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Work experience

Nov 2008Present


Instituto Colombiano de Minas
Jul 2003Sep 2007

Asesor Financiero

Transmetro S.A.

Industrial and Commercial state company in charge of planning, designing and building a Massive Transportation Public System in the Barranquilla Area.

The Company was established in July of year 2003 and since its very beginning my duties wereto assist the General Manager in structuring it in the area of Human Resources, budgeting, short term investments and to set the foundations for its functioning.

My principal duties were to coordinate with the National Planning Department and the Ministries of Finance and Transportation,the legal and financial structure of the system, which include the preparation of the biding documents and contracts, following procedures of The World Bank,for the civil work constructions and the concession contracts for vehicles operations ,Fare collection and Central Control subsystems operations.

The objective is to have the whole system in operation by the end of 2009

Major accomplishments were to have coordinated the building up of the company since its inception and to have developed and documented the financing structure in order to obtain a syndicated loan agreement with the national financial community in an amount of the equivalent in Col pesos of US$ 45 million.

Apr 1999Sep 2002

Administrative and Financial Manager-Legal representative

Parsons Corporation

One of the biggest American Company in the engineering sector providing services from the design, purchases, construction and commercial operation of engineering projects. Leader in the areas of Chemical and oil processing, Energy and Transportation, Environmental Studies and aviation.

During three years, we developed all the above services for the conversion to combined cycle of the Termosierra and Termocentro single cycle Power plants own by Empresas Publicas de Medellin and Isagen S.A. – respectively.

My principal duties were:

1.To represent, in general, the offices of the companies in Colombia.

2.To coordinate the financial area and to prepare the budgets of expenses of the two projects.

3.To control that all foreign exchange movements comply within the Colombian regulations.

4.To negotiate and contract all the insurance policies required by the projects.

5.To coordinate all issues related with taxes in Colombia.

6.To maintain informed the Executive Committee and the Home Office about financial and administrative matters of the five Colombian branches.

Sep 1995Sep 1998


Carbones de Colombia S.A.-CARBOCOL

Industrial and Commercial State Company, responsible for many years of planning, coordinating and supervising the coal policy of the country. Among the biggest companies in Colombia, Carbocol exported around 8 million tons (50%) of thermal coal from the North Cerrejon Mine in association with Intercor (an Exxon Corporation Company) to more than 25 clients around the world.

·To manage the annual and quinquennial strategic plan of the company. To coordinate with the board of Directors those plans.

·To guide the Operational, Financial, Commercial and Administrative Vice-presidencies of the company in order to achieve the objectives of the plan.

·To represent the company in the Executive Committee of the North Cerrejon Association Contract and to approve the investments and operational plans of this project.

·To inform periodically to the highest level of the National Government about the status of the company and its projections..

·To support, the National Government in the privatization of the company in order to maximize its return on it.

·To represent the company in all its legal activities.

Apr 1992Jul 1995

Financial Vicepresident

Corporacion Financiera del Norte

Financial private entity with an unquestionable leadership in the northern part of the country (Atlantic Coast).

·To coordinate the work of the departments of Treasury, Accounting, Budgeting and Information System.

·To negotiate and secure, internal and externally the necessary funds for the operation of the company.

·To prepare the annual budget of the company to be presented to the Board of Directors. To make follow up of its execution.

·To maintain the Board of Director informed about the financial situation of the company.

·To represent the company as a shareholder in the Board of Directors of others companies.

Dec 1984Apr 1992

Financial Vicepresident

Carbones de Colombia S.A.-CARBOCOL

·To manage and coordinate the work of the areas of Treasury (national and Foreign currency), Financial Planning. Budgeting, accounting and Taxes..

·To collaborate with the National Government in obtaining long term international banking credits for the company and others state entities.

·To negotiate directly with foreign banks short term credit lines.

·To define and negotiate the financial terms of all coal sales contracts.

·To manage the financial aspects of the National Coal Fund, crated with the royalties and taxes paid by the coal producers.

·To represent the company in the high committees of the Association Contract with Intercor.

·To coordinate with Exxon representatives issues related to insurance, taxes and auditing of the North Cerrejon Project.

Key Achievements:

·To be part of the Colombian mission that negotiated and obtained approximately US$ 2.500 millions syndicated loans agreements..

·To support the President and Board of Directors of Carbocol and to lead the team work that obtained a capitalization for the company of around US$1.000 millions.


Jul 1997Jul 1997

University of California-Berkeley
Jun 1987Jul 1987

Universidad Javeriana
Jan 1976Aug 1977

M of S

University of Illinois
Apr 1975Dec 1975

ELS-Language Center
Jan 1970Dec 1974

Industrial Engineer

Universidad de Los Andes