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Ivana Petrovic

Dietetic Intern/Master of Science in Nutrition Student


Aug 2014Dec 2015

Master of Science

Case Western Reserve University
Aug 2014Jul 2015

Dietetic Internship

Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Aug 2010Dec 2013

Bachelor of Science

Ashland University

Work experience

Jun 2012Apr 2014

Dietary Aide

Medina Hospital - A Cleveland Clinic Hospital

In my role as a Medina Hospital Dietary Aide, I worked in the diet office in addition to doing manual work in the kitchen. I delivered meals to patients and collected meal carts to be returned to the Nutrition Services Department from the various hospital floors.  

While in the diet office, I spoke with each patient individually so as to retrieve meal orders and enter them into the CBORD Nutrition Service Suite system. As a follow-up to the ordering process, I reviewed the orders for fluid and macro-/micronutrient values for those patients whom the system flagged as being over or under needs or restrictions.  I also delivered meals and received orders that are called-in for patients newly-admitted and assigned a diet order in between meal times.

Kitchen duties included maintaining efficiency of my assigned position on tray line for optimal timing of meal delivery; disassembling trays, running, loading, unloading, and rinsing the dishwasher; and tending to assigned items to prepare for the following meal.

I upheld Aramark ServSafe standards to prevent spread of foodborne illness in addition to completing/being present at any training or continuing education sessions of the Cleveland Clinic are also important aspects of the job.  Additionally, Individual Development Plans are a Cleveland Clinic policy which requires each employee to create personal/professional goals and periodically report progress.  My goals were tailored to improvement of my nutrition knowledge as it pertains to clinical nutrition.

Aug 2011Dec 2013


Ashland University Career Services Center Intern

From August 2011 - May 2012 in the Career Services Center, I served as a Marketing/Public Relations intern in order to further the use of the office, office resources, and office programs.  I created PowerPoint plasma television slides that were advertised campus-wide, flyers/handouts for events and in the office for guests to take with them, composed and sent campus e-mails, wrote for the office blog, crafted PowerPoint presentations and presented the information to groups.  I helped to keep bulletin and information boards updated using creativity to express messages to students, staff, and alumni.  I attended any events I was able and networked with attendees while working on my own knowledge of career skills, values, interests, and tools to gain an educational opportunity from my internship.  I also took part in advertising for, reviewing applications submitted, and selecting the Intern of the Month, which is a program designed for students who have completed or are completing internships, student teaching, or clinicals.

  In the office, I completed an amount of front desk hours each week in which I participated in administrative data entry, answered phone calls, made appointments, greeted clients, and helped to maintain the office organization and flow.  I also helped create a puzzle for an elementary school visit to Ashland (story featured on area news station Fox 8 News) about going to college and having goals for the future; 4th grade students were asked to combine the pieces that corresponded to a career title according to job outlook, job description, job skills, and job education requirements for four occupations in different colleges of the university.

  For Fall Semester of 2013, I returned for a one-semester internship in the Career Services Center.  Projects such as Seeking Opportunities Achieving Results (S.O.A.R.), a training/mentor-matching program developed by the CSC Executive Director, and a range of new and different types of marketing than were used one year prior were my responsibility.  I also worked on creating a web tutorial on how to make online professional documents and applying to graduate institutions/internships. 

Jul 2013Aug 2013

Assistant Food Service Director

Camp Hamwi

  After serving as a member of Dietary Staff at Camp last summer and connecting with the FSD and AFSD, I applied for the AFSD position.  At Camp this year I served as AFSD for one two-day orientation and one full week.  I was Head Cook, charged with handling the gluten-free items and cooking.  It was essential to work with the FSD to maintain a kitchen that followed ServSafe standards while aiming to make the week at Camp one of the best of the summer for the kids attending!

Mar 2010Jun 2013


Maria Gardens Garden Center

  At Maria Gardens, I kept up-to-date on plant types and sale items, as well as prices. I entered prices, handled cash and change, bagged/wrapped/packaged purchased items, counted my cash drawer at the end of my shift, answered telephone calls, took and processed delivery orders, helped customers in locating items in-store and in loading cars when needed. When help was not needed at the registers, I helped create advertisements to promote sales and products; trimmed and reorganized plants in the greenhouse; unloaded, checked that the correct number of items were received, and put delivery items on display; filled and sealed bags of grass and bird seed; assisted in outside groundwork; and cleaned in the gift shop.

Jul 2012Aug 2012

Dietary Staff

Camp Hamwi

As a member of the dietary staff during "Junior Week" at a camp for children with diabetes ages 7-12, I took part in a 2-day orientation and a week-long camp experience in which I helped execute a nutrition education component for campers while working as a food service staff member preparing meals in the kitchen for most of the day. For the nutrition component, I was able to discuss the differences in protein and carbohydrate macronutrients and interact with campers based on using food models to decipher between those considered carbohydrate servings and protein foods.  I also took part in "night rounds" in which I acted to serve camp medical staff (one nurse and one doctor) during their duty of monitoring campers' blood glucose readings by providing the appropriate nutritional snack as requested in the event of low blood glucose readings.  The dietary staff also developed and performed a dance/song routine for the Camp Hamwi 2012 Talent Show.

Aug 2012May 2012

Career Assistant

Ashland University Career Services Center

  As a 2012-2013 Career Assistant, I took part in meeting with students, faculty, and alumni to provide resume and cover letter reviews through walk-in/appointment face-to-face interaction, Skype hours, and managing the office's resume service e-mail.  I helped guests to the Career Services Center in editing their resumes and cover letters and provided recommendations and feedback to guide them in the process of creating these professional documents.  By being in attendance and actively participating in training sessions, I was better-equipped to help others and myself with career preparation.  I used my past experiences in the office in addition to what I learned this year to demonstrate the use of the Career Services Center's online and offline resources, continued to post on the office blog, and explain our tools for those who inquired.  I also contributed to office management, was of service at the front desk, and completed any special assignments as requested.  Each Career Assistant also had an individual project assigned to him/her; my project was to organize information in the program LibraryThing, which is the system used to categorize books in the CSC's library.

Jul 2011Aug 2011


Pearl Crossing Gracious Retirement Living

As a server at Pearl Crossing, I served dinner to retired residents on weeknights; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekends; and participated in special holiday events on an as-needed basis. Each meal began with a beverage, followed by a varying side dish/side salad, and then a main course, and lastly, dessert. In general, there were six main course options I was asked to recite to each table then remember anywhere from 4 to 6 orders to take back to the table upon my return from the kitchen. Beverages, sides, and desserts were served from carts wheeled to each table.During the meals and upon completion of the mealtime, I cleaned and sanitized tables and chairs. Tables for the next meal were set and the dining room was vacuumed and put in order. Salt, sugar, and pepper were also refilled.In the event that there was a surplus of serving staff, I occasionally acted as "Kitchen Help" by condensing trays of food items to create space on carts to store in the walk-in refrigerator, wrapped food to be saved in plastic wrap, and worked towards minimizing duties for the next meal by preparing drinks and trays of food for the carts to be wheeled to tables.


I am a December 2013 graduate of the Ashland University Didactic Program in Dietetics.  During my time at Ashland, I focused on gaining well-rounded nutrition-related experiences so that when I enter into my internship and the job world I will be highly prepared. I have completed internships, volunteering, shadowing, and paid work and have a high level of responsibility and desire to achieve. When I am presented a task, I get it done on time and always aim to apply my highest ability with the resources I have.  I love talking to people, helping others learn and grow, and learning about science and food; there is no question, dietetics is definitely the place for me.


  • Learning about nutrition and how it impacts disease states and the lifecycle.
  • Being involved in creative and interactive projects.
  • Working with and talking to people.
  • Volunteering for efforts that strive to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Developing my leadership and managerial skills and goals.
  • Reading and writing nutrition and wellness-related materials.
  • Connecting with and learning about individuals of varying backgrounds and demographics.

Nutrition in the News Newsletter

WRDL Public Service Announcement

Meeting Agendas

Career Services Intern Work

Freshlink Internship

Camp Hamwi

Professional Summary

Dedicated and persistent didactic program in dietetics graduate with experiences in foodservice, resume/cover letter critiquing, leadership, fundraising/event organization, worksite wellness/school presentations, social media and marketing.  Have developed many creative ideas for marketing and incorporation into presentations.  Strong belief in the power of a well-balanced diet and physical activity to the attainment of overall wellness.  Plans to apply to a combined Dietetic Internship/Master of Science degree program to begin in 2014.

Leadership Involvement

Ashland University Student Dietetic Association Dietetics Student Member August 2010 - December 2013 I have volunteered with the after-school Ashland YMCA Kidz Fit Program to teach mini nutrition lessons to a group of 15 to 20 children in grades 4 through 6, living in a rural, low income community, identified as at-risk for obesity-related disease. I took part in drafting lesson plans that included measurable objectives, activities and take-home challenges to get the children involved and applying the information taught, and room to provide handouts for the lesson and to take home for further knowledge/reference. Through recording Public Service Announcements and meeting deadlines to produce a quality nutrition newsletter, I have helped to outline the importance of nutrition for a healthy lifestyle to the campus and surrounding community.  Recently, I have also created blog posts for the AU Dietetics Blog aside from my posts on the AU Career Services Blog. I have acted as a representative of the program and Ashland, in general, when attending events held for prospective and incoming freshmen and sending welcome e-mails to them, as well.  I have also submitted an article to AND Student Scoop which was accepted in the March 2013 issue. When the Ashland University Student Dietetic Association was first forming, I had a role in the creation of the association constitution, and have become a student member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Speaker Committee Chair March 2011 - November 2011 As Speaker Committee Chair of the AUSDA, I established contacts with several Registered Dietitians and individuals doing work in fields related to dietetics, such as management and culinary areas. I sent out e-mails, wrote on comment cards, and made phone calls to request professionals to speak at the Ashland University Student Dietetic Association meetings and speaker events. I created agendas and contacted committee members to arrange Committee meetings in order to facilitate event efficiency through discussion of items still needing to be addressed in addition to delegation of event responsibilities to members. Meetings were also helpful in that I was able to receive constructive criticism as far as events held to improve future events, and planning for future events was able to take place. Further event details such as reminders to the association to attend, refreshments, follow-up thank-you's, greeting, and introducing speakers were other responsibilities taken care of by myself. The first Speaker Committee binder was compiled, complete with each speaker hosted and each event's details, meeting agendas, contacts for future events, and marketing ideas to increase event publicity and attendance. After my time as the chair, I continued to network and set up guests to speak to the Association with new Committee Chairs.

Vice President  November 2011 - November 2012

As the Vice President of AUSDA, I attended all executive and group meetings and association events (including professional conferences as they occur), kept monthly calendars of association events, sent communication e-mails out to the group, worked with committee chairs to make sure that events were going smoothly and assessed/worked out any details that needed to be addressed. Through these activities my objective was to see that the SDA has a ubiquitous presence on and off campus and see that individuals view the dietetics students as campus leaders. I have also begun the first organization Vice President binder including a list of all Vice Presidents, the calendar of events, copies of all meeting agendas.  As Vice President of the AUDSA, I was been an integral member of a 4-person executive committee that worked to lead an organization in implementation of ideas for events and meetings on and off campus. I have helped to coordinate details and volunteers for the 2012 Ashland University "Welcome" picnic, as well as set-up of appointments and creative ideas for fundraising efforts and advertisement of our group and accomplishments on and off campus. I created name tags for each member to use at functions as a way to facilitate conversation and connections between individuals. I continued to assist in the creation of meeting agendas and also communicate with guest speakers, individuals interested in AUSDA, and various other entities as necessary. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) AUSDA Co-Student Liaison June 2012 - June 2013 As a Co-Student Liaison, I will use an online database consisting of dietetics students from all over the country to connect the AUSDA with resources and contacts. I will be able to share ideas and also glean ideas from the AND Student Community that AUSDA can implement at Ashland and/or in our community. Further, I will communicate projects, fundraisers, volunteer efforts, and any other events the AUSDA is taking part in with fellow dietetics students across the United States. AUSDA Co-Dean's Student Advisory Council Representative June 2012 - December 2013 Serving as a Co-Representative for the Dietetics major to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences Dean's Student Advisory Council, I bring concerns and comments of Dietetics students to Department leaders in the hopes of facilitating change or continuing well-received ideas.  Dietetics students are welcomed to present any item they would like mentioned at the meeting for myself or my Co-Representative to bring to the table.  President  November 2012 - November 2013 In my role as SDA President, I was present at each event, meeting, and involvement opportunity that the association was connected to.  I was responsible for creating and sending out the final meeting agenda, maintaining communication with the group and keeping a current e-mailing roster.  Applying for yearly funding from the University's funding pool was essential to ensure funding for the group.  As AUSDA President, I implemented a new method of holding committee chairs and members responsible for accomplishing tasks outside of our association meetings simply by holding outside meetings and returning with a PowerPoint slide consisting of what was accomplished at each meeting and what is upcoming.  I worked with current students on outside presentations, such as a worksite "Lunch and Learn" held in Parma, Ohio over AU's spring break. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Peers Promoting Organized Wellness (PPOW) Student Member,CPE August 2011 - May 2012

As a member of PPOW, I have worked to spread the message of the importance of wellness, especially as it pertains to college students. For credibility, I joined the group in taking part in attending presentations of Certified Peer Educator material and have taken the national exam to become a Certified Peer Educator (CPE). After taking the exam, I attended the Fall 2011 Annual National Mentoring Symposium at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis to learn more about being a Peer Educator and the resources available to me in furthering PPOW's messages.

Aside from the certification process, I was part of a team that created a PowerPoint presentation on healthy eating to be presented to classes on campus at the request of professors. The presentation included a game centered on portion size and MyPlate/Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 were used to aid development of the PowerPoint material.

As a member of the recruitment committee, I brought my concerns about PPOW's low membership and participation, in addition to suggestions about ways to increase organization participation, to executive members of the group. With PPOW being extra-curricular, the ideas were to make the group more enjoyable and to show how we have a great time doing what we do so that those attending presentations/reading our messages would gain interest and possibly want to join PPOW. We wanted to further our messages without being over-bearing and without making students feel as though they are sitting through a class. I plan to help post and create advertisements and attend events to recruit future members.

Volunteer Experiences

Partners Reaching Out for Ultimate Development (PROUD)           

September 2012 – May 2013

Ashland Middle School Tutor/Mentor

I will help my assigned student deal with balance through development of management skills. I will be a model mentor in such a way the student feels positioned to be able to set goals for the future and achieve what tasks are in front of him/her.  Provided by me will be an environment conducive to attaining a high degree of self-respect and responsibility through positive reinforcement and regular progress checks, in addition to updates sent to parents.  Specific skills to work on include vocabulary, mathematics (pre-algebra), and history; to help my student succeed, I will employ as many different methods of learning as possible until working together leads us to discovering a most-effective learning approach.  

Medina Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) 

March 2012 – Present


Volunteering at Medina WIC, I was given the opportunity to participate in events such as the 2012 WIC Baby Fair at Medina Hospital, 2012 WIC Farmer's Market at the Medina County Board of Health ,and the 2012 Breastfeeding Affair on the Square at the Medina Square Farmer's Market.  For the WIC Farmer's Marker I had a deadline to reach was able to put my time management skills and nutrition knowledge to work in order to assemble and informational tri-fold poster about nutrition of foods generally present at Ohio farmer's markets.  At the Baby Fair and Breastfeeding events, I mostly assisted with welcoming and giving direction to visitors of the events pertaining to registration or where or whom to go to for the correct information.

Through my volunteering, I was privileged to shadow an RD, working in the WIC office which allowed me a greater level of understanding as to the process of progress check-ups and even new applicants to the program.  I was able to connect the S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting I learned in Nutrition Education and Communication skills with the goals the WIC RD helped program participants to create; further, the information I learned in Lifecycle Nutrition about growth charts and measures of health for various ages (including hemoglobin levels) were brought into a real-life setting.

Freshlink Cleveland Prevention Research Center Internship May 2012- July 2012 Intern Working to gather and analyze data for the Freshlink project at the Cleveland, Ohio Prevention Research Center allowed me to gain great insight into how a community can work together to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to its members.  I was able to audit Cleveland neighborhoods and evaluate the locations of community gardens, enter data on stores and food item availability in those neighborhoods, and even complete CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) Responsible Conduct of Research Curriculum modules for Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Due to my ability to take part in this internship, I was even invited to write a short segment about my experience for the Ashland University newspaper, the Collegian.

Family and Consumer Science Club

Spring 2011 - May 2012


In Family and Consumer Science Club, I have participated in a Relay for Life event including help with planning and implementing activities of the group on the day of the event. I have become a mentor to a group of 5 freshmen dietetics majors and have e-mailed them to connect and am available to them for questions and concerns whenever they need advice or help. I have prepared PowerPoint slides about the major of dietetics to be integrated into a presentation that will be delivered to high schools in Ohio. I was a volunteer at Ashland University's Sibs and Kids weekend as I came up with "Nutrition Fun Facts" to be posted in the department building for the children to read when attending the event. Additionally, I have had a hand in adding a page to the FCS Club scrapbook for future club members to reflect on.

Ashland Church Community Emergency Shelter Services (A.C.C.E.S.S.)

January 2011 - March 2011


Volunteering for A.C.C.E.S.S. came about, at first, as part of a service-learning project for a class, but I felt the cause was worthy and donated some time for a few months afterward. A.C.C.E.S.S. works to provide the homeless with a home; every week a different church hosts families in need and provides them with a place to stay, food to eat, career counseling at the local KROC center, and someone to talk to. When I was involved with A.C.C.E.S.S., I was able to speak to the guests and try to make them feel comfortable and at-home in their current situation. I was able to get involved with meal planning using lists of items allowed and not allowed and food items that the guests typically enjoyed. The meal planning was also done to help the families cope with the stay and through the plans and interacting with children of the guests; I was able to spread a few messages about eating healthfully to those who did not have much knowledge of nutrition.


Valedictorian December 2013 Graduating Class Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Celebrations

Ashland University Department of Health Sciences Senior Award (Class Level Representative to Honors Convocation)

Ashland University Alpha Gamma Omega Nu Honorary (Junior and Senior-Level Health Sciences Honorary)

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Marie & August Lopresti Sr. Endowment Scholarship Ashland University Endowed Scholarship Ashland University Presidential Scholarship (Outstanding Academics) Mary Louise Morr Memorial Scholarship (Exemplary Nutrition Student/Leadership Qualities) University Faculty Women's Scholarship (High Leadership, Character, and Promise) Alpha Gamma Omega Nu (Health Sciences Honorary) Beta Beta Beta (Biology Honorary), Associate Member Alpha Lambda Delta (Freshman Honorary)

Professional Organization Membership/Event Attendance/Presentations

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Annual National Mentoring Symposium October 2011

Ohio Nutrition Council Member October 2011-July 2013

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Member May 2011-Present

Ohio Dietetic Association Annual Conference May 2012

Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo October 2012 and October 2013

Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Public Policy Day for Dietetic Students and Interns October 2012 & 2013

Management in Food and Nutrition Systems Dietetic Practice Group Student Member May 2012-Present

Management in Food and Nutrition Systems Mentoring Program Mentee October 2013-Present

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Co-Student Liaison August 2012-May 2013

AU College of Nursing and Health Sciences Dean's Student Advisory Council September 2012-May 2013

Healthy Aging Dietetic Practice Group Student Member May 2013-Present


CBORD Nutrition Services Suite
Used in entry of meal items and reviewing nutrient requirements for hospital patients 
FoodProcessor Software
Used software for dietary record nutrition analyses.

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Certified Peer Educator

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