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Aug 2007Present

Bachelor of Arts

Longwood University

I am a senior at Longwood University. I am majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in Mass Media. I will graduate in May of 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts. I have taken the following media-related classes because they are required as a part of my major: Public Speaking, Communication Theory, Media and Society, Basic Media Reporting and Writing, Interpersonal Communication, Broadcast Production, Media Law, Graphic Design I and Advanced Media Reporting and Writing. 

Work experience

Jan 2010Present


National Panhellenic Council (N.P.H.C.) of Longwood University

I created a money managing system, so I can easily keep up with the council's finances and present and future council executive board members can have a model to use for tracking finances.I also created  a form for monies requested and another  for monies spent, so all of the council's money can be accounted for and we can have records for future references.The council's adviser, Kathryn Planow, and I came up with a budget for the council, and I had to defend aforementioned budget in a Longwood University SGA (Student Government Association) finance meeting.

May 2010Present

Vice President

The Omicron Omicron Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

I am responsible for planning, organizing, and managing all of the chapter's new member intake activities. Thus, I have to plan dates for the intake process, plan meetings, and reserve spaces for those meeting to be held. I coordinate sisterhood activities, so the current chapter members can get to know one another.

May 2010Present

Community Service and Public Relations Representative

B.A.S.I.C Gospel Choir

I handle all matters dealing with the choir's community service and public relations needs. In other words, I am responsible for arranging, supervising, and coordinating all of the ministries' community service activities and public relations. 

Jan 2010Present


The Rotunda

I write feature and  news stories for Longwood University's campus newspaper, The Rotunda. I have written seven stories thus far. Out of those seven articles, three have been features, two were news, and the other two were installments to a two-part enterprise article. In the Fall 2010 semester I began co-writing  "The Black Column," which is a platform for discussing issues and events for Longwood University's  African American population.       

Jun 2010Aug 2010

Switch Board Operator

Longwood University

I was responsible for answering phones and directing callers to the right departments. I created Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. I also, did any other duty that may be asked of me by my supervisors. I also used this experience as a means of working on my customer skills  with my co-workers as well as the customers. 

May 2009May 2010


B.A.S.I.C Gospel Choir

I was responsible for creating and defending the ministry's budget in a finances meeting with Longwood University's S.G.A. (Student Government Association ). I sent in requests for vehicles when the choir needed to travel. I paid all bills, collected dues, and deposited all monies into the bank.


Customer Service
I have been working with people for as long as I have been in school. However, I have been gaining customer service since I was old enough to fill volunteer and work positions. I began volunteering at the Berkley Boys & Girls Club in 2002, and I helped the children with their homework. I was also responsible for managing the snack store. I answered phones and helped parents and other callers by answering theor questions and/or directing them to the right place. Parents would come in looking for help or specific people and I would aide them in anyway possible. I still work on my customer service skills while operating as a volunteer and/or tutor for the Youth Empowerment Center (YEC) in Farmville, VA. 
Microsoft Office
I am well-versed in using Microsoft Office. I know how to and have created documents using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher. 
Poerty Writing
Writing poetry used to be one of my hobbies. However, as I writ more I gain more love for the craft. I hope to publish a book of my poems within the next five years. 
I am currently co-hosting a radio show on,WMLU, Longwood University's radio station. I hope to have a gospel- based show during the semester and/or work as a DJ for the station. 
Audio Editing
I am able to create and edit music by using Audacity and GarageBand. I use GarageBand and a Behringer podcast studio to create podcasts as well as s songs. 
News Brodcast Production
Less than two years ago, I learned how to write scripts to use for recording news broadcasts. I created stand-ups PKGs, SOTs, VOs, VO/SOTs, and B-roll by using a semi-professional video camera. I also edited the video I recored by using Final Cut Pro. I edited my script afterwards so they could be used as transcripts. I worked on these projects both as an individual, and a team member. 
Graphic Design
I began using graphic design about two years ago. I have become acquainted with creating projects by using Mac computers, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop.
I have been writing , interviewing people for articles for over five years. I am a reporter for, The Rotunda, Longwood University's campus newspaper. I have hopes for writing a column this semester about issues in the African American community in Farmville, Va and as a whole. 




I am looking to obtain an internship and/or profession, in radio or print, that would utilize my leadership skills and abilities while allowing me the opportunity to work on my own initiative as well as part of a team. 


Hello! My name is Roberta Collier, and this is my online portfolio.  I am a senior at Longwood University. I love film and television work. I admire the media field all the way  from the concept to the post-production. I am searching for a profession where I will be able to utilize my writing, music, and people skills. I want to work in an environment that will challenge me and allow me to work alone as well as a member of a team. 


I am interested in media and writing. I utilize media daily. I also write daily. I think anyone can participate in either, but it takes a talented and dedicated person to be a notable person in these fields.