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Work experience

Sep 2014Oct 2014


Administration of the president of Republic of Bulgaria

As an Intern in the Administration of the President I helped the staff with administrative work, found out valuable information on the internet and did whatever other work was exacted from me.

Mar 2014Jun 2014


Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

As an intern in tthe Bulgarian Academy of Sciences I did historical research writing academic papers for the Academy. I mainly focused on the history of Eurasia in the 19th Century.

Mar 2013Apr 2014



As an AEIESEC member I participated in projects like World Playground. I took part in OgX IcX and ER. I actively promoted the organization making info desks and interviewed EPs from Bulgaria and abroad. I also negotiated 2 contracts with TNs - private kindergadens for the WP project. I also extremely enjoyed meeting foreign interns and helping them around the city.

Jan 2011Jun 2011


National Alliance for Voluntary Work

As a volunteer in NAVW I visited schools for children with disabilities and made presentations for them. I actively participated in their education. I also took part in many projects organized by NAVW.



Bachelor's degree in International Relations

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

As an International Relations Student in Sofia University I gained a lot of useful skills - I achieved fluency in English and significantly improved the other foreign languages I've learnt. I also gained significant knowledge in international history, world politics, law, economics etc. I developed an urge to understand all the people  and cultures around me and resolve any conflicts that may arise.

Sep 2008May 2012

High School Degree

Plovdiv English language school 

The Plvodiv English language school is one of the most prestigious in Bulgaria and regularly ranks in top 5 on the state exams.



PC User Skill

I believe that through my many years as a PC User I have gained all the skills one needs for a regular job that requires a computer.

Internet User Skill

I believe that through my many years as an internet user I have acquired significant skill in finding information on the internet quickly and efficiently

Language Teaching

I have had some experience teaching English language to my younger cousin.  I have also read some books on teaching theory and popular psychology.

Russian Language 

I studied Russian Language for one semester in University last year but since both Russian and Bulgarian are Slavic languages I have never met any difficulties understanding Russian. I have watched a lot of Russian language TV programmes and also read a few books in Russian.

Chinese Language 

I take active interest in the History of the Far East and especially in the History of China. Thus I began a Chinese language Course in University and I also practiced a lot with language learning software. I intend to take HSK 3 or 4 certificate next schoolyear.

Persian Language 

I am very interested in the history and culture of Iran especially the ancient one. Thus I took courses in Persian language outside University in the Iranian Cultural Institute. I also visited some of the Persian studies classes in University

German Language 

I have studied German language in school though not very intensively. I visited a mock exam last year and was rated B1 with chances to take a B2 certificate.

English Language

I achieved proficiency in English in my schoolyears as a student in the Plovdiv English language school . I have taken CAE certificate and I have also taken CPE mock exams.

Presentation Skill

I have made several presentations in my life and I believe have sufficient experience in public speaking. I have never met  great difficulties communicating with a big audience. 

Intercultural Communication

I have always been interested in other people's point of view which is very much determined by their culture. Thus I take active interest in communicating with people from different cultures. I have travelled abroad and I have met a few international friends especially  throuh my experience with AIESEC.

Team Management

In AIESEC I significantly improved my team management abilities by taking part in the WP project.

Leadership Skills

I have been put in many situations in my life in which I have had to make responsible decission for other people, organize and lead them. I have been the leader of several projects in school and univeristy and I have always been willing to take responsibility. I have also read a few books on leadership theory.


Other Extracurricular Achievements

 I have also achieved several extracurricular success. I have participated in National Olympiads in Geography, Philosophy and History and ranked  1 on the National History Olympiad. I was also ranked first on an International Relations contest with my presentation on the role of the PRC in Africa. Some of my articles have been published in online journals. I have also read quite a lot of extracurricular books connected to World Politics and International Relations.