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The great outdoors - Trekking both on foot and on skis, skiing, hunting, fishing.


Our country house in Sweden

Flying - member of the volontary flying corps of the Swedish defence forces.


 My career as salesman started in the beginning of the 90-ies in Eastman Kodak. At a very early stage I learned about the importance of building long and strong relationships to be able to do good business. When I moved on into an International sales position is was as one of 20 people hired by Ericsson Telecom. We were selected based on our experience in system sales from different industries. Our program ran for three months of which three weeks in the University of Sothern California. My first position was to support the local company in Egypt. Together with the team there we managed to sell a project containing a local switch and full outside plant to connect 40 000 subscribers. As the unit moved from Stockholm to Spain I was based in Spain three months handing over to my successor.

My next position took me and my family to Malaysia. The markets that I supported from Kuala Lumpur were Taiwan and Korea. The latter mainly the South but we also did a try with the North. Quite an experience!

Coming back to the Nordic market again in 2000 I left the large cooperation for a start-up company, Dynarc. I got the opportunity to continue building a very strong team of sales people and engineers. We handled everything from prospecting new opportunities, design all the way to the implementation of the routers and training of end users. Our customers were operators and counties building city networks.

I have always been interested in following the deal also after the contract has been signed and see what I have sold become reality. There is no better marketing activity known to man than actually being able to implement a project to the specifications and time lines committed to the customer. Therefore it has been a great experience for me to work as Project Manager in one of the most complex projects in the Ericsson Business Unit Multimedia and Systems Integration the last three years. Now I can truly say I know all the stages in a project from prospecting to hand over.

I my current position I have had partial responsibility of a team of more than 30 people based not only in Saudi Arabia but also in Italy, Sweden and Malaysia. In the team more than 10 nationalities are represented. One of my strengths is my social competence, being able to build confidence both among my colleagues and in the customer's organization. Combined with a long experience working with and in many different cultures this characteristic has made me an appreciated coworker and leader.

Work experience

Sep 2006Present

Customer Project Manager (CPM)

Ericsson AB - Saudi Arabia Branch

I have worked as CPM in a number of the phases in the Saudi Telecom Company, STC, Service Delivery Platform project. This has involved staff not only in Saudi but also in Italy and Sweden. Close interaction both with the customer and with several different units within Ericsson. The SDP is a leading edge multimedia and system integration project containing Ericsson and 3rd party products with adaptaions as well as a lot of new development. Total value of our project exceeds 160MSEK/ 24MUSD.

Sep 2005Aug 2006

Account manager

Ericsson AB - Saudi Arabia Branch

I was part of the Saudi Telecom KAM team during the preparation of the 3G1 offer working closely with the KAM director. I was among other projects responsible to initiate the SDP project that was contracted as part of 3G1. As AM I was therefore involved in the establishment and scoping project with a team of 10 people from different organizations in the company.

Sep 2004Jun 2005

Sales Manager

HAWA Imaging AB

HAWA focused on sales of Kodak's x-ray products to hospitals mainly to mammography departments. The turnover of the company was roughly 30 MSEK/ 4,6MUSD. I participated in negotiations with a number of Swedish counties to secure contracts and worked closely with the end users of our products to assist in improving image quality. The way of selling that we used was consultative sharing experiences and know how on how to best use the equipment and consumables. I also performed training.

Apr 2003Sep 2004

Sales Training Consultant/ "Salesman for Hire"

Own business

Performing sales training, based on the concept of Value Based Selling, with senior sales-people in Scandinavian companies with international reach. Four months as sales-consultant for HAWA Imaging described above.

Aug 2002Mar 2003

Regional Sales Manager

I was responsible for sales to service providers with xDSL networks in EMEA and Asia mainly prospecting new accounts. My travels included Austria, Holland, South Korea and Botswana. Net Insight develops transmission equipment for fiber optical networks based on the DTM protocol, see below under Dynarc AB.

Apr 2000Jun 2002

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Dynarc AB

I was initially hired as Director of Sales Nordic Region. I was later promoted to head of the EMEA region in May 2001 and to the last position in August 2001. Dynarc was a start-up company developing and manufacturing IP-routers for fiber-optical networks, based on a proprietary network protocol, DTM. Major achievements: We signed a frame agreement valued 18MUSD and firm order of 6MUSD with a Swedish Operator. I was also part of the creation of a fantastic team of sales- and support-staff. I worked closely with the CEO and founder of the company during our last 6 months of existence meeting with venture capitalists in both Sweden and the UK. The company went out of business in May 2002.

Oct 1998Mar 2000

Business Manager

Ericsson Support Center - Kuala Lumpur

As Business Manager I was responsible for the sales of Wireline products, mainly AXE, through the Local Companies in South Korea and Taiwan. During this time passed the leadership assessment and was enrolled in the Ericsson Core Leadership program. This was the equivalent of the current LCC program which is the basic training for Ericsson managers.

Oct 1996Sep 1998

Market Manager

Ericsson Telecom

I was responsible for the sales of Public Networks products, mainly AXE, through the Technical Office in Cairo. Together with the KAM in Egypt and our respective teams we managed to almost double the sales to ARENTO/Telecom Egypt. I was hired as part of a group of 20 experienced sales people from different industries that got introduced into Ericsson as part of the Ericsson Telecom Businessman Program that included internal training as well as three weeks in the University of Southern California. During three months in the end of the service I was stationed in Madrid to be part of the transferal of the Market Unit Africa.

Jan 1992Sep 1996

Key Account Manager

Kodak AB Health Imaging Division

I was responsible for the sales of x-ray products to a number of hospitals in Sweden. Since we were a small sales department the position included preparation of offers high level meetings with county purchasing departments, heads of radiology clinics as well as training of the staff in the radiology departments in the use of the products. I secured a number of larger deals of which one was related to one of the first projects to "digitize" an x-ray department. We were part of a Nordic team and as such had a lot of cooperation in trade fairs and trainings. I participated in a yearly trade fair in Chicago, USA, hosting our customers both in the Eastman Kodak booth and evening entertainment.

Jan 1991Dec 1991

In between assignments

During the financial downturn and Desert Storm I spent three months in Canada converting my Pilot's license and looking for work. My wife and I spent one month in Kenya trekking in the wilderness. The rest of the time was dedicated job-search.


Mar 1989May 1990

Commercial Pilot License

Bromma Flying School/ Linjeflyg

Upper secondary school

Norra Latin