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Work experience

Oct 2010Present


Pro Staff

Light Industrial/Administrative

·Prepared orders for shipping

·Took inbound calls

·Put picture in there correct cues

·Organized and filed orders

Oct 2012Dec 2012

Sales Contractor

Sat com marketing

Out bound calling 50+/day

Inbound Calling

Appointment setting

May 2009Jan 2010

Room Attendant

Westin Minneapolis


·Prepared rooms for hotel guests

·Researched guest questions providing them with entertainment itineraries

·Initial and primary contact for assigned guests

·Provided maintenance services for guest rooms


         stocking Products


Jan 2010Present

In Progress

Globe University

I attend this school to help me use my talents and be successful in the business field. Also to continue my education.So when looking for my next job I am more informed and able to make smarter decisions, after all learning never stops.


Value to the team
As a Team Member: Considers the practicalities of any issue                    Breaks down barriers to completion   Can perform several roles at once                              Demonstrates leadership and invovement   Encourages down to earth realism                            Likes to be in the thick of the action   Is a forthright advocate for the team                            Will see a project through to conclusion   Keeps others on track                                                    Can focus equally upon "task and process"
Key Strengths
My Key Strengths:   I Keep my finger on the pulse                                                    Keen sense of priorities   Industrious and decisive                                                            Pragmatic,rational thinker   Frank, honest, and straightforward leader                              Rapid organisational skills   Readily accepts authority                                                            Change agent   A strong work ethic                                                                        Can master technical subjects


John Fulkerson

As my supervisor he gave me great tips on making sales better and achiving more sales

John Fulkerson

As my supervisor he gave me great tips on making sales better and achiving more sales

John Fulkerson

As my supervisor he gave me great tips on making sales better and achiving more sales

John Fulkerson

Keisha W

She is a great friend and mentor specially when we work together and she know the ropes

Karyn Z

she was my supervisor, she helped me utilize my skill in planning and organization as a clerical and child as assistant.


 To obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, educational background and ability to work well with people as a customer service rep.or veterinary tech.

Honorable Acknowledgements

Employer:                                                                                                                                Academics:

Mystic lake                                                                                                                              Globe University

Employee of the month                                                                                                        honer roll

July 2006 and November 2007                                                                                          Great attendance

Volenteer Work

MN SNAP Animal Care services                                                                          May 5th  2011

Banfield Animal hospital                                                                                      May  13 2011

Cemila Rose Hospitality Home

Tubman Family Alince


 I am optimistic and positive, living mainly in the here and now. Hard work, busy schedules andmerit-based remuneration are hallmarks of the way I prefer to work.My approach to life may leave little time, tolerance, or compassion for my own or others' feelings.I may increase my effectiveness by allowing myself to seek and take assistance from others.Although I has a tendency to undertake too much, somehow everything gets done in its owntime.I  definitly appreciate tradition and is interested in maintaining established rules and procedures.Both for myself and others,. I focuse on truth, accuracy andproductivity, but this can be seen by others as a rather one-sided commitment to my work. Ilike to make sure that I know what is going on and tries to make sure that everyone is pullingtheir weight.I am a good initiator of new projects,  I can be good at easing tense situations by getting conflicting parties together to take the sting from the issue. I resists being labelled by others and is engaged in a never-ending search for self-knowledge and self-identity. Until untried ideas and theories have been tested and personallyexperienced, I tend not to trust them. I am a natural manager and finds myself incommand through my ability to plan and keep both long and short-term objectives clearly in mind.Driven to achieve competence in all I do, I can spot the flaws that may exist in mostsituations and quickly see how to improve them. I aim to live by my rules and believes thateveryone else should do too! Practical and repetitive mundane work does little to satisfy me as Ineed to make a personal contribution. I like to make things happen and drive everythingaround me.I am resourceful, action-oriented person who lives for the future by making everymoment count.I am systematically set about achieving my scheduled goals on time in an efficient and effectivemanner. I am logical and analytical, an ingenious thinker and long-range planner, and good atanything that requires rapid reasoning. I often push others as hard as I push myself andtend to be a challenging adversary. People with whom I work with are aware of my excellentorganisational qualities and commercial aptitude. I enjoy work that allows me to get my teethinto new projects.