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A highly motivated engineer who likes to explore and learn with utmost enthusiasm, possess a burning passion for engineering, and always try to push knowledge and skills beyond curriculum. An ambitious individual who aspires to engineer ground breaking innovations and become a technology leader in the future. A recent electronic and electrical engineering graduate, currently pursuing to gain engineering employment for professional development and learning, with an aim to become a well-rounded engineer with wide range of important skill-sets.

I have studied a research and labwork intensive course. I have over one year of working knowledge of MATLAB that I gained through project work in summer internship and 4th year project. I used MATLAB in diverse applications such as communications, signal processing, image processing, control system, and antenna design. I have solid grounding in JAVA and C programming. I used Java in advanced applications such as networking and data structures. I used C programming to program embedded systems.

Work experience

Jul 2014Sep 2014

Summer Research Intern (UROS) in Optical Networks Group (UCL)

Scheme: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme (UROS) | Studentship awarded to the best undergraduates from UCL Engineering faculty in order to encourage for a career in R&D

Scheme URL:

Project Title: Dispersion Tolerant Flexible Bandwidth Multi-subcarrier Modulation

Supervisor: Dr Robert I. Killey | Reader in Optical Communications | Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering |UCL

Relevant documentations: (UROS Report)

  • Research and Innovation: researched and tested a new fibre-dispersion tolerant multi-subcarrier modulation scheme that consists of variable bandwidth subcarriers positioned at the peaks and fit the different sized windows of dispersive fibre transfer function | modelled cutting edge optical transmitter and receiver of the modulation scheme and ran simulation in MATLAB and Verilog (using Xilinx ISE tool) | investigated results of the simulation and found promising results in terms of dispersion and bit error rate | established that the modulation technique could provide a good multi-subcarrier scheme for fibre network without having to use complex, expensive compensation techniques | the research vastly contributed to the UNLOCK research program carried out by Optical Networks Group


Sep 2011Jun 2015

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

University College London

Core Modules: Digital Circuits & Digital Design & Advanced Digital Design (with Verilog), Electronic Circuits I & II & III, Circuit Analysis I & II, Object-oriented Programming I & II (with Java), Digital Signal Processing, Control Systems I, Communication Systems I, Antennas and Propagation (wireless communication), Numerical Methods, Optoelectronics I & II, Optical Transmission and Networks, Photonic Subsystems, Electromagnetics & Fields and Waves in Electronic Systems, Renewable Energy