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In search of work I am motivated mainly career opportunity. I am ready to learn as much as necessary. The quality of the work done and opportunities for development - these are my priorities in future work.

Work experience

Jun 2015Sep 2015

Realtor housing lease

Duokom, Lviv (Ukraine)

- negotiations with clients and owners of the premises;
- meeting with clients and demonstration areas;
- cooperation with other realtors company for more efficient use of working time;
- the conclusion of the lease agreement between tenants and landlords.

May 2014Sep 2014

Head of a tourist group

Tour operator "Pjata styhija", Lviv (Ukraine)

- support groups;
- settlement of disputes;
- cooperation with the carrier and guides.


Oct 2014Present

Financial management

AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow (Poland)

- the financial management processes at the enterprise;
- logistics, capital investment, lending.

Sep 2010Dec 2015

Accounting and audit (Master)

National University "Lviv Polytechnic", Lviv (Ukraine)

- accounting in enterprises, banks, budgetary organizations;
- managerial accounting;
- financial analysis, analysis of economic activity of enterprises;
- audit of the financial statements and the individual sections of accounting of the company.


During February - May 2014 I was an intern in the accounting department of Lviv city council. I performed duties an assistant accountant on this internship.




Scientific work

While studying at university I took an active part in the scientific life of the Department of accounting. Under the direction of curator I wrote scientific papers mainly on mapping costs in accounting.

Communication skills

- ability to work in a team thanks to the work as realtor;
- high communication skills developed on the job of team leader turistiche

Organisational / managerial skills

- discipline, stress stability in working with people;
- the ability to manage groups of people thanks to the previous work.

Digital competence

- good command of office suite (word processor, spread sheet, presentation software)