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  • Able, keen, skilled, and trustworthy individual, bringing  experience in organic synthesis, analytical instrumentation, characterization, and purification skills.  
  • Personal attributes including dedication, meeting goals, working under pressure and organized. Ability to learn quickly and adapt to quick changing environments.  
  • In-depth knowledge in wet chemistry, HPLC, GC, GC-MS, FT-IR, UV-vis, ICP-OES, and colum chromatography. Cleaning and sterilization of glassware and using autoclave.

Work experience


Analytical R&D Chemist

Product Quest Manufacturing 

Responsible for developing, and validating methods of analysis for new compounds, formulations etc... optimization of  developed or existing methods and then transfer them to the corresponding Quality Control laboratory for day to day use. 

Other duties assigned are:

  • Overseeing new laboratory design and start-up.
  • In charge of Chemical and equipment inventory and supplies.
  • In charge of Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting. Record keeping IQ/OQ & PM's for each equipment available.
  • ICP-OES Agilent Technologies certified site expert in charge of maintenance, troubleshooting, and training.
  • Oversee training for current and new personnel on all validated methods during transfer to receiving laboratory.
  • Upcoming project evaluation (method optimization or new method development).

Quality Control Chemist I

Product Quest Manufacturing

Responsible for preparing and testing samples from all phases of a manufacturing or other handling process, determining if the substance meets the standards or requirements. Employ a variety of methods that can vary and had thorough understanding of chemical testing equipment and processes. Prepare document reports that shows results of the lab work. Also be responsible for equipment troubleshooting and repair.


Undergraduate research assistant

Universidad Metropolitana/ChemTox Laboratories

Undergraduate research assistant, responsible for maintaining a safe and clean laboratory working environment, worked under minimal supervision in the synthesis of novel organic compounds in the drug development and organic synthesis laboratories of the chemical and molecular toxicology laboratory of the school of environmental affairs. regular duties included but not limited to:

  • Synthesis and characterization of novel organic compounds.
  • in silico  studies and development of potential novel organic compounds for cancer research. 
  • retrosynthetic analyses and synthetic routes development for potential organic compounds. 


Aug 2009May 2015

Bachelor of Science

Universidad Metropolitana

Chemistry major

Aug 2006May 2009

High School Diploma

Tomas C. Ongay 

Woodworking Certification




Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative 


Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative 

IRB Training for Biomedical Research

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative