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Work experience

Transport Master

Reviewing the international best-practice for adoption of the National Transport Master Plan as country's plan for transport infrastructure development; Developing and analyse several options for the adoption of General Transport Master Plan in Romania Proposing the legal implementation of the GTMP and the National Transport Strategy as legally binding documents with the subsequent legal amendments Counterpart of Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Administration Reform and Internal Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Regional Development of Romania


TA for the Elaboration of the National Road Safety
TA for the Elaboration of the National Road Safety Strategy, Rep. of Moldova (Phase II-Communication & Implementation process) Design and implement the legislative strategy for the adoption of the Road safety Strategy by legally binding document
Oct 2012Dec 2012

International Consultant

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova Republic of Moldova
United Nations Development Program (UNDP) International Consultant (Short-term) Building Institutional Capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration-Support to the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova in preparation for the transposition and implementation of EU legal acts in the road transport area; introduction of Road Infrastructure Safety Management and ITS Directives Analyse the existing Moldovan legal and institutional framework in the road transport sector and the situation regarding road traffic and infrastructure safety management. Identify and prioritize the problems to be addressed. Prepare a preliminary and feasibility impact assessment for the implementation of the measures related to road infrastructure safety management provided within the EU legislative framework; Design and explain the steps for the effective introduction of the road safety audit in Moldova specifying the necessary institutional efforts and human resources that need to be deployed in the country(including training needs) Suggest and prepare drafts of appropriate legal instruments transposing the principles of the road infrastructure safety management by Moldova. Provide advice for their implementation, considering best EU practices and aligned with National Road safety Strategy and National Road Safety Plan Design and Deliver(for the Ministry, State Road Administration and the Centre for Legal Approximation staff-Ministry of Justice) one three days training/workshop on the practical aspects of the transposition and implementation of the activities introduced by the legally approximated acts.
Aug 2010Dec 2012

Project Leader

Republic of Moldova
ING Techno-Proiect Subcontract: ID Law Office Project Leader
Nov 2010Mar 2011


Romania ECORYS, The Netherlands Project Associate Legal Expert
Sep 2003Nov 2010


Design and co
Design and coordinate of The First Road Safety Summit in Republic of Moldova,, under the Prim-Minister leadership and in collaboration with World Bank, MCC, EIB, EBRD, EC Delegation, WRO, PIARC, PRI, ETSC (Phase I-Elaboration process) draft the National Road Safety Strategy for the Government of Moldova,“ Respect and Safety 2011-2020”-adopted by GD no. 1214/2010, published in OJ no. 43-45, Art. no. 186/25. 03. 2011 Review and amend the existing road safety action plan and the existing legislation in road safety field 12/2010 Switzerland & Romania)


Freelance Consultant International Consultant Providing expert advice in following areas: Advocacy, Democratic Governance, Institutional development, Legislative procedure, Legal Research, Business and Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Anticorruption, Program Management, Road Safety Management, PPP-Road Infrastructure In addition for the past four years I am providing business management and business development consulting services to private Australian and to international companies operating in Australia such as: David Jones and Ralph Lauren.


Global Road Safety Partnership(GRSP)
Switzerland Country Manager
Jan 2009Jul 2009

Master Plan

Romania PROINTEC(ES),), JACOBS CONSULTANCY Ltd.(UK) Legal Institutional & Road Safety Expert (Short-term) EU ISPA project 2004“ Institutional Support for the Transport ISPA Implementing Agencies”(General Transport Master Plan Implementation)
Oct 2007Mar 2008


Romania LOUIS, France (Short-term) EU-ISPA 2004 project: Technical assistance for the elaboration of General Transport Master Plan Review and appraisal of actual status of traffic safety(legislation, institution, implementation and monitoring, Romania's position within EU) from a national point of view; Appraisal of regulatory setting for Government's new role within development of the country's transport sector; Review and assessment of approximation complying of institutions and regulations with EU policy, regulations and standards
May 2004Nov 2005


EPTISA Servicios de Ingineria, Spain CEE
Romania Legal/ Institutional & Road Safety Expert (Short-term) EU-PHARE 2004 project:“ Technical assistance for Road Safety measures implementation” in Romania Supervising the tender procedure for the media task of the project; Management of media production of all road safety awareness materials and their implementation program during broadcasting stage at national and local level Design the institutional framework for a reliable Road Safety Audit System implementation in Romania Road safety impact assessment, road safety audit and road safety auditor certification procedures; Monitoring the regulations on transport, local public administrations & land use and reporting on legal matters Propose legal amendments to existing regulations to achieve the project goals




University of Sciences






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National Police Academy