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Work History




CertifiQ Network is the first international service and online platform for the automation of the digital issuing of certificates, diplomas, awards, titles, with international legal recognition. It builds an integrated ecosystem that joins issuing institutions, document holders and the general community  in an unique platform for the issuing, management and trustworthy share of qualifications, competencies and credentials.

Building this project from scratch I was responsible for the conception, concept validation and development, market analysis, business plan, strategy and business and commercial roll-out and partnerships.


Software Development Services Director (Principal)


With more than 500 employees and 20 years of history NOESIS is a strong company delivering IT services for many large companies in Portugal, Europe, Angola and Brazil.

As a Software Consulting Services Director, I was in charge for the overall management of the area, ensuring the right resources and appropriate skills, processes and methodologies in order to maximize the quality of the services delivered and customers satisfaction.

By being responsible to bring to life this whole new service area a had to develop and manage many activities:

  • Commercial offer design and respective selection of technologies, services, products, platforms and partners.
  • Business plan definition and company strategy proposal to the board for Software Consulting services
  • Pre-sales, commercial development and costumer relationahip management
  • Software development methodologies, processes and tools
  • HR team architecture and staff selection and hiring
  • Partnerships management (QlikView, Microsoft, AGSoftware, BonitaSoft, ...)
  • External IT staffing providers management
  • Overall continuous improvement, maximizing the axes profit and quality

With yearly successive growing rates in revenue since launch in 2009, today NOESIS is a strong player in software development market with a multi-million revenue area, with tens of highly skilled professionals providing software development services for several markets (Europe, Africa and South America).

Jan 2007Jan 2009

Professional Services Director and Excom member


Convex is an IT services company, founded in 1988, owned by the Spanish group SATEC and with a long experience delivering IT services in the Portuguese, PALOP and MAGREB markets.

Professional Services Director and Executive Committee member

As a Professional Services Director I was responsible for the overall management of the seven engineering teams and the coordination of the respective services delivery (Design, rollout and support).

  • Networking – Intelligent networks, IP networking, load balancing, traffic shaping, etc.
  • Unified Communications and Voice-over-IP - Cisco and Microsoft-based Unified Communications projects. Cisco and Alcatel-based telephony (analog and IP) solutions. Cisco and Avaya video-conferencing solutions.
  • Security - IT security projects for networks (routers, proxies, firewalls and other) and Operating Systems.
  • OSS - IT infrastructure monitoring and management solutions
  • IT Systems - Servers infrastructure, Data appliances, redundant solutions (clustering).
  • Software Consulting - Software development projects. Web applications, telephony solutions.

By bringing Microsoft solutions (IP Telephony and Sw Development technologies) to Convex services I was also in charge of the management of the relation between Convex and Microsoft. 

Strategic IT Advisor

Before becoming the Professional Services Director I acted as a Strategic IT advisor for the board designing, promoting and participating in a huge strategic shift in some key areas:

  • Commercial offer and services
  • Technical team organization
  • Operational management
  • Marketing and communication

Jan 2003Jan 2007



Shortrange was an Iberian-based business project, with offices in Portugal (Lisbon), Spain (Barcelona) and Brazil (Sao Paulo), focused on the design, develop and delivery of digital marketing mobility solutions.

As a founder and CEO of this start-up company I was in charge of the overall executive and operational management.

With a very innovative and worldwide unique solution (XPLAT - Digital Marketing over Bluetooth networks) I was also responsible for the direct coordination of the R&D team based in Portugal and Brazil.

Today the project operates under the brand Futurlink , its headquarters are in Barcelona, and the company is present in 22 countries.

Jan 2001Jan 2003

IT Billing Director


Oniway was a Portuguese Lisbon-based company and was one of the very first 3G telco operators in the world.

As a Billing Director I was directly responsible for the management of the implementation, deployment, maintenance and support of the post-paid billing systems in the IT department and within a very demanding and complex IT services landscape.

Starting from scratch it was a very challenging and demanding mission to have in a very short time-frame a complete operation in pace, designing team structures, hiring people, and defining most of the processes, platforms and tools that supported my internal teams:

  • Quality Assurance team (Quality assurance, SCCM and tests management)
  • Software Development team - Mainly Vitria, Weblogic, Java development
  • Production support team

Besides the management of the internal projects I was also responsible for the delivery management from many external teams that provided consultancy services and development projects for the Billing area.

With a budget of 4.5M€ these were some of my main responsibilities:

  • Overall billing projects program management
  • Relation management with internal clients
  • Coordination of the external teams of consultants
  • Internal teams management
  • Strategy definition for technologic architectures and platforms
  • Best practices and methodologies
  • Providers management
  • Proposals negotiation
  • Budget management

Jan 1996Jan 2001


LINK Consulting

Link Consulting is an IT consulting services company with headquarters in Lisbon, business presence in many countries in Europe, Africa and North and South America, having today +250 employees.

Promoted to Director-Coordinator in 2000, reporting to the board, I become responsible for the management of several professional services areas. These were some of my main responsibilities:

  • Overall management of 7 IT areas of delivery
  • Business management and pre-sales coordination
  • Budget management
  • Overall staff management of a team 110 engineers.
  • Services strategy alignment monitoring
  • Reporting to the board
  • Microsoft partnership management


Previous positions:

Business Unit Director (Distributed Services)

As a Business Unit director of a software development services business unit these were my main attributions:

  • Delivery coordination of the projects developed by the area
  • Teams management (+25 engineers) across projects
  • Business prospecting and pre-sales activity coordination
  • Projects program management
  • Careers management
  • Coaching
  • Budget management
  • IT strategy consulting


IT Consultant -> Senior Consultant -> Consultant Coordinator

Along these positions I was responsible for:

  • Projects management
  • IT consulting services
  • Technical management
  • Software development


Some main projects:

  • Management system for the invoicing control of a distribution program of pharma products. Nation-wide platform connecting an integrating information and thousands of entities from industry, distribution and pharmacies.
  • Medical prescriptions management system. Nation-wide platform to be used by all public sector doctors.
  • Finance products management system for a financial institution.
  • Knowledge management portal and mainframe applications reengineering for a public organization.
  • Internet Service Provider In-a-Box for some PALOP countries (Mozambique, Sao Tome e Principe, Cape Verde and Angola).

Jul 1997Jan 1998

Consultant and Project Manager

INESC Consultoria e Serviços

INESC Consultoria e Serviços was the previous name of Link Consulting.

IT consulting services for the software development of distributed systems and videoconferencing solutions. Project management.

Some main projects:

  • Consulting services of group videoconferencing systems. Point-to-point and point-multipoint H.320 and H-323 systems.
  • Consulting services in Desktop Videoconferencing solutions (ISDN and TCP/IP) Point-to.point and multipoint H.320 e H.323 systems.
  • Web solution for the management of doctor’s appointments.
  • Invoicing, reporting and management of CATV networks.
  • CD-ROM development supporting the automatic sign-up process for internet access over ISDN (Cyberkit RDIS-PT)

Oct 1990Jun 1997


INESC - R&D Institute

INESC is one of the most important Portuguese R&D institutes in IT engineering areas and tightly connected with Instituto Superior Técnico IST (the most recognized engineering university in Portugal).

The invitation in 1990 for a Young Researcher scholarship in INESC raised on a successful participation in an intensive course (+900 hrs) in Information and Communication Technologies at  FUNDETEC (a well-known training center also closely related with INESC).

Working in the beginning in the Intelligent Buildings Group and later in the Home Automation Group INESC was a great experience allowing me to work and learn a lot developing innovative projects (namely EEU financed projects) inside a vibrant scientific community.

At the same time this scholarship allowed me to teach at IST University (Operating Systems), FUNDETEC and RUMOS (mid-level courses in several IT areas) and to develop of my MSc thesis. This R&D experience in INESC became naturally a huge enrichment of my technical background and an important pillar in my future career.


Consultor IT

SNRIPD - Secretariado Nacional para a Reabilitação e Integração de Pessoas com Deficiência

SNRIPD is the national public organization for the integration and rehabilitation of disabled people.

As the IT department manager I was in charge of the overall management of the IT systems and applications of the institution. Specific experience with equipment and applications for disabled people.

Research and Teaching

Associação Industrial Portuguesa

IT training courses for public institutions in Portugal and Mozambique


Multiple IT training programs
Oct 1990Jun 1997

INESC - Instituto de Engenharia e Sistemas e Computadores

Intelligent Buildings and Home Automation
Jan 1995Jan 1996

Instituto Superior Técnico University

Operating Systems



Management Trainning

L.A. & Asociados

- Negotiation Techniques

- Management and Profitable Sell of Projects

- Efective Presentations

- Leading by Emotional Intelligence and Teams

In the press

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  • "Shortrange na vanguarda das redes Bluetooth" (in Expresso, Economia e Internacional, 23-04-2005)

  • "Mensagens de telemóvel são nova ferramenta para o Marketig"  (in Meios & Publicidade nº 347)" 

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