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Goal-driven professional with cascading progression over a number of sectors in agribusiness: grains and oilseeds trading, crurus margin management for  sunflowe seeds and input business (crop protection & seeds ), both in a multinational and entrepreneurial environment, with 5 years of experience in supply chain:  planning, inventory, stock management, logistics, customer demand and almost 2 year of trading grains and oilseeds.

Highly organized, analytical thinker with strong negotiation and communication skills.

Among my colleagues, I’m known as the one who can pick up the pieces and put them all together, no matter what.

Work experience

Jan 2017Present

Wheat Trader


In charge of the wheat desk (by-products included: barley, sorghum and triticale) with allocated PnL for South Danube (Serbian, Slovakian also managed by Romanian desk). Responsible for Black Sea Constanta flow to demand destination countries, as well as local origination and constantly addressing export and local demand or switching between them moneywise.  Annual allocated volume of 550k tones (grains and oilseeds).

  • Accountable for wheat and by-product P&L and gross margin;
  • Daily reporting to Geneva Hub, working cross-functionally with South East European desks and Geneva HQ Trading desk,  providing inland market analysis and contributing to strategic scenarios for trading to recommend short or long positions, constantly keeping an eye on macro and micro economic factors;
  • Supply and Demand book weekly updated for Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian origins.(constantly keeping an eye on replacement origins, contributing to annual strategy in terms of SnD);
  • Profitably managing a portfolio of 25 accounts: main local  farmers, middlemen, millers, feed compounders, industry related consumers;
  • Daily position reporting for grains;
  • Daily commodity hedging (through Matif French office) and  Forex hedging;
  • Responsible for negotiating and supervising the  execution of contracts in the most favorable conditions, always thinking five steps ahead to overcome operational bottlenecks;
  • Month end estimate and P&L reporting and reconciliation between actual and estimated financial results;
  • Accessing new markets/destinations or origination sources, developing creative purchases and sales book, as well as generating and securing trading margin.
  • In charge of barge capacity budgeting and profitably managing the stem for Black Sea Sales;

Significant contributions:

  • Profitably covering short positions, both inland and one GASC Panamax and two Handysize meeting Middle East quality specs;
  • Fostered key relations to Republic Moldova middlemen that  provide access to new commodity flows;

October 2015Dec 2016

Oilseeds Trader

Prutul SA

Profitably trading a portfolio of physical agricultural product, with a main focus on oilseeds (sunflower, soybeans and rapeseed) in a 100% Romanian capital company, with annual turnover of 165.5 mil Euro, one of the most important players on the vegetable oil production industry, owing a crushing plant located in Galati with direct access to port.

  • Main responsibility is to manage the oilseeds trading activity and crush margins: origination  in the domestic market, position reporting and management, sales of oilseeds and by-products to export markets and inland;
  • Acting as key account for the agribusiness traders in Romania, negotiating the purchase contracts for oilseeds that represent 30% of the needed raw material stock for crushing, totaling of  300k to/year;
  • Deliver  daily market analysis, supply and demand analysis, and recommending strategic scenarios for trading to recommend short or long positions;
  • In charge of  industry-specific risk management: commodity hedging operating long/short positions on  CBOT platform for soybeans, forward contracts at Six Ports with wash-out for sunflower-seeds, as well as Forex hedging;
  • To negotiate and supervise execution of contracts with most favorable conditions;
  • Accountable for business unit P&L and gross margin;
  • Ensure all internal controls and processes are in place: position reporting and position limit management, budgeting, credit limit management, month end estimate and P&L reconciliation.

Significant contributions :

  • In charge of logistics and storage solutions project: 2 tank barges (used for vegetable oil storage in Galati Port) and 5 trucks acquisition for own company's fleet, as well as third-party storage contracts portfolio management, improving operational profit by 15% in three months;
  • Obtained Gafta & Fosfa membership and currently responsible for in-house training of international commercial practices, offering support for Fosfa contract execution or related problems; 
  • Introduced line-up port activity report for grains and oilseeds, increasing awareness for all trading teams in terms commodity flows exported on barges and vessels.
June 2015September 2015

Supply Chain Coordinator - Grains, Oilseeds & NGFI


Execution of purchase and sales contracts in the supply chain book. This involves domestic or international contracts for inbound and/ or outbound movements with the focus on physical deliveries to/ from ports:

  • To ensure high performance targets are met in line with commercial and customer game plans;
  • Planning deliveries according to contractual terms (delivery instructions, inventory control, warehouse receipts for inter-company flows);
  • Involvement in planning, inventory and stock management and customer demand activities;
  • Strong customer and supplier relationship, follow-up on payments and credit limits;
  • Constant  service quality index (SQI High Seas) scorecard monitoring  for measuring performance and creating customer solutions.
Feb 2012May 2015

Supply Chain Coordinator ( West and South -West Region) - Input BU (Seeds & Crop Protection)

Cargill ,Bucharest

Responsible for outbound and inbound commodity movements, managing the supply and demand within the West and South – West region of the country. Build aggregate supply chain planning to meet the business needs and customer service level.

  • Managing a centralized supply - chain process and daily scheduling and planning delivery routes  for  input agricultural products : seeds and crop protection;
  • Drop shipping and distribution from company’s silos to domestic customers;
  •  Monitoring daily warehouse activity, coordinating a team of 3 silo admins and constant monitoring of logistics activities;
  •  Fostered key relationships, working cross-functionally with Trading, Sales and Operational  to coordinate, prioritize and schedule deliverables , establishing an efficient workflow within teams ;
  • Acting as key account customer contact for scheduling, information and updates, including delivery times and issues associated with demand or quality;
  • Maintaining supplier relationship , coordinating the acquisition process, monitoring  supplier payment schedule and issuing calculations for payments and rebates;
  • Checking silo stocks inventory, analysis and reconciliation of stocks, warehouse transfers, managing also third-party storage ;
  • Boasting a consistent and proven  significant track record of reducing costs through successful negotiation of services of third party carriers, procuring cost effective and reliable domestic transportation, as well as providing accurate routing information to ensure that delivery times and locations are coordinated ;
  • On-going improvement of procurement and delivery services, constant KPI monitoring.

Significant contributions :

  •  Efficient support in achieving annual growing sales targets,  managing high volumes of commodity movements; 
  • Transport cost reduction from 0.79% to 0.34% (% transport vs turnover);
  • Optimization of the exposure to costs along the dynamics of the supply chain through ERP system implementation and  customization. 
Aug 2010Jan 2012

Trader Assistant

Cargill ,Bucharest

Managing the evidence of all commercial transactions into database, issuing contract drafts for sale and purchase contracts, as well as providing all necessary support for the trading team.

  • Daily activity reports and commodity position (sunflower, rape, soybean meal, wheat, corn, barley);
  • Drafting market reports;
  • Management of all sale-purchase contracts into database; 
  • Issuing  drafts for contracts,  addendums ,swaps  for domestic and import-export trading agreements;
  • Follow-up on every transaction accuracy;
  • Counter-party registration into database;
  • Systematically maintained the accuracy of  transactions data;
  • Keeping  physical records of contracts and  addendums .

Significant contributions : 

  • New Silo Strategic Acquisition Sponsorship Project at Cargill December 2011.
May 2010Jun 2010

Internship- Department of European Affairs and International Cooperation

National Institute of Statistics ,Bucharest
  • Translation English-Romanian ,Romanian-English for the Statistical yearbook.



Master’s  Degree  - Business Administration in Foreign Languages- English 

The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

Bachelor’s Degree  - Business Administration in Foreign Languages - English 

The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

High School 

"Nicolae Iorga" National High School - Valenii de Munte,Prahova

Profile: Mathematics and Informatics.