commonplace of referencing SKU numbers.



CONSULTANT| I was responsible for being a part of an experimental trail basis of eligibility. I was summoned so that I could analyze war tactics and strategizes detailed with the human conscience, my thesis entails“ The Right Wrong Doing” in the effect of is it humanly possible to work out a solution for fate. I was a part of a classified unit that was created under me as a super intelligence through the use of my being-being a computerized killing machine and the pros and cons of militant action versus civilian capture.



CONSULTANT| I was responsible for constructing the new wave of social media as a business concept. I influenced the culture of being a responsible seller and/or buyer in the similarities and differences of changing times as a reconstruction of making a mark on the speech of simplifying how your business can work for you as a private citizen that promotes the public persona of what sells. Page 2.




I am pursuing the completion of my 42A Human Resources degree as per my specialized volunteer work that qualifies me to achieve my time served. My major is ART related in Public Relations with a minor in Mass Communications. I feature my work in my portfolio to showcase how I have changed over time with my influence of reading and writing through audio and visual communications.


I focus on the source code of language skills and expressions. I am able to translate through many cultures and will start programming my system through the use of "beta testing" The premisies is a new world order by way of multimedia. My organizations include a non-profit that includes a interactiventertainment unit. My staff and I will focus on higher learning as a craze through the use of genres. Inclusions include Music, Film, TV and hyperactive media aspects.


I am a target marketer that breaks down the market utilizing mainstream tactics. I believe in allowing the tacky to be a forefront for who will rank higher due to promoting the common sense of unity. My specialities include the appearance of work in the reconstruction of an on-going dialouge between collegues, team members and the public consumer whose goal is to enhance the experience of customer service through me bridging the gap with the help of public relations.
My traits are skillsets for prosperity on the superficial level. By that I mean that there is no way out except for in. I like to address the in crowd as an outside source. The essecence of change is the balance of the scales as to why the money I promote is big business due to me lacking what others can keep.
My body is my work of art. I use it in an intelligent expression to fit in. I work my addictions until my rehab is a new creation for me as my perspective client. In a world is which I define technology as the source to a new blueprint I can still remain prevelant with or without it. I have created a master computer using my brain waves to be able to be in any industry as an insider.
I am a ncihe expert whose goal is to appease the market by oversaturation. I am a prototype in business for what is meant by opposites attract.  I believe in letting the middle man focus on the middle woman for my version of battle of the sexes.
I approach each assignment with a looking glass as the hands of time - sans the turnover. I am the deadline for a continuance. My words are used as using expression in a social media way. If I can not explain to you what was done then I have to admit that I may have done it. Thoughts are afterthoughts for me as to why my system of sync works for business and personal accounts that are interested in maintaing their positions as legacy not history.
I address myself as a carpenter whose work is never done - even if I do it. I look at team work like I and I did catchphrase that. My first letter shows that I AM one or won with my world and yours. I allow sneak peaks to address myself. I am open to negotiations.