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Dr. George Woo is the director of IVF Canada and Life Canada. IVF Canada is one of the leading institutions in Assisted Reproductive technologies providing various treatments to both genders. The Life Canada program was introduced by gynecologists in 1983 to provide in virto fertilization. Because of the growing demand for such treatment, IVF Canada was founded in 1988. IVF Canada takes pride in providing reproductive services that are tailored in respective of the fertility challenges that the patients are facing. A main goal of the treatment center is to treat the client with respect, dignity, confidentiality and understanding.

A main factor, which sets IVF Canada apart from the many fertility treatment centers, is that there is no waiting time to receive fertility treatments. IVF Canada performs several treatment procedures including ovulatory problems, blocked fallopian tubes, cervical problems, endometriosis and male factor (low sperm counts and low motility).

IVF Canada
2347 Kennedy Road, Suite 304
Toronto, Ontario, M1T 3T8
Tel: 416-754-1010