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Track and Field events.

Assisting others to develop principles so succed in achieving goals.

Sports and other outdoor activities.

Tests of logic and problem solving.

New research on health and wellness.


Lawrence Williams twisted his ankle earlier this year to the point where he could not even run.  Just one week later, not only was Lawrence able to run, but he was able to run in a race at World Masters Track & Field Championships and capture a Gold medal!  How did he do it?  Through some simple principles, Lawrence can show you how you can overcome major obstacles and master your chosen endeavor.

Work experience

Masters Athlete

Lawrence Williams Public Speaking

A Masters athlete is an defined as any man or woman age 35 and older who competes in sports.  For more information on Canadian Masters Athletics, see this link: 

Race Results

World Masters Indoors            Kamloops, British Columbia    March 2010                                   400m - 1st

                                                                                                                                                                      200m - 2nd

Twilight Meet # 7Ottawa, OntarioAugust 18th, 2010400m – 2nd


Business Administration

Algonquin College
Sep 1999May 2000

Bachelor of Social Science

University of Ottawa


Strong analytical skills.  Able to reason, negotiate, and solve problems.